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Two More: Fish and Dust Brothers

Anything else will go in the photo gallery. Click for HUGE size. Damn, I love this camera. Preciousssssssss Yea, I guess the stuff on the computer desk could use some dusting. Hence the name of the image. Ummm...want to see our bookshelves?


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Where did you get the Gollum? I want one. I loved the fish scene.

That Gollum creeps me out!

And now I'm wanting to get one of my cameras out of my purse and play. Yeah, that's right, there's two in there. I know, I'm a dork.

Dang me. Now I know which camera I'm getting if I ever get a camera - great shots, Michele.

Is that the Gollum that came with the special edition LOTR:TT? I didn't get that one (the special edition, yes, but not the extra-special one). I do have the Argonath bookends from the Fellowship's special ed. I wonder what they're offering with Return of the King.

And when you combine a camera and a blog with a cat, you get...

I had no idea Susan Sarandon was a fishmonger. Explains her breath, though.

Hey that top one looks like John Stevens.

Yo, Michele. Okay, so you got a new camera toy. Have a ball. Knock yourelf out. But you started this "worst song" flap, so either put it up, or shut it down.

And BTW, I mean business:

"The Uicorn" - The Irish Rovers


I think the best thing I got was a bookmark for $5 at Barnes & Noble with the actual ring attached. It comes in handy when I want to check to goings on in the Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders locker room.

Shouldn't that be: "Damn, we lovessess our camera . . ."?

I have the statues from the LOTR box sets, too. I heard that the third one will include a statue of Frodo and Sam playing "find Smeagol" in a sleeping bag (I can't confirm that though). I wish they issued this one with a box set. But, I guess at $275 a pop, that would cut too deeply into the 200 kazillionjillion dollars the movies made.

spd rdr...when you're a speed reader, can speed typing be far behind?

Oddly, it's the antithesis.
Brain beats fingers.
Sloppy brain.
Sloppy fingers.

Being a spd rdr myself...I understand. I just am more anal, maybe, making sure I catch the typos!

Jesus Christ. For a second there, I thought the top picture was Michael Jackson.

Dude, is it just me or does that Gollum look a hell of a lot like Michael Jackson?

Doh! Somebody else beat me to it hehe.

Must...resist...urge...aw, heck...