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There is nothing more American than a kid playing baseball

Which is why you should join the coalition that has ME as a member. [As always, click for bigger]Man, it was cold at that game. Spring baseball shouldn't start until May. DJ continued his hot pitching streak with three strikeouts (he pitched three innings), giving up one hit, no walks and one unearned run. He got hurt on the last play of the game - kid slid into second and he and DJ banged knees. DJ made the play though. When he limped off the field, he said "I'll take the injury as long as it comes with a win." And it did. It wasn't much of an injury, really, but I let him limp his way to the car as if he was a war hero. Well, I've got a lot of work cut out for me. The donations to SOA have been pouring in and, as promised, each person gets a post of their subject choice dedicated to them. I have enough blogging ideas for the next week, at least. So I best get busy. [See here for information on SOA, how you can donate, where to find our Coalition Leader and what you can earn -besides a great sense of satisfaction and maybe a chocolate shake when you get to heaven - rewards for donating in the name of the Victory Coalition]


Hey, that uniform is red...does the had say "Sox" on it by chance?????

Oh, no (whew) (wow, great detail with that camera!)

He is such a cute kid! You do good work.

He looks just like his mama.

"I'll take the injury as long as it comes with a win."

Crash Davis is smiling somewhere.