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scenes from a garage sale, part 3

More garage sale pics. Stories behind them tomorrow. I've got to go figure out what to do about this retarded sunburn.


Is that your garage sale? If so how much for the hockey banners?

Got any beanies left? Anna collects them....she has about 125 of the little buggers now, I think.

Those hockey banners are NOT for sale. Those teams don't even exist anymore. They will be hanging in the rec room of the new house.

Trish - yes. I'll make a list of what i have and email you (tomorrow).

How can you part with all that Star Wars stuff? Nooooooooo! You'll regret it some day. :)

Wow, a Death-Star..Ewok village...didn't you have the Death-Star set with the foam garbage pit? I had two of those when I was kid.

ooh beanies!

Is that Fozzie miniature still available? It was one of my favorite toys growing up. I can paypal you the cash if you're willing to throw it in the mail for me... Let me know ;-)

Jesus, where in the hell did you have this stuff???????????

Sunburn needs Solarcain Alovera Gel - works miracles. (however it's all spelled)

Re Sunburn

Bet your husband thinks you're appealing.

And I thought I had a bunch of useless stuff in my basement! Great pics. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lew, her name is Michele, not Jesus. =)

Dibs on the Death Star!

I can't believe you'd part with the Death Star. --s

For future sunburns, Aloe Vera is a forgiving houseplant, thrives on neglect and don't overwater.

Sunburns, kitchen burns, does wonders on them all. Just cut off a leaf, slice it open lengthwise and apply the gelatinous sap to the injured area.

Then wash your hands, it tastes awful!

What is that? Formaldehyde Barbie? :)

I love the partially colorized pic. Very cool.

And just how much Star Wars stuff do you have?!?!?!?