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here i am, rock me like a hurricane

Don't worry, I'm not leaving you hanging - I'll get to my worst songs list tomorrow (and I'll get to this war cry, also). Husband has been chasing me around the house with the camera, so here you go. You know, I'm really, incredibly camera shy, which is why you've only seen about two pictures of me in three years. So here's the face that goes with the words. They're orange-ish because my husband is an artist and he's got that weird creative streak that means nothing must ever be normal and I really didn't feel like Photoshopping the damn color out of the things and hey, I'm just trying answer the age old questions "What the hell do you look like?" and "You're really a 400 pound midget, aren't you?" My face isn't greasy, it's the lighting, I swear. And this is why you very rarely get photos of me. Because I have to spend way too much time explaining why I don't look like Jessica Alba. click for bigger Someone needs a haircut, bad. And sorry about the title - I was on a Scorpions tear tonight.


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You're prettier.

BTW, that link I sent was in your honor. I want you to know I support you.

Whishkey Tango Foxtrot!!??

You don't look ANYTHING like a little dead girl! Your eyes are the same size and everything!

....and wheres the jello?

BTW, I support you too. Your blog actualy was a bit of an anchor for me when I was going through some crap earlier this year.

Thank you.

My girls got all their good looks from me. Their mom still has hers.

Those of you paying attention know I just gave away gold. Do not overuse that line.

Michele, the few pics I've seen of DJ definitely show you too. Lucky guy.

Va-va-voom! Cool photos!

But I just got a haircut!

Wait.. you're talking about you again, aren't you?

you're hot, babe! (esp for a Yankee fan!)

Pretty darn sexy for an old lady.

What, no Kill Bill 2?

Things have definitely changed around here.

yeah, i thought you were old! otherwise, i woulda asked for some boobie pictures...

Before of after?

Before or after?

I love your journal. hot pictures by the way

Sexy pictures Michele :)

You're a beautiful woman, Michele, but where you knock the ball out of the park is in the big picture: looks + intellect + humor + eloquence + wisdom + passion + intangibles.

In fact, on that field of play, Ms. Alba is your understudy.

Baduh-BING!, Baduh-BOOM! ...

Michele babe, I'd give anything to see you in a Red Sox cap! :-P

Michele, I can't believe I get to be the first one to say this, so...those pics are so much hotter than a certain blogger's cartoon schoolgirl persona!

It goes without saying (but I guess I'm saying it anyway) that the content here is hotter as well. Rock them all...

where are the naked ones?

you look great!! I like your hair a little longer!!

Hmm....Michele in a Red Sox cap. Sounds like a Photoshop opportunity (or good stakes for a bet). The opportunities are endless! An unbuttoned Sox jersey might be even better...

I've never been interested in ASV because of any percieved sex appeal on your part. That said... damn!

You shouldn't be camera-shy. You're an excellent subject for the camera.

If you put up more pictures of yourself, I'll put up more of myself.

But you're cute, Keith. Every picture I've see of you is adorable.

You can't post pictures like that while mentioning the husband!

Think Homer & The B-Sharps

Homer: [excited] "Wait till I tell Marge!"

Nigel: [with consternation] "Oh, yes...Bouffant Betty. Well, I would
prefer if we kept your marriage a secret. You see, a lot of women are going to want to have sex with you, and, er, we want them to think they can."

Homer: "Well, if I explain it to Marge that way, I'm sure she'll understand."

Courtesey of www.snpp.com

you look like amy fischer. that's not necessarily a bad thing mind you. maybe if you get a dent in your car an auto body guy will do you right. just saying.

Must be my Long Island genes.