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American Idol Jumps the Shark

Attention west coasters: spoilers below
What the fuck is wrong with you, America? What kind of person sees more in that red headed gnome than Jennifer Hudson? The bottom three tonight was an absolute disgrace. I am so done with this show. What a crock. I hope Jennifer Hudson gets herself a nice recording contract and I hope that everyone who voted for George, Jasmine or Red Doofus contracts herpes.


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Do you think American Idol riots are possible?

This is the most ridiculous results show I've ever witnessed.

Ok, there clearly needs to be an IQ test before your vote is registered.

The show has zero credibility left. NONE.

The voting system is hopelessly flawed. They've got to come up with something better or they need to cancel the show after this season.

I missed the show - are you telling me that they voted Jennifer off in favor of the guy who talked and feebly trilled his way through Mandy?

I hope that everyone who voted for George, Jasmine or Red Doofus contracts herpes
Now, wait just a minute ... don't you think that is a little rash. [Insert appropriate rimshot here!]

I couldn't wait, I had to look. Are you fucking kidding me? Redhead wasn't even in the bottom three? JENNIFER HUDSON GOT VOTED OFF?

I am with Daria, AI Riots.

Fuck that show. DUDE!

I am so fucking pissed off about this. Not that I'm a huge Fantasia fan, but those three chicks kick the ass of everyone else on that show (except maybe George). Red still being there is a fucking disgrace to the whole process. Someone needs to take the phones away from 11 year old midwestern girls.


Every week "Red" looks so troubled, incredulous and embarrased when someome else is voted off. He knows it's not right...

Bless you for that spoiler! Now I'm not going to waste another minute watching that stupid show.

John Stevens needs to go home, finish high school, and leave the stage to the people who deserve it.

Oh yeah but I was gleefully hoping that (despite, yes she can sing but she is annoying as shit with too much 'tude) Fantasia would be a goner.

Latoya is the best. Red is bad. The judges are wrong--it IS a popularity contest. Didn't you love how they tortured George by telling him to go to the top group and he got so confused. Poor guy. Evil twist tonight--worth watching for this new sadistic streak.

Absolutely terrible. And they way AI3 and Ryan played George Huff was wrong. Just a horrible elimination show.

Wow, way to shit all over a 16 year old, guys.

Hey, people should see this coming after last year. People don't vote for the most talented person (hell, half of the viewers probably aren't fit to judge singing ability at all) -- they vote for the person or the image or whoever the show is pushing. How do you think Ruben won last year when Clay was clearly much more talented (and has now sold a lot more albums)? People just aren't voting based on talent.

M, while I agree with you to some extent, there's no way the show is pushing Red. Just no way.

PS: I'm still thinking the voting last year was rigged because of Clay's sexuality. It bites.

Makes Katherine Harris look honest, almost (this from a Republican)!

Kevin, I don't mean to shit on him as much as the people with the phones in their hands.

Red does have a wonderful voice. I've said that from the beginning. But he is uncomfortable there and needs a few years of experience under his belt before he can become a star.

I think he is actually more talented than both Jasmine and Diana. But he is NOT American Idol material. Doesn't mean he's not a good singer, he's just not right for what the show is about.

Although I'm not really sure what the show is about anymore.

You don't like George?!? I could follow ASV in the transition from political to pop culture, but this is pushing it.

It's not that I don't like George - he has an amazing voice.

I just think Jennifer, like Matt Rogers before her, got robbed.

Here's how I saw the finalists finishing the top 5 as the past few weeks got better for some and worse for others:

1. La Toya London
2. Jennifer Hudson
3. Fantasia Barino
4. George Huff
5. Jasmine Trios

Now that my #2 is gone, I'll let the slots slide up one position and call it a day. Who the hell knows what may happen next week...

I catch AI rarely, but c'mon - making these kids sing in a bunch of different genres and voting them off on the basis of that, rather than on evaluating them in their chosen genre?

I did catch (nearly) all of the country episode. Startling thing was that Pinky Tuscadero (or whatever her name was) was the only person who actually managed to sing a country song - everyone else sounded like they were singing light rock or something. If the other attempts at branching out were that bad, I can't see how anyone would expect a fair outcome - what you end up with is a situation where a nominally good pop singer (whatever that might be) sounds like a moron while singing Garth Brooks, and so gets bounced - if, that is, the votes are based heavily on current performance rather than on past evaluations, or some kind of total or average.

Anyway, if Pinky wanted to, she could probably head to Nashville and make a career for herself.

I think y'all are being a little vitriolic against red. He's got a good voice. Yaeh, he's a young, stiff and unsure of himself, but he has a certain charm. He probably does deserve to go, but I'm not crying for Jennifer Hudson.

Both her and Diana diGarmo have some sort of anti-charisma going. Hudson looks like she's having a seizure as she tries too hard when she sings, and di Garmo has that "I'm an energetic spunky shirley temple kinda gal" vibe in overdrive. Both of these qualities can be off-putting, no matter what their natural talents.

That being said, Fantasia and Latoya are stellar, really the top two, and I was shocked that they were singled out last night.

Boy am I glad I've never watched an episode of American Idol.

No herpes for me! :)

John Stevens is going to win and there is nothing the rest of you all can do about it

Here is an interesting theroy -

Could it be not that people didn't vote for Jennifer et al. but that the "Diva" Vote was spilt -

Think about it -

3 Diva's - to share the Diva vote
2 Princesses - to share the Princess vote
1 George Huff
1 John Stevens

They are all different types of singers and attract different types of fans - Now, I agree that there a lot of people voting just because they think someone is cute but think about it for one second. This theroy could make sense

That red-haired doofus should've been canned long ago. And George, he should stop trying to move around on stage. It only makes him look stupid.

You're right, last night's show was a travesty.

I wasn't completely surprised by last night's bottom 3. George was actually terrible with his song (and it probably wasn't his genre of choice, per the commenter above), Jennifer oversang and many people may have been put off by Fantasia's gospel rendition. La Toya probably got caught up in a split vote coupled with the "Top 3's" fans being sure to over-vote for them. I expected one of them to go (my best guess was that it would be George).

I'm not saying any of the other three are stellar and I'm not even sure I'll continue watching the show. The only voice left that I like is Diana's - but I don't like her drama club personality. I will buy Matt and Amy's albums when they come out, but not any of the "divas' ", as they called them.

By the way, isn't calling these contestants divas like Disney overly presumptive use of "classic" on some of it's recent movies? Test of time, people, test of time.

Aw, it's all cool. In the few episodes which have been inflicted on me by my girlfriend, I noticed the vocal gymnastics are overdone to the extreme by 99% of the contestants. The kids aren't so much singing as they are yodeling. Slim Whitman would have killed on American Idol.

She bang! She bang...!

Tuesday night was the very first American Idol that Beautiful Wife and I ever watched. Missed it last night because we were watching something else. Never going to watch it again after hearing the results on the radio this morning. And no, we didn't vote, which completely invalidates any further bitching rights.

Backsight Forethought: this illustrates the point about John Stevens...Amy did a fantastic job - in fact, her best performance - when the genre was country....and that isn't her chosen style at all. John, on the other hand, should have nailed the Barry Manilow song styling, since it's the closest to 'crooner' as they're going to get, and he failed; his youth and inexperience are showing more and more as the competition forges ahead.

I do agree with the point about the vote split - it's been my opinion that the contest would come down between Latoya and Fantasia, and only Fantasia's ego could sink her chances.

Oh! My God! Jennifer Hudson is gone??? I am so pissed off to know she is voted off by the A.I.. I am from the Philippines. Even though I watch the show 2 weeks later on the cable channel, I can still be connected to the show in the most possible time through internet and E.T.. I am hooked to her talent when she sang in the Group 1 of A.I.. And to think redhead or f****** John Stevens sang the worst songs I've heard since the week Amy was voted off or to think 1 month ago. He should be trashed in the competition before Amy Adams. And now what? They get more people hooked when the camera shows redhead's facial reactions when he is not on the bottom three? My God! After I watch the week Jennifer was out in the A.I. I will never waste my time watching this show. People don't care now who wins; singers who have the best talents we're pushed down to the bottom three. I'm still a fan of Jennifer Hudson even though she's out. We must boycott A.I. to show what kind of show they've produces.

Jennifer Hudson being voted off of the show is the worst thing that could of possibly happened to AI. America is a retard. I don't blame why people hate us. After Wednesdays vote I am ashamed to be an American. People need to take a good hard look at who they are voting for and not just go ahead and dial the red headed douche through. If he wins the competition or gets into the bottom 3. Then the show will be done. It will get cancelled for next season because noone will watch it. We should ban together and not watch it next week and see what the network producers think about their precious money maker. I take it back I am proud to be an american. Lets boycot out the shit that is tarnishing our image.

These are my 3 conclusions...
-America is tone deaf-or just deaf
-People can't dial phones
-People are just plain stupid

I am kinda thinking #3, but that is just my opinion...

to have jennifer voted off the show before that red head boy is ludacris im beginning to think this show is rigged because there is just no way the world that people could think redhead is better than jennifer

I knew this season was a load of crap in the auditions, if you remember Lisa, the redhead with an amazing voice that sang a Mariah Carey song. Simon told her that she had one of the best voices in the competition, but that she wouldn't be singing for a place in the wildcard episode. They have all kinds of hidden agendas - America's votes don't count for anything. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if all of those votes don't even get counted.

ok, come on...yeah redhead is definately not the best singer on the show, and yeah he should have been voted off a long time ago, but could you people please stop bashing and trashing him.

Wow - "Either your way or the highway"???

I think "RED" as so many of you disparagingly (Look it up, geniuses) call him, does have talent. And as many point out when they are trying to defend the (always) FLAT singing and dopey smiling - with eyebrows raised to the top of his head - George Huff, not all genres are right for all singers.

Dean and Frank had fabulous sounds and no, sorry they don't sing rap or the self aggrandizing Elton John classics (like Crocodile Rock) as John was kind of intimidated into to "grow". (BTW, He was even "on" for all but one note of that crappy song.)

John Stevens did great at several performances (His performance of Billy Joel's Always A Woman, gives me chills and he was Fabulous on King of the Road). George & Fantasia were awful this week (Gloria's music) George was HIDEOUS with what the Phil Collins hit - although even as a Collins fan I can't stand that song.

Why Randy - "dawg" can attack John and not admit how bad Fantasia & George were, is suspect to me.

A lot of us can't STAND singers who try to beat the hell out of songs (sometimes Fantasia, always Jennifer). Ahhhhh-AH-aaahhhh-AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

So Anyway I know that most of you think anyone who disagrees with your "favorites" must be crazy (class act with the herpes comment - tells us what a A$$ you are) and won't even consider any one else's opinion.
But mine (Oh, so humble opinion) is based on my taste which range from Genesis, (Gabriel, Collins)to Dean Martin to Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Queen to Mowtown to Andrew Lloyd Weber.

"But mine (Oh, so humble opinion) is based on my taste which range from Genesis, (Gabriel, Collins)to Dean Martin to Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Queen to Mowtown to Andrew Lloyd Weber."

Get over yourself, Cak.


How dense can some of you be? That was exactly my point. . .
By noting who I KNOW/THINK is talented, it provides perscpective. By you posting that YOU " think Jennifer, like Matt Rogers before her, got robbed.", it makes people realize what little (or type of) taste you and your brethern have.

To help the slow, by seeing who you think is good, it makes it clear the value (or lack there of) of your opinion.

At least I responded to the content of their "performances", not wish diseases on others, like the tone deaf did above. !!!

From your earlier post?
"It's not that I don't like George - he has an amazing voice." (Amazingly FLAT, IMHO)

Lets keep this show reall y'all need to stop criticizing and let people vote for their favorite, but i must say this FANTASIA BURINO and LO TOYA LONDON are my favorite so i've really not be pissed with the passed eliminations.
My heart will be broken if these two girls gets eliminated, because they are the only people that have made me devote my time from my after school activities to come home earlier and finish my homework so i can seatdown and watch them w|out my mum freaking out about Homeworks. I'll end here but my love to my girl AMY who has been eliminated long ago. FANTASIA AND LO TOYA please don't slow down just keep it goin

You are all morons if you think any of this is entertaining or has any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Pull your head out of your collective asses, turn off the TV, read a book or go outside. How pathetic are your little lives if you think this is reality?

Oh my god i am so happy that my girl BO BO won! Iholla!@#$5&*(!@#$%&*!)

Isn't that very interesting, we all here in Australia thought the same thing with the voting for Australian Idol, that it's rigged.


I really reckon that the judges pick out who is going to stay in the competition and give'em all good comments on the night and people are so dumb that they cant make up their own minds so they just vote on what the judges say.

The producers know this and the only people who win are the phone and advertising companies who are laughing all the way to the bank.

But hey, that's entertainment!! Do what we do, just don't vote.... :-)

i think fantasia latoya jenifer should have been the final three but i was very satisfied with the outcome i will be excited when fantasia first cd comes out she just touches my heart with her music she reminds me so much of Patti Labelle shes a good entertainer.

Just because Fantasia is black yall cant show love well i have to show love 4 my black people cuz no one else yall dont know wat yall sayin.

Just because Fantasia is black yall cant show love well i have to show love 4 my black people cuz no one else yall dont know wat yall sayin.