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Private Shout Out [Updated]

To my boss's high school mock trial team, who won the Nassau County (NY) championship last night. [Ed note: I didn't make it clear enough for some dumb red sox fan to understand: My boss is a judge. He is the mentor/leader for a high school mock trial team] In other news, bite me, Skillzy. Ok, another shout out. My other boss just gave me a huge bottle of Don Julio Tequila for Secretary's day. There is nothing better than a boss who really knows what you need. Now someone find me a shotglass.


Your boss is still in high school? Which record store do you work at anyway?

Ok, I probably worded that wrong.

You are such a wize azz.

The dumb red sox are in first place.

A-Rod went 1 for 18 against them.

Just sayin'.

Good point Vickie. Steinbrenner proves that sometimes throwing money at a problem will not solve it if there are deeper reasons for the problem. If there is a generalized angst and a spirit of megalomania in the Yankee clubhouse the wins just won't come.

As a Met fan I can say I fully support the war against the N.Y. Yankees

Dude, I want a boss that brings me alcohol.

Could it be that the Rangers were not so dumb after all?

Okay, my mouth started watering when I read the description of the tequila on that website.

Why did my money tree have to shrivel up and die?