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On Pat Tillman

tillman.jpg 700 soldiers have died and Tillman, for most of us, is a face on those sodliers. We know of him, we've read about him, many of us have seen him play football. For me at least, Tillman represents all the humanity and all the hearts and souls that were taken away from us while we struggle to make this world free and safe And that's why so many of us are crying today. I am deeply saddened by the words I read both here and at Command Post today. The depth of the callousness really took me by suprise. I thought I was past that by now, that nothing the anti-war crowd and far left could do would ever surprise me. How I underestimated their cruelty. It is a gleeful moment for them and they are rallying around Tillman's death like flies on a carcass. Pat Tillman and all the others who died before and with him in the war on terror knew no bounds in their bravery and dedication. They will be remembered for that. Someone else says it better: Sgt Tillman is a hero not because he walked away from the Cardinals, but because of where he walked to. He like all the rest of the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coastguardsmen volunteered to put himself between the bad guys and our way of life and fight for its preservation. Rest In Peace Sgt Tillman, your service to our nation is an inspiration and you will not be forgotten. - Sgt. Hook For those of you who sit so bravely at your computers and mock the death of those soldiers, I ask this: what will you be remembered for? Not half as much as these men and women. To every soldier, every employee of the armed forces and every vet who reads this, I can't say it enough: Thank you. [picture - and much editing of anger - courtesy of WR]


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I'm with my friend Sgt. Hook. Pat Tillman's service is an inspiration to me, as is the service of every man and woman who serve today. May God bless them, their families and friends.

Rangers Lead The Way.

Done. And done well.

"The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him."

G K Chesterton

[Radar voice]: Incoming!

By which I mean that by baiting the Kos types again you're asking for a barrage of rocks from the troll that live under the stairs. Batten down the hatches!

I've noticed that some hostingmatters blogs are out of commission. Your's is not, Michelle. Lucky you.

oops. forget it. they're up again.

I'm not all that much of a football fan and knew nothing about Pat Tillman until today. It is a great honor that we have had this man fighting for America overseas. I am very, deeply, humbled by not only his service and bravery but the service and bravery of everyone soldier.

A couple of my classmates back when I was in High School have fought in Iraq in the Army. They are back home now and I wish I knew where they lived so I could thank them...

I've been watching this "conflict" here, and at Command Post. Even at Allah's place, whose "dumb jock" satire struck me as disgusting. And up until now, I felt as though you had been the bigger person. Until now:

"I thought I was past that by now, that nothing the anti-war crowd and far left could do would ever surprise me. How I underestimated their cruelty. It is a gleeful moment for them and they are rallying around Tillman's death like flies on a carcass."

In your first Tillman post, you made mention of no politics. Commentor "Brad" was then sharply criticized, perhaps overdemonized, for bringing politics into his response. The other commentor, "good," could very well be a troll from God-only-knows what end of the political spectrum -- he was completely anonymous, and could well be an amoral right-winger trying to smear leftists by being crass. No one will know, and to assholes like those commentors, no one really cares.

It's changing now, though. Here, at Command Post, and at Allah's place. I'm watching right-wing commentors threaten to "go to the bar and punch the first Democrat they see." I'm even watching you throw out rhetoric that implies the left wing is gleefully surrounding Tillman's death like "flies on a carcass."

That is not objectivity. That is precisely what you criticized "Brad" for -- politicizing the events of Pat Tillman's death.

Obligatory disclaimer:

I'm a staunchly libertarian, anti-Bush, pro-war-in-Afghanistan, anti-Iraq, fiscally conservative Texan.

Call me a "lefty" or "Democrat" in-person and you'd likely catch a quick middle finger.

Thanks Michele.

Wonderful tribute as well as wonderful thoughts expressed.

Screw this! Someone give me those fuckers IPs and I'll make damn sure they don't walk away with the smarmy on their faces. I got five uncles who are ex-cops and one who is an ex-DA. And if all that don't work I can afford to blow a wad on lawyers who will get me walking, but those Indy fuckwits just gotta damn get beat down and burned.

Oh, Shem? Show me that finger and I will bite the fucker off.

LeatherPenguin: I'd not give you the finger if you'd not insult me by calling me a Democrat. It's not really complicated at all. The attitude of comments like yours only reaffirm my feelings that people on both sides of the isle will spew hate when disagreement comes their way.

It's not the politics... it's the behavior.

Anyone can disagree with me all they like about the War... they have that right as an American. In faceless cyberspace, many disagreements turn ugly- but there are places and forums for that. I choose to (usually) ignore long comment threads 'cause odds are, they've turned into virtual shouting matches. That's okay with me as well, civilized society sometimes breeds un-civilized verbosity.


Somethings are just plain Wrong.

As I've read the venomous comments at various site's posts on Sgt. Tillman, one question has gone through my mind: Would these persons stand up at a military funeral and say those things to the parents, wives, and family of the deceased? Would that be appropriate?

I don't believe that Pat Tillman is any more or less special than any of the other men and women that have given their lives in this war. The intense media coverage (which he'd probably hate) has however, made him for the moment, the representative solder. His thoughts, his choices, his actions, remind us of the reasons many have proudly served.

And how should we honor that service and sacrifice? With pride, respect, and gratitude. There is an infinite web out there to rant about your political views- it has no place in a eulogy.

Disagree with the war? Don't come to the Wake.

shem wrote

"That is precisely what you criticized "Brad" for"

it is NOT, and you know that pretty well, you political mystery/human misery

I NEVER EVER read sth at asmallvictory that was calculating

you got the nerv to come HERE to criticize web-wide bad behaviours and blubber about "allah" (who is GREAT and sure wouldnt fear your pathetic "middle finger")


I merely stated that even in satire, I didn't find Allah's "dumb jock" summary funny. I've spoken with the author behind "Allah Is In the House" a number of times via email. Most realize that he is a great writer; I simply dissented on one summary he offered in rather large font.

And perhaps, like "leather penguin," you missed the meaning of my saying I'd offer the finger. I am not a Democrat, nor am I anywhere near leftist ideals in government.

"Allah" would not break off my middle finger, ch.speicher, because I would never need bear it to him. He is intelligent, and doesn't blanket dissenting opinions as "those other Democrat guys" come intellectual grind.

I'm not sure how much farther this discussion need carry. I've been told that my "fucker will be bitten off," and that I am a "human misery."

Oh, and Jack Grey:

Good stuff. Very. But as you pointed out, these commentor-trolls are anonymous, and would likely never have the cojones to say such things in the presence of their fellow men. Especially not the families of the deceased.

And, due to their anonymity, I simply do not know their political affiliations. Again, many of these "trolls" could be amoral bastards from any end of the political spectrum, just hoping to stir the shit-pot of controversy. Hence why I cannot (and will not) cover these trolls as "the anti-war crowd" or "the far left." I simply do not know that for a fact.

Shem, first of all, Allah's post wasn't satire, unfortunately. What he wrote was the EXACT title of a post at Indymedia. You just can't make that stuff up.

Second, comparing intentions on posts is ridiculous. My first post about Tillman was a memorial of sorts. People pissed on it. I got mad, rightfully so.

This post was definitely political. THe more I read and heard today about how the anti-war crowd reacted to Tillman's death, the more furious I became.

Did you read that link at Allah's? Have you checked any of the comments on my original post. See any of the comments left at Command Post before I shut them down?

Gleeful is not hyperbole. And everything you've written here is wholly without merit.

And Joshua - you totally demean my words by calling this post "baiting the Kos crowd." You think this is BAIT?

You're pissing me off, Josh. Just as much as the others are.

If you think my observations are "wholly without merit," I doubt you'll take any dissenting opinion (not that mine really does, when you get down to it) as having merit at all. Yes, I saw the comments at Command Post. Perhaps you've missed the parts where I called these commentor-trolls "bastards" and "sans-cojones."

I just try to avoid political label-blanketing when it comes to spineless, anonymous internet-trolls. You're overgeneralising, and it seems you've no plans of stopping.

If you find comparing the intent behind your posts ludicrous, I'm sorry. I just don't enjoy seeing people portray "those righties" and "those lefties" with no regard to the overwhelming majority of all parties who can recognize, respect, and honor what Pat Tillman did.

It's just difficult for me to see a photograph of Pat followed by "the cruelty of the far left" in any light other than what many say "should not be done" with his memory.

So if I can't characterize these people as "the far left" or "anti-war crowd" or "Indymedia Crowd" or what have you, how do I address them as a group without insulting your sensibilities? Or do I address them all individually by name? Or perhaps you could come up with a better label than "far left?"

You're nitpicking here.

At the risk of some duplication:

Sgt. Tillman is simply a well known and public face of what all our soldiers are: honorable Americans who have forgone personal safety and security to do the hard work of defending America, our way of life, and our national security. In death he is receiving more attention than the others who have gone into harms way, but only because he is a tangible symbol of all of our troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc.

Here, here to all of them, and Thank you!

I'm not nitpicking at all. If the things that angered you were written at Indymedia, by all means, ream those bastards at Indymedia as "Those Worthless, Souless Bastards at Indymedia" all night long.

I would. If I chose to dignify the morons (which, make no mistake, they are) with a response, that is.

But as I've already said, comments like "the left is cruel" and "the fly-swarming left is gleeful about Pat's death" completely forsake the majority of all parties, on both and/or any side who can recognize, respect, and honor what Pat Tillman did.


Does Michele need to indentify each individual that says something cruel and depraved about Pat Tillman? The people who came here and to TCP and the people at Indymedia are on the left. Those are the people she was talking about.

You know, Michele knows, we all know that NOT every last person on the Left feels that way. You are nitpicking.

I'd like to comment... this is the first picture I've seen of Tilman, in any news coverage, where he was in uniform.

All the others had the football pictures - and I seriously doubt that was what he was in last week. I thought that was well, par for the course with the media. Disrespectful, lazy. When I loaded the page today (slow slow slow dial up while I'm on vacation) - I saw the image space, and I just knew you'd have one of him in uniform.

And I wasn't disappointed. Thanks, and congratulations for managing to at least put the right picture with the story.

Shem, as I read your various comments I gather that you'd just remain silent, and appear to advocate that in others as well. On the one hand, you chastise for overgeneralization, and on the other you state that you would not deem to descend to the level of highlighting or recognizing/rewarding idiocy with a response.

Are we to be the perfect vessels, bereft and void of opinion? Or if opinion should be present, should we be hamstrung from expression of same at risk of giving offense?

Suffice to say, it is fair that Michele got disgusted at the absolutely abhorent and cruel commentary that spewed forth in a number of places today - to condemn such behaviour is not wrong - and to equate such condemnations with the behaviour which prompted it, simply to pick nits...well, whatever floats your boat, but it smells like moral equivilance standing downwind of it.

Hey, Shem? Go read my post again and point out where I called you a "Democrat." (tick, tock)
Yeah, right.

Ranger Tillman has fallen, and we grieve. But I take comfort in the knowledge that another Ranger has stepped forward. The line holds. Sir, I do not know your name, but I salute you.

I'd like to believe that the people who are talking shit about Tilllman are the "far left" or the "radical fringe", but my experience tells me it ain't so. Sure, there are Democrats who respect his contribution - and there are also Dems who support the war, but I think the attitudes expressed at Indimedia are far more representative of the mainstream left than we'd like to believe.

And before anyone asks - no, I don't have any proof of this. It's just my impression, that's gathered from the multitude of lefties with whom I come into contact every day living in Boston.

Michele, please don't think all democrats or liberals are hateful of our soldiers. It is not true. Those people are fucking nutballs.

"...but I think the attitudes expressed at Indimedia are far more representative of the mainstream left than we'd like to believe."

oh yeah, that would just make it easier to not just hate all democrats, but hell, everybody who isn't a republican. great use of generalization there. incorrect, but great.

now excuse me while i go mourn the loss of Pat Tillman.

"but I think the attitudes expressed at Indimedia are far more representative of the mainstream left than we'd like to believe"

I don't believe that for one second.

Even the people at DU were getting angry at people trashing Tillman yesterday. The mainstream left is no more a part of that crowd than the KKK represents mainstream Republicans.

I did not see ONE SINGLE mainstream "left" blogger say anything like the people in the comments were saying yesterday.

The Indymedia/far left crowd are a minority, but they are a loud, heartless minority and they need to be called out for what they are.

"Disagree with the war? Don't come to the wake."

Damn. Jack Grey...you managed to sum up everything I feel about what I've been reading from those who are completely ungrateful.

That just really nails it. That is it exactly.

Uh, sorry.

All I meant was that the line "For those of you who sit so bravely at your computers and mock the death of those soldiers, I ask this: what will you be remembered for?" might get you some responses from self rightious pacifists.

You were justifibly angry - but justifible or not, anger often gets responses.

I apologize for the "human misery" insult,

and I m sry to have had this dispute here, instead of saying

"rest in peace, pat and all you unknown soldiers, thx for defending my liberty!"

I ve seen michele is pretty much aware of defending herself and in a more appropriate manner

Quick reality check on terminology here. These indymedia, democratic underground, KOS, what-have-you folks have yet to be disowned by the left on anything other than an extremely sporadic and individual basis. Indeed, it's the folks who distance themselves from the nuttery who get disowned from the left rather than the nuts. Thus, it's fair game to label them, accurately, as of the left. Until such time as they are soundly tossed into the wilderness and shunned from the mainstream left this will remain the case.

As for my $0.2, I'll just say Rest in Peace, Sgt. Tillman. That's all.

Tillman graduated ASU with a 3.75 point grade average, in four years, not five (as most ASU FB players do). Not quite a "dumb jock" by any standard.

Goodbye, Mr. Tillman. Fly with eagles.

Pat, no matter what happens or how long humans live, you will always be an inspiration. I'm only 11 years old and you have tought me the true meaning of life. I don't know how someone as good as you are can die this way, or even die at all.
RYan Hatter

Shem, everyone has told u enough about ur unappropriate comments about a guy with the quallities of Pat.
Sry if make any spelling or grammer errors

There is no doubt that democrats will be resposible for the downfall of society as well as the decay of humanity!

I don't know what darkness of heart would possess someone, regardless of ideology, of saying something disparaging about Pat Tillman, now or in the future. The only thing I can think of going the other direction would be if a "conservative" were to act similarly the day after JFK was shot. That certainly didnt happen then, and I'd like to think it wouldnt happen now.

Having said that - I am surprised. I saw an article written by one of those "Democracy Now" types on one of those "MoveOn.org" type sites, explaining that Pat Tillman wasnt his hero, or something. This was my response. It has been redacted here for purposes of taste, but the general point is I think preserved:

"Whats amazes me about a man like Pat Tillman is that he went into battle to fight for the freedom that not only allows me to worship, vote and raise my children as I please, but allows selfish #### like you to spew your cowardly filth. If the #### hit the fan stateside, who would protect us on our own soil - cowards like you? You couldn't get the hose in the tailpipe and the garage door closed fast enough to avoid the pain of your own worthless demise. I myself would like to think I would die for those I love and the values I cherish, but I sure as hell wouldnt die to defend your freedoms. Thats no arrogant boast, by the way - that's a humble admission that I am less a man than Pat Tillman. Because for whatever inexplicable reason, he was willing to give his life for losers like you. And he did.

Pat Tillman walked away from fame and riches beyond our wilest dreams of avarice. He walked to his own death willingly in order to serve his country and to preserve the rights that we all seem to take for granted. Pat Tillman is a humble American Hero. A REAL American hero. Sargeant Tillman's deeds help me realize that I'm not the man I should be... not the patriot I shoud be... not the human I should be.
We should all look for the "Pat Tillman" within ourselves. I salute you, Sargeant Tillman. Your memory will live in me for ever.

"There is no doubt that democrats will be resposible for the downfall of society as well as the decay of humanity!" What kind of BS is that.... You are an Idiot!

I stumbled across this website when I did a search on Pat Tillman... not realizing it was a 'Repug' website, but oh well.

It is my opinion that is the ‘Repugs’ who have brought this country down… it is my opinion that if it weren’t for greedy idiots like George W. Bush, 600+ Americans would not have died for his personal gain. The man is a moron, a liar, and a thief. He and all his ‘Repug’ buddies should be strapped to the front of a tank and driven through Baghdad. No more should die for GW – they are not dieing for my freedom, the war in Iraq is NOT about my freedom, it is about GW’s wallet and ego. If the rest of you ‘Repugs’ don’t understand that, then you are as stupid as he is…

Pat Tillman was an American that believed in serving his country. I salute him for that belief. I am very sorry he died. I am grateful to him and all those who have died in Afghanistan. Fighting bin Laden was the right thing to do….. Attacking Iraq was wrong, it made George W. no better than bin Laden --- GW is a terrorist now too!

Karen shem and the rest of the far leaning liberal coach potatoes obviousl;y have no clue what history can teach. if they did they'fd know that the war in Iraq is right and jsut, and may have possibly saved us all from a more horific attack in the future. They blam Bush and Republicans for this " war for OIL", yet they sit home safely hiding behind a false wall of security, that others have paid for with their blood. This liberal crowd of the likes of Streisand Garfolo, hillary Clinton, AL franken and Kerry and the rest know nothing of personal sacrifice, pain & suffering, they scream of the war for oil , but drive their fancy cars spend big dolalrs and attack Republicans because we refuse to follow the mistakes of history. This same group would have linched any one who would have stood up to Hitler and Japn in the 1930's. Yet after the attack they claim that those in charge did nothing. How easy it is to attack others when you yourself do nothing. The Liberals have never learned from their mistakes, but are happy to start over when they are in charge, God Help this country and World if Keery Wins. American have been too spoiled for to long, there are some things worth fighting for, but Liberal believe other should fight while they protest.God Bless men like Pat Tillman who saw their duty, care little for their own comforts and saw a greater purpose. The believed the word that JFK spoke, ak not what your counrty can do for you, but what you can do for your country, Its time all Americans stand up and recognisae that this war will surely continue, unless we decide to finish it once and for all. Over a thousand years ago the world went on a holy Crusade for Religion, This time its for Freedom, seems the middle east has never moved forward and a few radicals will try to turn the clock back, the Crusade will continue for freedom for all, thats the real reason to continue the fight, we will never have complete peace until the middle east understands the responsibilies that Freedom endures.

Pat's death was given wide spread media coverage in Australia on April 25, the national day of remembrance for those who have fought for this country since independence in 1901. It is our most celebrated national holiday. (This year for example, our Prime Minister flew to Bagdad to be with our troops serving there, just as GB went there on Remembrance Day last year.) Pat’s example has been felt all over the world to those who support the same ideals he followed. Country before self. From Down Under, may I express our greatest respect and admiration for his dedication. Personally speaking, I begin training with the Royal Australian Navy in 10 days and I cant wait.

Many years ago I was the Chef at ASU. I stood side by side with some students as we watched in horror after the OK City bombing. I was struck by the comments made by a young man near me. He said to himself that we needed to protect our civil liberties at all cost. It stuck me as odd hearing this from a young man, with long hair. I ran into him from time to time on campus. Each time he said hello and shared a cup of coffee on occasion. He saw me tatooed arms from my time in The Marine Corps we spoke of politics and world events. I have thought of him often after I left there and have watched him from a distance. His name was Pat Tillman and I will always remember how profoundly his actions and the way he condcuted his life will affect me. Good-bye my friend, I will miss you.

From a fellow RANGER brother in the 1/75!!

SGT. Tillman made the ultimate sacrifice for his country and everyone in it! Anyone who degrades him or his actions i hope that you burn in hell!! I dont see any of you anti-war individuals sacrificing for your country to make it a safer place to live in. everyday my fellow service members and I put our lives on the line to protect your way of life. If you want to complain about that then you need not be in this world. Sgt. Tillman has joined the many Airborne RANGERS in the sky, i salute you sgt. Tillman!!! - RANGERS LEAD THE WAY -

To his comrades he was a brother who understands all,and to his family he was pride and honor. To himself he was a special dedication,one who put his country and his people before anything else in his life. God saw him as a son for he knew sacrifice, love, and being scorned for his beliefs, Jesus saw him as a special brother and he saves a special peace of heaven for him. His enemies saw him as a reaper of death and feared him. The warrior, the soldier, the ranger, the soulchild who sits in the lap of the king immortal supreme. The blood from his body will always stain the earth. The earth will swallow his body and the sky will always offer her tears to his memory! One for the AIRBORNE RANGER IN THE SKY, SGT. Pat Tillman. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!

I believe that Pat Tillman was an angel sent here to kick some serious Iraq ass.. What an American ... He gave up so much he had the world by the tail brain, body, beauty , talent and a new bride everything a man could wish for. But he gave it all up to fight for us and for our country. Please dont get me wrong I am just not honoring him I pray and honor for all men and women over there in Iraq. For some reason he touched my heart this moring. My heart breaks everytime I see the smut on t.v. and I see those bastards smiling in the streets for what they are doing to our Americans and even to their own. It is sicking and of the devil. As I watch my freinds and once loved ones leave and get ready to go to war I feel so amazing knowing with there help and courage our home will be one step closer to safe and at the same time my heart is breaking more and more knowing that they will be back in a bag.Screw all that doubts Bush and OUR SOLIDERS beacause if it wasnt for Bush nobody else would have had the balls to make them burn , and no other angels have balls to risk their own lives to go fight. God Bless Pat in heavn his brother Kevin and his entire family and friends.. Bless all of our men and women that are helping fight the war and all branches of the military ..

NO Miller!!!

SGT. Tillman DON'T made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, he made the ultimate sacrifice for ALL THE WORLD!!!
He made the ultimate sacrifice for all us, for all men who believe in the democracy and in the justice.
I'm italian. I'm sorry for my little english so i say only few words:

NO Miller!!!

SGT. Tillman DON'T made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, he made the ultimate sacrifice for ALL THE WORLD!!!
He made the ultimate sacrifice for all us, for all men who believe in the democracy and in the justice.
I'm italian. I'm sorry for my little english so i say only few words:

Pat Tillman was a real hero. Not seeking or wanting any glory or spotlight. My hope is that we as a nation will do everything we can to merit his kind of courage and dedication. GBH UNITED STATES NAVY

Today, May 5th, I was on crackbaby.com when I came across this...

I think we were all thinking this when he got killed. I'll bet his wife is real proud that she gets to raise her children on the death benefits money rather than the $36 million he could have made. Pat Tillman, you're a hero to morons everywhere! XENO

Who does this guy think he is? Not only is he insulting the mans family he left behind, but the entire armed forces of america who are overseas protecting his freedoms! Email him and tell him what a true hero is!!

I think it was JFK that said it best,"A young man who does not have what it takes to perform military service is not likely to have what it takes to make a living." Being in the military I can see this. Pat had what it takes. Do you? Stupid tree-huggers. Need to move to France. More of your ignorant kind there.