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Barry Bonds: Spawn of Satan

The night was black was no use holding back Cos I just had to see was someone watching me In the mist dark figures move and twist was all this for real or some kind of hell 666 the Number of the Beast Hell and fire was spawned to be released


Amen, sister! Testify!

Yanks could sure use him on the Team

Yanks 15 Home Runs 55 RBI's

Bonds 8 Home Runs 17 RBI's

Even the Mets are doing well:

Mets: 13 Home Runs 58 RBI's

If Babe Ruth was on the andro-cocktail that Bonds uses instead of hot dogs and beer, he's have broken a thousand.

DAMN you! Now I've got the intro stuck in my head....

"Woe to you o earth and sea
for the devil sends the beast with wrath
because he knows the time is short
Let he who hath understanding
reckon the number of the beast
for it is a human number
it's number is six hundred and sixty six."

From now on, please call him Barry ROIDS! The guy's EMBALMED in steroids-- we all know it. His attitude SUCKS; I wish he worked on that rather than on his 'Roid IV.

Every time that creep sneaks one over the outfield wall the press have an orgy as though the world has been created all anew.

I wish the press hounds would just get over Roidster and get on with the rest of life.