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drive, she said

It's 65 degrees outside. They said it would reach 80 today, but that's not gonna happen. Which is fine with me, because anywhere between 65 and 75 is perfect. The sun is shining, people are driving with their windows down, the construction workers are wearing tight t-shirts and the neighborhood rave kiddies have their car bass working overtime. Little League season has officially started. DJ is in his glory, as he is the team's starting pitcher and plays second when he's not pitching. 2-0 so far, four strikeouts Saturday, six yesterday. 2 for 3 both days. The sun shines on Little Leaguers all the time, I swear. Even when it's cold and rainy, these kids run out to the field as if it were 80 degrees and sunny. This is the year (second year of minors) when the kids who were playing baseball just to please their parents drop out and what you have left is about fourteen kids on each team who each think that a Yankees uniform lies in their future. It's great to watch eleven year olds be so serious about something. Because as soon as they get off the field, the world reverts back to one big fart joke. But it's spring verging on summer and even a fart joke heard one million times can elicit a smile if the kid telling it is wearing a baseball uniform with the tell-tale sign of a slide into home worn on the knees. I need to get a new sub-woofer if I want to compete with the big boys on the block. While they're cruising around with their house music blasting - though some of them opt for DMX - I'll be pulling up next to them at the red light and turning up the volume on Machine Head. And then we'll do the dueling thing, where the guy in the Camaro will counter with Guns N Roses and I'll laugh and switch to Pantera. Two can play at this cock-rock thing, buddy. Well, yea...he doesn't have to know that I'll putting the Get Up Kids cd in as soon as I turn the corner. You don't ever want to get into an Emo duel with me, kids. I can tear-jerk and whine with the best of them. Get me Dashboard Confessional, stat! So I made myself a cd this morning, based on the weather forecast. Hmm...windows down, short sleeves, open toe shoes...yep, it's Songs I Love to Sing. Now, ever since the Tyler incident, I've been careful about singing very loud while driving, but some days just call for a little what the hell. Today's playlist: Toadies - Dollskin Danzig - You and Me (Less than Zero) Incubus - Make Yourself Pixies - Where is My Mind Monster Magnet - Spacelord Bad Religion - Kerosone Well, I forgot what else I put on it. I'll have to complete that lineup when I get home. Suffice it to say, it has more hits than the Yankee lineup had today! Meanwhile, I happen to have one of those songs hanging around in my archives. Danzig - You and Me mp3 Sometimes there is nothing sweeter than listening to Danzig make love to his own voice. I think he sings just to hear himself. Great song, worst movie ever. Enjoy, it's time to get out of work and sing myself home. Loudly.


"It's great to watch eleven year olds be so serious about something. Because as soon as they get off the field, the world reverts back to one big fart joke."

Excellent, excellent observation. But I have to say, I'm 30 and I'm still like that.

Congrats to DJ. I hope you'll have more Little League pictures this year? The ones you took last year were outstanding.

I wish I could drive but thanks to the rain and the inability of SoCal drivers to acclimate to it my beautiful car is smashed up.

I was listening to Particle Man at the time.

Oh well, I should be thankful, being rearended at 40 mph then being driven into a lightpole without any real damage to me(scrapes & bruises) is a good thing

I found my old Toadies cassette, been listen to Tyler all day in the car, thinking of you. Waiting to get caught screaming the yeahs and the ohs!


I like how you've switched gears. I've enjoyed reading your site for awhile now and even though I've enjoyed your warblogging and political takes. I can sympathize with you on getting tired with it all. I'm burning out on a message board I visit where we discuss those subjects. So I decided to switch gears on my little corner of the world, then I came here and read you had decided to change also!

Enjoy little league and all that comes with it while it lasts. My little leaguer is now 18 and headed to boot camp.

At this minute The Von Blondies are playing "C'mon C'mon"

Go Minnesota Twins!!!

Back to real life.

Ooh, your title dredged up memories of the Stan Ridgeway classic. Loved him! Even after Wall of Voodoo. I know, I know, it dates me!

I wonder if I still have that casette? I bet I do...time to rummage through the garage and see...

hmm. yeah. perfect kinda day to get busted singing "I hate these walls" at a traffic light.

fer sure~

Jeez, did my mom just post that? "weeel, it was s'posed to be in the 80's but it was more like the 60's---if it's 8pm here, does that make it 11pm there in your time or 5pm?.........."
Love ya that yer back, m!

It was 91 here. I appreciate warm after all that snow, but c'mon. Rain, cold, 40, 90, 20, 60... gimme a break, let's pick one season.