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Requiem for Skillzy

Hey, Skillz - you see yesteday's New York Post cover? yankvader.bmp I hereby announce that the Yankees theme song has been changed to the Imperial Death March. Which is what some of the Yankee players will be doing if they don't shape up. Never forget Ed Whitson, boys. If the Yankees are the evil empire, then the Yankee fans are Red Five homing in on the Death Star. This is Red Five, I'm going in! Die, Ed Whitson, Die! Scene 25. My god, I know that's scene 25. I'm sick. Anyhow, I was going to tell you all to blogroll Skillzy. But I cannot in good faith ask someone to link a blog whose owner makes images like this one: lenoah.gif Skillzy, this is war. And you shall be on the receiving end of my shock and awe. And I don't mean that in a good way, no matter how you may want to construe it. You ready to throw down, dawg? 'Cause I am throwin' it. Nobody does that to Lenore and lives long enough to pat themselves on the back. Wait for it.


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Just the sight of that stupid "B" makes her look like a whiner...what is with that logo?

Hot dawg!
The lady is back!

Holy crap, the New Yawk Post stole Darth Yankee! Thieving bastards! But I should expect no less from Yankeeland.

If war is what is required, then war it shall be. The Yankee Haters' Alliance includes Red Sox fans, Cubs fans, Mariners fans, even Devil Rays fans. Although we're outgunned thanks to the deep Imperial coffers, our cause is just, and our numbers are many. To quote a little green fellow that I think you might know, "My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is."

We carry our power in our hearts and minds, not in our checkbooks. A power that you cannot possibly begin to fathom.

I've been calling for this for years....simply have Darth Vader breathing before introducing the team as a whole then cue up the Imperial March.

Shock and awe - Panama style

Also if any stadium DJ plays the yell of Hanna Barbera favorite Captain Caveman for Johnny Damon, I will be able to die peacefully.

And good lord, stop saying that name!

He's like Voldemort in that respect

ESPN's got one too

"Michele, I find your lack of faith disturbing..."


I quit reading for a few days when you announced your sanity break. You're back... eight posts (so far) today, and a few yesterday.

I only hope you're packing at least one box per post...

Seriously, just leave out the microwave and switch to paper plates. You move house in how many days? Boxes, boxes, boxes. That should be your mantra.

I love reading your blog, but...

- Best wishes for the move.

Ryan, my mind started playing the empirial death march march as soon as I saw michele's picture.

But when I saw your post, I heard Vader in 3D surround sound. I didn't know that clip was deeply embedded in my mind.

I told a friend I should make a Bush-for-pres tee with some sort of Vader graphic and that quote, "I find your lack of faith desturbing" - even though I'm pro Bush and all...

The Yankees don't suck NEARLY as much as overblown sci-fi flicks that somehow become a way of life for some people...

Take a walk, read a book, play with your kid -- do something... normal... fer crissakes!

Then again, I'm a Mets fan, so what the hell do I know?

Lenore looks fabby, skillzy.

Although, on second thought....she does looks a bit perplexed....

Amen, sister! I never understood why they play the Imperial Death March at Yankee Stadium while announcing the opposing team's lineup. Clearly the Imperial Death March is the best, most fearsome piece of music from Star Wars, so why waste it on the opposing team? I don't think of the opposing team as some fearsome enemy. I think of them more like the whiny teenager Luke Skywalker started off as. It would be much better if they'd announce the opposing team's lineup over the sounds of Luke whining about going to Toshi station or something.

So far in '04, mebbe they oughta switch to Wagner...

Feeling sorry for the Yankees must be like rooting for Nelson on the Simpsons when he doesn't get enough lines...

just wait till you see what you have to pick up on Vader's contract. HA!

"Da--Da-Da-Da--Da-Da-Da--Da-Da-Da!" indeed...

Play whatever music you like, as long as you keep coughing up three-run leads. Heh.

I know, it's only April, but you've got to find your joy where you can.

Yankees. Sheesh! Ain't this supposed to be a new ASV?

How 'bout those Mets?

Oh, hey, there was a ballgame today, wasn't there? Who won?

Lenore looks great. Wow a Boston cap can make everyone sexy. ;)

Sorry Michele, I know that you wanted to have a sanity break, but after being crushed 3 out of 4 games, sanity should be hard to find. Or at least joy.

"I told a friend I should make a Bush-for-pres tee with some sort of Vader graphic and that quote, "I find your lack of faith desturbing" - even though I'm pro Bush and all..."

What fun is a campaign...well if you can't have any fun.

I got my father Governator shirts just because they cracked me up.

I have the "Techno Remix" of the Imperial March... I'll have to upload it tonight... It came with the Force Commander ltd edition game... game sucked, the CD rawks!

BTW: LENORE ROCKS THAT WAY! 3-1, that's all I'm gonna say... except that the evil empire choked on a 4-1 lead... ahahahahahahahahaha... nyah, nyah!