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best spent money EVER

I'm going to be spending a lot of time at my photo gallery.


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Great Pic... Digital or 35mm?

I'm sick jealous.

I that taken with the new toy?

Now you have a camera to go with the laptop at the convention.

Very pretty.

The pictures look great, but one of your first purchases (it's cheap, don't worry) is to get a lens hood or adapter tube. It will screw on the front and surround the lens with plastic or metal. Then you screw an inexpensive UV or skylight filter on the front of the tube, and presto! The lens is then protected from dust, dirt, moisture, and other dangerous things as it slides in and out of the casing. It also allows you to attach polarizing filters--friends and family will be amazed at your bright blue skies!

My Fuji S5000 came with a lens tube, and the ability to add on extra filters for all kinds of interesting effects is one of my favorite features. (No, I'm not arguing which camera is better. Obviously I couldn't afford something like the Nikon.) ;)