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We Are the A-Team

Get over there. Join the VC. Make everyone you know fork over some bucks. Don't forget to email me if you give money in the name of VC. If you do, I will dedicate a post to you. That's what you live for, I know. It's the damn gesture that counts.


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I donated to Spirit of America through the ASV coalition. Received an email last night from SoA saying that they had raised over $700K so far.

Michelle -

Just donated $50 via the VC. Had to use my street name, as the Butcher's Shop doesn't have a corporate Amex yet, but we're on board nonetheless. Thanks for organizing all of this!


Now you gotta get Glenn Reynolds to link to the coalition (well, in fairness, maybe to all three coalitions).

I think Glenn Reynolds is too busy wanking it for Wonkette. Who needs him anyway?

Michele - you are SOOooooooo going to regret this one!

Hee hee hee hee hee hee!


The Coalition has Partnered with the VC?!!!!

I KNEW there was something wrong with you guys!