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Like this is a great suprise to anyone

:: how jedi are you? ::
Stolen from VC member Nick. Coming up tonight: Random photos from new camera, and another dedication post (or two) including a whole new cover songs thingie, in honor of both a person who donated and requested that topic and Kymberlie's Spring 2004 CD Swap, the theme of which is cover songs. Back to packing. Did five boxes of CDs and videos tonight. Getting there. I think I may have to try out that tequila I got today.


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I'm a Jedi Knight, but I have to take exception to the obviously sexist slant of the test.....there are female Jedi, too, ya know. And I really am not interested in slipping either Leia or Padme some tongue (not that there's anything wrong with that....)

As Han Solo, and since you're a female Sith Lord, I'm torn between the self-preservation instinct than says to run like hell and the desire to hit on you. What to do, what to do.