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Seagull Killing Clinic

Despite what that old geezer in the comments keeps writing, I did get a lot of packing/throwing stuff away done tonight. And I got to spend some time going through photos and crying about how big my kids are and how cute they were when they were babies, and neither of them would accomdate me - for old time's sake - and go fall asleep at the dinner table with strained carrots all over their face. Many years ago (can you really say many when dealing with an eleven year old?) DJ went to a baseball clinic where Dave Winfield was the guest celebrity. He told DJ that he expects to see him playing for the Yankees some day. Dave: Tip number one, kid. When they take you in for questioning, don't say 'I thought it was a bluejay.' [Seriously, Dave was the nicest guy ever. So patient with the kids, made sure every single kid got a little special attention from him and was genuinely pleased to be there. His smile really is that huge - and real as they come]


Hmmm, last time I saw Mr. Winfield he was wearing a SAN DIEGO PADRES uniform!

And he's still a nice guy despite that obvious flaw.

Ah, Big Dave Winfield... so good as a non-Yankee. Million-dollar smile before millions of dollars got thrown at men playing boys' games...

And hey, what's with the "old" linked to the "geezer" thang??! As one who's suffered from "Dick Clark Syndrome" his whole friggin' life, I've fought damn hard for this grey hair, only to be mistaken for some punk 30-somethin'.

Got time for a quick Yankee War Story?" When I first got to Dover AFB in '00, nearly every fucking guy I was the 1st Sgt for was a Yankee fan. All summer, and right up into Sep, none of them believed their beloved Yanks would even win their division, let alone get past the playoffs and into an unheard of Subway Series against the pathetic NY Mets.

And then it happened. Subway Series. And, of course, the inevitable creaming.

And who bragged the loudest? Who swaggered the most? Duh.

Spare a kind thought for us, dear Box-Lady. If and when Dubya's on the ropes come Sep and Oct, I'll be there, with faith to spare.

That's where Mets fans have the edge; it's part of our nature.

"Death to all those who would whimper and cry"... or something like that.

Good luck on yer move, and quit procrastinatin'!

isn't it great there are still a few like that?

As Gary Cooper once said: "Yup."

The police took him in for questioning? What the hell? "Felonious assault on a seagull" or something?

It's amazing how reassuring it is to know that some superstars (and that's what Winfield was, despite what Yankee fans think) can be so accommodating with young fans. He used to have a whole section at Yankee Stadium set aside for city kids at some games.

I read that new Met Mike Cameron really took his time signing autographs for kids at the ball park before Opening Day. I hope he's the real thing and that he helps turn loads of young New Yorkers into Met fans.

hope he's the real thing and that he helps turn loads of young New Yorkers into Met fans.

In my house that's called child abuse :)

Some people just have personalities that are resistant to becoming over-inflated in the glare of the celebrity spotlight.

That's a great photo...

Those are by far the best kind of famous people.

I had completely forgotten the seagull incident. Too funny. Reminds me of the spring training game a few years ago when Randy Johnson wiped out a dove with a fast ball in Florida.

Many have theorized the dove was on suicide watch, but I think he was just expecting a curve.