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VC/SOA Update: Where Quantity is Job Number One

Update 4/25: If you are coming here from Blogdex or various other links, please see this newest post for lots of updates and news.


[If you are not familiar with this challenge/beg-fest, please see here for what Spirit of America is all about and then here for background and details on the raising of money for this cause] Your one stop shopping for all your VC needs can be found at Coalition Headquarters, where our beloved Captain is keeping it real for you.

Total RaisedAmount Raised
Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!$10755.50
The Victory Coalition$7718
Liberty Alliance$3314

Hey! Don't you go anywhere - read the rest. Now, soldier!
First and foremost, thank you to EVERYONE who has donated to the cause, whether it be the our alliance or the others. While we are having a blast sniping, bickering and backstabbing each other, the bottom line is the money raised for SOA, not which of us raises the most. That's 20k we've raised together. Not too shabby. The spirit of team is nice and all, but let's get down to business: We want to kick butt on Castle Argghhh! I know we can do this if we all just pull together. Maybe if we all hold hands and sing "We are the World" and click our heels together ten times a magic pony will appear and shit out a stack of hundred dollar bills. Come on, let's try! Ok, that's not gonna work, so we'll have to resort to things like bribery and begging. Want to know how to help? Good. * Obviously, give to SOA in the name of Victory Alliance * Don't have money to donate? That's ok, because it's not all about the cash. Just spreading the word about the challenge is considered donation enough. Link it on your wesbite, email your friends, tell your co-workers. You could even dress up as a giant panda and wave signs on a busy street corner. Your call. * Have something you would like to offer as a reward to donors? We are offering up sotries, donuts, music, porn and a Cubs win, among other things, in return for your generosity. Perhaps, if you can't donate (or already have but want to do more) you can offer a service or good that we can use to bribe people into giving. Please, no sex. Future lawsuits would kill us. * Join the coalition. Having your good name behind our efforts will be a boon for us. Plus, if you bring your posse along, that would be dope. Yea, I'm talking to you P-Diddy! So - what are we offering you in return for you donation/help? Besides the self-satisfaction one gets from assisting charitable causes, and aside from that "Get out of Hell Free" card, we have these irons in our fires: * Porn! * Fiction! * Hot Abercrombie Chick pictures! * Personal, dedicated posts with music and photos of me in Red Sox/Mets gear! * Free Freaking Hosting and a Brand New Blog! * Krispy Kreme Donuts! * Music! * moneyback guarantee for Cubs and Red Sox fans! Sure, Smash may be offering up bullets straight from Iraq, but we've got quality and quantity. Here is a list of Coalition members thus far (and I will add the actual links in as soon as Kevin is around and gives me the code so I don't have to do it by hand). This is the Best.Coalition.Ever. Thanks to all of you for joining hands with us. Now, let's sing! A Small Victory As I Please Baseball Crank Blogosapien.com Candy Universe Confessions of a Pilgrim Creative Slips dcthornton.com Dorkafork's Cavalcade of Crap Electric Venom Fine? Why Fine? Mark Time Mind of Mog Nickspace Blog One Fine Jay Overtaken By Events Physics Geek sisu Snooze Button Dreams SportsBlog The American Mind The Argus The Command Post The LLama Butchers Unedited Unspellchecked Unright white pebble Wizbang! I am going to have Yet Another Offer later. Stay tuned. And I will be posting as many dedication posts as I can today, as I pack up for my big move across town. Today's offer will have something to do with that.


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Man, I could really use a "Get Out of Hell Free" card.

The Victory Coalition blogroll is:

[script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://rpc.blogrolling.com/display.php?r=88dbe6318470b5a3739ddd81ee0f8aca"][/script]

Except change the brackets into ... er ... pointier brackets.

Ai-ight...I'm in on the team. It ain't much, but I tossed it in.

THE INFIDELS (both the real ones and the evil ones at Castle Argghhh) WILL BE DEFEATED!

Good luck on the packing and moving. Painful ain't it.

And onward, to VICTORY!! We shall all become donaters!

"Quantity is Job One"

That is a great idea for a blog name.

well, I don't like to hold hands anyways, I guess...

IJWTS, that I have affiliated the legions of militant Americans at American Digest with The Victory Alliance for two reasons:

1) If Castle Aarggh keeps going the way it is going, there's going to have to be scrotal resurfacing for all those involved and I'd rather not be around for that, thank you.

2) Victory Alliance has by far the best banners and greatest graphics and I'll always side with quality.

My sign up is at:


Now I'm going to find some stuff to bribe people with.

Okay, my bribe would be this, but I'm not sure how to set it up. Suggestions would be helpful to gvdl@cox.net
Writers! Hereís Your Chance to Join the Exclusive and Expensive Gerard Van der Leun School of Famous Writers at a Discount

If you give the most to Spirit of America via The Victory Coalition Iíll give you a day of my professional life.

Why would you want that? Because I donít care who you are or what you write, you need editing and evaluation. And Iím the man to do it.

For over 30 years Iíve been working with writers of fiction and non-fiction to bring their manuscripts up to par. Iíve been a magazine editor and a book editor. Iíve seen it all and worked with the best and the worst. And Iíve made them better.

Among those writers I have worked with in the course of my career are people such as Steve King, R. Crumb, Harlan Ellison, Andre Dubus, and Robert Fulghum.

Iíve edited and published more than 200 books for the Houghton Mifflin Company where I worked as Senior Editor and Director of Trade Paperback Publishing. Iíve edited dozens of writers as a magazine editor for Earth Magazine, Viva Magazine, Omni Magazine and Penthouse Magazine.

Iíve written and had published two books of my own and ghosted a few as well. (No, you donít get to know which ones those were.)

My own magazine articles have been published in Time, Omni, Penthouse, and Wired among others.

Iím found among that rarest fauna of editors: the line editor. That means I donít just opine and book you on the nearest talk show and then take a long lunch at Michaels, I get under the hood of your writing with my blue pencil and mark it up until it bleeds and then help you stitch it back up.

I currently bill my time at $200 and hour and up, but you can have a day of my professional working life applied to your manuscript if yours is the highest bid to donate to The Victory Coalitionís Drive at Spirit of America.


How do I make that happen so I know who won and how do I get the word out to writers who might be in need of this aid?