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Special note to Matt Rogers who (I have this on good authority) is going to drop by here today: You were robbed! Dude, go hardcore. You so have the voice for it. I can see it now: Matt Rogers does Cannibal Corpse! (You totally rocked) /end fangirl moment


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He TOLD ME he was going to post here, and I believe him because HE'S SO HOT. Hot men that sing like that are to be believed.

I hope he doesn't disappoint.

I agree....why JPL lasted so long, and why that red-headed crooner is still in the running is proof positive that there are WAY too many cell phones in the hands of morons who probably spell it "American Idle".

Hi Matt!

John Stevens [aka Red] will most likly sing Copacabana tonight as the finalists tackle the ever-tricky sounding melodies of Barry Manilow. We can go and retch now...

Oh yeah, Matt was robbed - thought he'd last longer than JPL and Red...

Thank God JPL got booted. Another week would have been all it took to give up on America.

Oh come ON, Pietro. I know JPL ain't all that, but there is no way Red deserved to stay later than him.

Barry Manilow night? My song predictions:

LaToya: Looks Like We Made It
Diana: Can't Smile Without You
Fantasia: Even Now
George: Bandstand Boogie
Red: I Write the Songs
Jennifer: Ready to Take a Chance Again

dude, red didn't even deserve to make the finals.

wha, you don't think red is gonna do "Copacabana"?

hey Matt... Rose Bowl! go Pac-10! screw the east coast bias!