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Victory Coalition: We Care a Lot

IMPORTANT UPDATES BELOW returnmoney.gifRemember: If you donate in the name of the Victory Coalition, I will: Write a post of your subject choosing. Upload a song dedicated to you. Be very thankful. No one else is giving you rewards for donating in their name. Only the Victory Coalition offers you a return on your investment in the Marines. On the VC gives you something back. We care. A Lot. Join us. Donate. Now. Update: Smash is playing DIRTY. He will regret it. So now Dean and Rosemary are offering to give you advice for your money. Rip me off much, guys? How about coming up with something original? Yah, didn't think so. Don't forget what I offer you. Who the hell wants advice? I will write a blog post JUST FOR YOU on any topic you want. And you get music. Hell, I'll throw in a photo as well and maybe even some of my husband's art. Girls, I'll throw in my husband. He's really good in bed. Ok, scratch that. I don't share. But he does do dishes. And if anyone is in the New York metro area and is willing to come to Long Island, I will buy you a beer in return for your donation. Or scotch. Or lemonade. Whatever your preference. Maybe I'll throw in a burger, too. But I will not do anything illegal with you, so don't even ask. Unless you're Gary Oldman, Neil Gaiman or Jeff Goldstein. Then you don't even have to ask. Maybe Rob Zombie. Go drop some coin in the box, people.


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Ok, Michele, you're on. I just donated $20. The subject that's been on my mind for awhile ... is more appropriate for Command Post (dangit) so I'll take it over there ...

An aside: I started reading your blog on September 11, 2001, because I was trying to make sense of a world that no longer made sense. I read (and enjoyed) your archives, continued reading through your political transformation (more of a refinement of ideals than a flip), and I don't plan to stop reading. You're #2 on my daily bookmark list (after Neil Gaiman. My point? Do what you want, but keep writing.

Wishing you every success,

"build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day, but set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."

So, do we have to give you the subject right away, or can we save it for later?

Ditto the song.

Done. $50.
No need for any special post or song just keep up the good work :)

30 bucks, wish it could have been more.

Still thinking of a topic.

Any topic?

Hmm... Like why the Red Sox fans are the coolest, most baseball savvy, and best looking in all of sport?

Really, Michele? Are you sure?

Hey Edw!

Okey dokey. I donated. I have a topic for you to post. I'll email it to ya, kiddo. Great challenge! :)

me too. will email topic if I can think of one.

One day I'm going to be Kris Kristofferson. That's my goal, at least.

$50 in the pot.

I don't need a post; the Sox winning 3 out of 4 must be hard enough for you to bear without you're having to write about it. But upload some nice song--Nick Cave, or Bauhaus, or something else that fits the genre of dark and noisy.

and thanks for finding the time to do this. how's the move/packing?

Michele, you're fantastic. I dropped $25 in the bucket...hope it's enough for you to write a post dedicated to the subject of Frank Sinatra, who I am sure you idolize, as he was the Greatest Entertainer In History.

Oh, and also: Please. And Thank You.