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scenes from a garage sale, Part 2

c3po.jpg Photo essay in gallery soon. I say this isn't blogging, it's place holding. Alan says I'm microblogging. Alan is a wiseass.


You're blogging.

And if you're enjoying blogging this way, perhaps you ought to do it more often instead of the ways that you don't enjoy... or the ways that result in reactions that you don't enjoy?

Of course it's blogging. Describing it as placeholding is kind of silly since you can set up MT to keep whatever you want on the front page for as long as you want -- not to mention that there isn't anyone lined up to take the spot. Your not in line for Series tickets and your place isn't going anywhere.

Not that there is anything wrong with it. Since your having fun with it, why not keep going? Everyone under the sun has an opinion about politics, but how many people have... well, hell. I don't know what it is, but I bet not too many people have them.

She's got C3PO with tits on the main page, and you're talking about the definition of blogging?

That's actually Michele IN the C3P0 suit (which explains the tits).

Those are his FEET! He's sitting in a tree stump in the Ewok village.

Nobody bought the Ewok village, which just proves my theory that Ewoks suck.

The picture kinda disturbed me, and then I read the comments and started laughing. Luckily Simpsons is on in the control room and the other people thought that's what I was laughing at. :D

Give it up. You can't even NOT blog right. ;p

She's got C3PO with tits on the main page

Threepio is fucking HOT!


You've go the coolest garage sale items!

Darned shame I live JUST far enough away that it wasn't reasonable to come up for the sale (when was the last time any of use could afford to make a weekend sojourn for a yard-sale....).

::heavy sigh::

Hope the 'great clearing of belongings before the move' is coming along well, even if I couldn't be there to buy stuff I don't need!


....so how much did you make?

I need to get inspired to hold my own garage sale; I've been procrastinating on THAT for much too long. I don't have a cool collection of Pez dispensers or a poofy C3PO....thing....though; I do have a Fisher-Price doll house with all the furnishings and a whole slew of Barbie bits.

Would that be C-3PA? Pretty well stacked for a droid. Pity it'd be wasted on C-3PO, who I understand leans more to the "Pet Shop Boys" side of electronica, if you get my drift...

Reminds me of the Yankees.

You are a trouper...You make our soul LOL.

"Nobody bought the Ewok village"

C'mon, it was one of the biggest playsets offered for StarWars stuff.

Though that net was ungodly difficult to install as a young child.