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Sultans of Squat

Not for nothing, but new ASV aside, if someone tries to take me down, they're not doing it without a fight. It's just not in me to not fight back. And defending your (somewhat) good name is not pettiness. Just saying. Anyhow, on a completely unrelated note, I think I'm going to spend more time this season complaining about the Yankees than antagonizing Red Sox fans. I'm sorry, but with that lineup they be running circles around the American League. Crappy pitching shouldn't even figure into the equation. Look at some of these names: Jeter Rodriguez Sheffield Matsui Posada Williams Giambi Lofton Sierra Hello?? There's not even a bottom of the lineup. It's like having two cleanup hitters. These guys - on paper - make Murderer's Row look like Misdemeanor Row. WHY ARE YOU NOT SCORING 40 RUNS A GAME? It's going to be a long year. p.s. Note to A-Rod - Get over the freaking stage fright already. Hit the damn ball or I'm gonna mug you to get my payment towards your salary back.


ahhhh, the unadulterated bitching of yankees fans...

we're all crying crocodile tears for you, honey.

Mwah, Michele.

Bos 5 Yanks 4

Boston takes 3 out of 4.

Nothing more needs to be said.

One word: karma.

As an adult, you should have realized by now that it's all about pitching and defense, not hitting. Arms, not bats, win titles.

i.e: A-Rod went 1 for 17 in the Boston series.

Jeter goes 0 for 4.
A-Rod is hitting .160.
And I'm dancing again.

If only Clemens and Pettitte hadn't have wanted to come down South and return to civilization. ;)

Clemens can bit my shiny, metal ass.

Note: I am not gloating.

It's only April, but I confess to really admiring the Red Sox tenacity in coming from behind today.

Realize, too, the Red Sox are plagued by injuries to some of their key players: Nomar, Trot, and BK Kim, while the Yankees are at full strength.

The only time the Rangers "all hitting all the time" strategy ever got them in the playoffs was when their defense was good and their closer better than avg.

Otherwise, it never works.

Well, I'm not expecting pitching miracles this year. In fact, I haven't expected anything out of Yankees pitching in years.

I still think that Ed Whitson paid some witch to put a forty year hex on the Yankees pitching staff.

I still am amazed when Red Sox fans gloat so early in the year. It's become a ritual.

Come October, when the Sox are watching the World Series on television (again), they and their fans can take solace of the fact that they took 3 of 4 from the Yankees in April.

These guys - on paper - make Murderer's Row look like Misdemeanor Row.

Michele is on a roll.

Too bad you're still a Yankees fan. Turn from the Dark Side. Root for the Phillies. You know, in the Senior Circuit. Not in this Johnny-come-lately league, the Federal League ... no, the American League, or whatever it's called.

Everybody at work is all gloating and excited (I'm in Providence, lots of Red Sox fans) so I just had to come see what was going on over here.

I'm not a baseball fan, I'm just a fan of watching fans. ;)

Who's gloating?

Why are we Red Sox fans always accused of gloating if we even so much as dare smile?

When your team wins, you're happy. It's that simple.

Meanwhile, I refuse to sit on my hands afraid to cheer for fear we'll someone "summon the Yankees ghosts and invoke the Curse down upon our heads."

What a bunch of rubbish. If the Sox fail in Sept/Oct to vanquish the Yankees it'll be because the Yankees are better, not as some metaphysical payback for expressing joy at beating the Yankees in April.

Edw. - never pass up a chance to gloat! Cause you can bet your ass the Yankees fans will be all over it if they win next weekend.

And Michele, Lenoah says hi, and that she can't wait for Nomah to get back in the pahk. GO SOX!

Why are we Red Sox fans always accused of gloating if we even so much as dare smile?

Here's the text of an email I received from a friend and Red Sox fan:

Giambi strikes out to end the game.....nice......if he was still taking roids he might have come through
for them......fucking luuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzeeeeeerrrrrrrssssss!!!!

That's one toothy 'smile.'

Folks where I live are just grateful A-Rod has become SEP (Somebody Else's Problem--I can't resist a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference, sorry). Somebody else's money pit might be more accurate.

Ah, A-Rod...I know things cost more in Yankeeland, but isn't $2 million a hit kind of extravagant even by NYC standards?

And Giambi just needs to recite the juicer's motto: "It's not about muscle mass, it's about hand/eye coordination". Or lack thereof.


Steinbrenner is Mr. Potter compared to the rest of the league's George Bailey, and It's a Wonderful Life each and every year that Steinbrenner pounds his desk in the uncontrollable wrath of defeat.

As one MLB commentator has said, "The rest of the league is the Yankees' farm system."

With their insufferable swagger and shameless attempts to buy their way to championships rather than play their way to it, the 'damned Yankees' have justly earned the hate of millions.

How can baseball fans help but root for the small guys against the deep-pocketed Juggernaut of 'Money-bags' Steinbrenner?

Believe you me, we gloat when they stumble, and cheer when they fall!


Clark, I imagine that if the owner of your favorite team had the money to spend, you wouldn't be railing against him for buying talent.

Your bitterness is showing. You must be a Mets fan.

Uhhhm Michelle?...

Don't know if you noticed this yet but The Rocket is now 3-0 with a 0.87 ERA...

Must be all the good home cookin'...

Michele, Red Sox fans seem to forget that the majority of their starting lineup and their best players (save for Nomar and Nixon) were all free agent signings. That includes:

Manny Ramirez
Johnny Damon
Keith Foulke
Pedro Martinez
Curt Schilling
David Ortiz
Kevin Millar
Bill Mueller
Tim Wakefield

Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek were acquired via trade. Two home grown players and Sox fans behave as though their entire team was grown on the infield grass at Fenway.


"Buying talent"?!! Um, don't you mean "buying the league"? ;-)

Clemens can bit my shiny, metal ass.
He might even be able to hit it with his fast ball all the way from Houston. (0.86 ERA - not too shabby for 41)

And no, I'm not a Sox fan, so this isn't gloating, right? Houston has both pitching and hitting this year. I'm praying it keeps up.

Yep. Might as well hand the trophy to Boston now. And dust off the old plans for the parade route.

Still the good fans of Bawston didn't think they could beat the mighty Yanks and the Habs on the same day did they?

Go Montreal.

As for NY--like I wrote at the curse of the Great Bambino blog, just wait until we get our regular 3rd baseman back--Aaron Freaking Boone.

Still hurts don't it Sox fans?

Oops forgot to link to the Parade Route

michele - you forgot that someone has to play second base, and that someone will be the black hole of suckiness otherwise known as Enrique Wilson until the mid-year Jose Vidro trade. Add Wilson to Lofton (who hasn't hit well for years) and/or Sierra (who never did), plus Matsui (who is yet to prove that he's not a below league average left fielder), and you've pretty much got yourself a bottom of the lineup.

Off the top of my head I only know one name off the Devil Rays lineup, but they ain't sucking this year and I'm happy with that.

I think I'm going to spend more time this season complaining about the Yankees than antagonizing Red Sox fans.