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Hold my drink, bitch!

DJ's got a baseball game, so I expect the other coalition members to carry the torch while I'm gone. When I get back, I going to BRING IT. vcbitch.gif How can you not join my side? See here for details on how to donate. See here for background and other details. See here for what you get in return for your donation. See here for totals thus far. Keep it coming, people. [Please note that all competition is done in the spirit of giving. The real winners are those who benefit from yours and Spirit of America's generosity] Oh, man. I have a lot of posts tonight - you people picked some great subjects (remember, you donate in our name, you get a post dedicated to you). After baseball. You will get your rewards. The boy comes first.


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Okay, the Dave Chappell banner got me. I just donated $20.

That's playin' dirty, ya know.

Michele- check yer email. I asked ya a question.

I see youse guys are lagging a bit...

but it's early.

Pick up the slack, hosers!

Donation sent.

I'll throw in $25.

It would be nice if Let's Hear it for The Boy was the chosen MP3. If only for the sheer sadistic joy I would derive from people having Chris Penn dancing stuck in their head.

Ok, I just emptied the contents of my loose-change barrel into the proverbial hat. Jeez, I hope I didn't crush it or anything... ;-)

As for anything as fleeting as a 'personal reward' - I'll email separately (::heh heh heh::).

All kidding aside, I can't think of a way that a private citizen can so directly assist the fledgling democracy in Iraq. What they need more than just about anything is an alternative to Al Jazeera for news. A free and independent press (and radio, and TV) is ESSENTIAL. So lets donate and help provide alternatives!

Come on people, empty your pockets!

Oh, and just a curious note:

Is that:
"I'm the Victory Coalition, Bitch."
"I"m the Victory Coalition Bitch.".

Like my English teachers used to say:
"Punctuation can make all the difference!".

Um, they do still teach that stuff, don't they?


This comment has been deleted by the administrator of this site. Claire's a nice chick and all, but she plugged a promo for a competing alliance in my comments and that's just wrong.