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one more, by special request

My man. jb.jpg I love him. [Don't forget - scroll down and check out all the SOA/VC posts. Keep donating! Keep linking! And thank you to everyone who already did $5473 from the VC alone(!) and 16k overall. Yay, us!]


check out that jawline.. dude's got the Roman thing going on.

ok, no more silly. A toast, to you, your guy, your family. Long life, happiness, and peace.

Stick a blue hood and some antennae on him and DAMN if that ain't the Tick.

Respectfully intended, of course.

Is that Misery...
I mean Morrissey?
Is that a veiled atempt at pitification like the Esmay dog/poochie thingy?
Gunz and Soldiers!

I was thinking Hellboy (also respectfully intended). He looks like a total badass. Nice pic.

aw!!!!! I love that post!