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Warblogger Suicide Watch

I think I was the first blogger to drink the kool aid. Or throw my hair dryer in the bathtub. Whatever the metaphor of the day is. When a warblogger - or ex-warblogger like myself - see the Daily Kos url in her referrer logs, one would only except that trouble will ensue. Al Giordano says sort of nice things about me, in that left handed kind of way. Worlds collide! By the way, it was a toaster, not a hairdryer. And there were Eggos in it.


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Not only that, the banner/logo is now exactly right!

So when do we get to game discussions... :)

Tried to read . . . head hurts . . .

I read that rather differently - to me, it reads like he's gloating that they sent enough trolls to actually hurt you mentally and cause you to give up your political principles.

I don't see any nice things said there... "you're a nice writer... so long and YOU ONLY WRITE WHAT I WANT YOU TO!"

Oops.. "so long as YOU ONLY WRITE"

Oh, I get it, Ian. But I ain't giving him the satisfaction of his gloat. So I thought I'd just play along like I'm the little dummy he thinks i am. I guess I should clarify that.

what a fuckin idiot. like damn, could he be any more full of himself?

just shows why i hate the rabid left as much as i hate the rabid right.

Well, I couldn't get through it.

You know, I thought I liked myself quite a bit until I (partially) read that little screed. I can't hold a candle to that guy.

Yep, it's official. Kos is a moron.

Less angst, more weird.

rabid left? rabid right? No I truly hate the rabid middle! :-P

Cripes, he's barely literate....of course the snarky high schooler types never are. And his oh-so-cutesy suicide watch name is far too long to be clever.

Don't go to bad places like that (the Daily Kos)anymore. You'll feel better. I mean, just the design and organization make your head hurt. No wonder the far leftists over there can't think clearly.

For those who couldn't read to the end: DKos sez:
Memo to Michele Catalano: Paisana: You can still express political opinions and ridicule political correctness. Please don't stop. You're very good at it, in fact.

Snarky; yes. Infuriatingly patronising? Well of course. But note that it also contains the sort of genuine affecton given to old and treasured sparring partners. There are many warbloggers. There are many influential warbloggers. There are fewer, but still many intelligent warbloggers. Influential AND intelligent Warbloggers - well, Sturgeon's law applies...

Here's MY affectionate snark - done in the same spirit, intending to encourage by provocation:

I also share it with you because you are one of the few that might actually get the joke. :)

If anyone else does - the stuff is here; I was about to delete the section, but what the hell.

As you turn the spit, remember that without your help the sport of troll hunting may come to an end.

Michelle, it's easy to score a point on some freeping idjut. Hard to get them to NOTICE, perhaps, but that can be part of the fun.

It's not difficult, particularly, to make someone relatively more sensible but still stuck in some silly delusional paradigm look dumb. Hell, for the most part, all you need is a hyperlink, they do all the heavy lifting. Exemplia Grata - not that I would ever settle for JUST a hyperlink...

Scoring a point on you, OR on dKos is a point freaking well earned.

No, one articulate critic is worth a thousand dittoheads. Really and for true.

Thank you for signing up for Bloglet! Now your writings end up in my morning mail. More cites for you, as if you needed them. :)

Oh, Graphictruth is there too, in case you need inspiration yourself. :)

damnit, no edit function. Screwed up the url...

Troll Hunting graphic.

BTW, Cafepress works really nicely as an image dump. :)

See, this is kind of predictable. These people hve been such fucking assholes the last two years, and have turned into bigger and bigger assholes the last few months, and are causing some people to give up in frustration and anger. This, they view as a victory, as a sign that they're winning the argument.

Which is why the best thing you can do, even if you do "stay away from politics" is to continue to be publicly involved in campaigns like Spirit of America,. You just don't rant and rave on politics anymore, without hiding where your alliegiances lie.

Because in the end, just as with the Condi Rice witch hunt that blew up in their faces, they only make themselves look like assholes and alienate every reasonable-minded person.

I predicted a victory for Kerry in November some time ago, but watching these people act like such huge flaming assholes makes me think I may be wrong. They're likely shoot themselves repeatedly in the foot, AGAIN, and then, ONCE AGAIN, blame Bush and the right wingers for it.