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Dedication #2: Bobby's World

Thank you, Bobby, for donating to Spirit of America in the name of the Victory Coalition. As promised, Bobby gets a post dedicated to him on the topic of his choice, which is:
I'd like you to write a post about either 1. fat-bottomed girls, 2. turtles, 3. Friendly's, 4. Pizza.
I can go you one better, Bobby. I'll write about all of them at once. strain07.jpeA little known fact about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is that they were originally drawn in black and white. Another little known fact is that the creators of the turtles, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, wrote their first original TMNT story as an ode to Frank Miller. Mr. Eastman happens to be the same age as me. And that's where our paths part. He is a multi millionare, I assume. He made a living writing about four teenage turtles with nunchucks. No, he didn't write with nunchucks. The turtles had them....nevermind. Also, Mr. Eastman is married to this chick. Her name is Julie Strain. You may recognize her from such films as Heavy Metal. You may also recognize her from many poses in which she reveals that nothing comes between her and her leather loincloth. Guys, there is a lesson in this for you. Even a comic book geek can get the hot chicks. And what comic book geek would not give his left arm for a hook up with a hot, sexy B-movie babe? Not a one, I'm sure. Hell, I'd give my left arm for those tits. To have, not to hold. Pervert. So, where was I? Oh, yes. Even though Julie appears to be fat-bottomed in some photos, you can rest assured that the Queen song Fat Bottomed Girls was not, in any way, written with Ms. Strain-Eastman in mind. You can pretty much bet that Ms. Strain is not spending her nights scarfing down pepperoni and anchovy pizzas and chasing it down with a gallon of Friendly's Double Chocolate ice cream. Not that I do that. Not at all. My ice cream comes from Cold Stone Creamery. And I hate anchovies. My god, my thighs are huge. Huge, as in Julie Strain's... you see where I'm going.


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Mmmmmmmm, Friendly's. (Oddly enough, though, I had my first panic attack in Friendly's. Go figure.)

Way to bring it all together, Michele.

That "her leather loincloth" link has been changed by the sf-fan.de web site.

Apparently, they're pissed at your using their images.

Does "twit" start with a capital "T" or lower case?

Looks right to me....

My first job was at Friendly's

Julie Strain never showed up, though.

Love her tagline"six foot one and worth the climb"

Hmm...."five foot two and worth the climb" just doesn't work, does it?


This post makes me sad, cause I once loved a fat-bottomed Friendly's girl. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

As far as the sf-fan.de image, they just have something that prevents getting there from a link. Copy and past the URL to see the skinny hoochie.

Loincloth pic is down :(

Loincloth pic is down :(

sorry didnt mean for the duplicate posts.

Hey, I'm not your supplier of masturbatory fantasy pics!

Search Julie Strain.

There ya go.

She was also the "Judge" on Sex Court....just in case you needed to know!

Judge Julie - NOT Judge Judy!

I'm pretty sure those are store bought tig ole bitties.

How did I ever go through life not knowing who Julie Strain was?

How do I get back?

Hey, I'm not your supplier of masturbatory fantasy pics!

And for good reason, if hoochies like this are the best ya got. Guess it's back to searching for free wacking material myself. .sigh.

See Oliver Willis for that stuff.

Though, for a few hundred dollars in donations towards SOA, I could be persuaded to....


A few hundred dollars? I like my porn like I like my software and my beer, FREE. And I'm probably not welcome at Oliver's place since my "Like Kryptonite to Donuts" remark in someone's comments.

You know, for a Red Sox fan, you're really funny.

Good grief, that woman is downright scary!

If there are any Replacements fans here, Paul Westerberg did a song called "Mannequin Shop" that seems especially apropos for Ms. Strain...

Yes, we aging bachelors with Cinemax and a lot of lonely Saturday nights are well acquainted with Ms. Strain. Forget her, though. Tell us more about the Cold Stone. I've heard amazing things.

I'm impressed! Thanks, Michelle!