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scenes from a garage sale

More at the photogallery later. Ah, this looks much nicer up here than the other thing did.


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Is it too late for me to bribe you to ship all those down to me?

I'll give you $3 for the lot!


Ooo! Are you sharing?

Was this pic taken pre or post packing?

Faith, I told you to take them while you were here yesterday.

All gone!

"Is it too late for me to bribe you to ship all those down to me?"


But hey, better Pez than what I thought they were at first glance.

Reminds me of the Yankees.

I'll give you $1.00 more then the highest bidder (to date).

P.S. When I first saw this picture, the only thing I could think of was "Nooooooooooooo........". Funny how mediocre minds think alike.

P.P.S. I'm not paying for any Smurf Pez shit.