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Memorials and Peace

I ran out to Target this morning to get some packing supplies. On the way home, I was mulling over how I'm still so upset about the whole Pat Tillman episode(s) yesterday. As I took the usual shortcut through the park, I figured out a way to find some peace. I pulled over at field 6A, by the war memorials*. Luckily, I had my camera along for the ride. It's a beautiful day here - the sky is a flawless blue, the air is warm and the sun is just the right degree of comforting. I walked through the short trail that leads up to the memorial, eyeing a cardinal and a few stray geese along the way. Everything is in bloom - the bushes and branches are speckled with buds and the first flowers are slowly showing their colors. I sat on a bench for a few minutes, reading the inscriptions on some of the memorials that scatter the pathway. Beloved husband. Dear son. Brave soldier. All the stones are well cared for. The scattering of leaves and filmy pollen have been recently wiped away. Near each stone sprouts a small batch of flowers - I think they were lillies, I'm not very garden savvy. After savoring a few moments of Zen, I made my way over to the memorial proper. I spent about half an hour walking my way around the momuments and statues, reading names and inscriptions and silently thanking every person these pieces of marble and stone represent. I felt better after leaving there, more at peace. I know it won't last, but I thought I could at least share that peace with you through the photos I took today. It's not much, but it's my offering of thanks to every veteran and every enlisted man and woman. Thank you. You can find the pictures at my photo gallery. I welcome you to leave comments and feedback. [I haven't gotten around to putting remarks on each photo yet - if you have a question as to what is in the photo or anything else about it, just leave a comment with an email address]
* I'm going back tomorrow for photos of the Firefighter's memorial. Coming this fall is a 9/11 memorial dedicated to the (too) many Long Islander's who lost their lives on that day. President Bush attended the groundbreaking for that memorial recently.


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Very nice.

The Chosin Reservoir memorial caught my attention. Dad was wounded at Hungnam, where the Marines were picked up after their march/fight from Chosin. Nine years before I was born. He was 19.


I missed all the insanity yesterday with the trolls, but I am very sorry to hear about what happened here and at Command Post.

GRRR... I keep hoping there will be a vaccination for the stupid.

Thank you for the pictures. (that tree? very cool) The eagle one you've got here is stunning. And I'm very glad you got some mental peace there.