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I will NOT be showing "my rack" in return for your donations. So please stop asking. You either accept the generous reward offers that I and other members of the alliance have made or you donate in the name of one of the other coalitions. There will be no boobs for you, not even for a two hundred dollar donation. Stop asking, and stop making blog posts saying that I have promised such a thing. I haven't and I won't. Thank you. Good night.


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When i said rack, i meant shoe rack. Is your mind always in the gutter? Sheesh. . .

Boobs, schmoobs. Threaten to post MY rack if they don't cough up some cash, and watch it roll in.

Great minds, gary. Michele, you should have taken pictures of your pot rack in the kitchen (if you have one), or luggage rack on a vehicle.

Would have served all those guys rights.

If they really want pictures of boobs, post some pictures of Clinton, Kerry, et al. That should shut them up!

I was going to say something snarky about racks and guns, but then I recalled what our drill sergeant said about guns and firearms back in 1952 (past life). So I'm gonna let this one slide.

You do realize that some racks can be a stretch.

All things considered, deep down most people would rather have an audio file of you singing something really silly.

Well if Laurence won't say it, I will. Sister Christian.

Well, considering some people have fetishes... a shoe rack can't even be shown...

...unless you want to.

I guess blow jobs are out of the question, too.

Depends on who's asking, Mike.

I'm not going to ask.
For the love of God, I'm not going to ask.