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Dedication #4: I Wish I Was (music included)

Elena, who donated $40 to the SOA/VC cause (see here for how you can get rewards - blog posts, donuts, CDs, free hosting and more - in return for your donation) asks that I write about a wish. bq. Michele, I'd like you to write about something you wish for. Not money or world peace or a cure to cancer or even a magic pony. Nothing like that. Just like, when you're sitting at home and life is going on and you say "I wish...." and it's something about yourself and how you are, how do you finish that question? Good question, Elena, and thank you for your generous donation.
So what do I wish? I wish I didn't take everything so seriously. I wish I could learn to let things go. I wish I could turn away from the news and just not care and I wish that I wouldn't let petty, jealous, bitter people ruin my day. I wish that I could just not care sometimes, that I could turn off my emotions and go through life with a blank affect. I wish I wouldn't let the dragons slay me so often. Every day, every hour I wish that I was bulletfroof Radiohead - Bulletproof mp3 Limb by limb and tooth by tooth Tearing up inside of me Every day every hour I wish that I was bullet proof Wax me Mould me Heat the pins and stab them in You have turned me into this Just wish that it was bullet proof So pay the money and take a shot Leadfill the hole in me I could burst a million bubbles All surrogate and bullet proof And bullet proof (Ok, something lighter coming up next)