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We don't need a map to keep this show on the road

[Update and notice: Step back and read this post again, if you've already read it. This is NOT about me hating Ana Marie Cox. It's not even about jealousy - that is soooo last week. I'm just talking about people who like to keep controversy going, especially when it should have died a quick death - and the fact that my stopping blogging now is sort of like committing suicide after getting arrested - the last thing you do is what people remember you for.] I'm at the proverbial fork in the road here and each day I inch more towards the direction towards not coming back at all. While I have contended in many comment sections around the 'sphere that my hiatus/closure here had nothing to do with the Wonkette thing, but everything to do with my mental health, it is the backlash from the Wonkette incident that has me leaning towards the dark side. Six long days after I wrote that post, I'm still getting emails and trackbacks - it seems that everytime someone writes about Ana Marie Cox now, they feel obligated to link to my little rant as well, for...what? A warped perspective? I don't know. I would like to clear up some misconceptions about the whole thing. This is not a catfight. I never even mentioned her name or blog in the original post, so it's not like I was calling her out to come fight me. AMC probably, to this day, does not even know that she has been the subject of sexism controversy the past week. The woman did nothing wrong towards me, ever (not even that stupid link about the whole Kos thing; I thought she just wasn't doing irony well there), and she is no more to blame for my dropping out of sight than I'm to blame for the Yankees sucking like a Hoover the last two games. I would like to take a minute here to be self-serving, in a way. I've been blogging three years. I have, under my blogging belt and in addition to daily posts on ASV, the following projects: * The Banned Books Project (ran in 2001 and 2002, taken over by Solonor in 2003) * Raising Hell (2001-2004) * Four Color Hell (2003 - sort of died a premature death due to my other obligations) * Pizza for IDF (ran this three times) * Trooptrax (Spring/Summer 2003) - for which I received two community service awards * Blogathon: (2002), raised money for the Daniel Pearl Foundation; (2003) raised lots of money (along with Meryl and Lair) for Magen David Adom. * Voices - (2002- present) The compendium of personal stories dealing with 9/11 * The Command Post (March 2003 - present) I think you are all pretty familiar with Command Post. During these three-plus years, I have written about subjects diverse as war, politics, baseball, comic books, parenting, video games, music, current events, Israel, mental health, movies and television, marraige and relationships, photography, art, schools, hazing and probably a hundred other subjects. I have given my all to every single thing I've written about, whether it be inconsequential pop culture candy or my raw emotions right after 9/11. I have written every single day for over three years (with very few exceptions) - there are over 6,000 posts on this Moveable Type install , and there are eight months worth of archives that aren't even represented in that, including most of my 9/11 stuff. So, if I close the blog down now - and I mean close it down permanently and forever with no reincarnation whatsoever, I will most likely be remembered - or pegged as - the girl who bitched about Wonkette's popularity. And it will be a victory for my detractors who think that my hiatus thoughts started when my Wonkette controversy began. Most of the people writing about that subject don't get it at all, but that's another story entirely and not one I really feel like writing about at the moment. I've left enough comments at these sites and more to explain myself. I don't know some of those bloggers and some of them I thought I knew well enough that they would ask me about my feelings first before going ahead and posting what they assumed to be my feelings and thoughts. Anyhow, the point of this post. Getting there. If all you can take from three years worth of blog posts and the projects mentioned above is that I'm a petty, jealous bitch, then so be it. There's really nothing I can do about that except shrug my shoulders and maybe bitch to my husband about it later on. I just think I'm more than that and I wanted to come off the hiatus to sort of defend myself and say as much. I at least owe that much to myself - no one else owes me a damn thing, nor do I expect anyone to run back to their blogs and admit that maybe they overreacted to the whole thing and read way much more into the Wonkette post than it was - and what it was, if you know my writing style at all, is a just a short little bitchfest that I've been known to produce from time to time. I guess it annoys the hell out of me that it's been turned into some kind of thesis on feminism. And it annoys me more that it's the last thing that ASV - and myself - will be remembered for. I suppose I could rectify that by coming back next week in the new form that I had talked about and just moving onward and upward and in more directions than Wonka's elevator or I could just back out of the room and leave everyone with the lasting impression of a bitter coward. I don't know. I already told Dave I was fucked and I think I did that because it would keep me from carrying on here when, in the end, it turned out to not be worth the time and aggravation at all, not for something that amounts to volunteer work where the people you are volunteering a service to just turn around and bitch at you for everything you do. What kind of person bitches about free ice cream, to use the popular blogging phrase? And then there's the email this morning from someone who decided that he will leave my side of the "alliance" in the Spirit of America challenge because my advesary has promised to "show her rack" i order to get people to align with her side and I haven't. I had to laugh to keep from screaming. The irony. Tangents, again. Which is another reason why I don't want to do this anymore, but another reason that I have to do it, if you know what I mean. What I started out saying, and what I will end up here with, is this: It's just really fucking sad that three years of work have ended being crunched down into one phrase - she's jealous of Wonkette. Whether that statement is true or not is not the issue. If I want to redeem myself, I need to come back and start blogging again (albeit, in a different way) so as not to end on such a sour note. That fork in the road is a bastard, ain't it. Bear left. Right frog. _____________________________________ (Tried without success to get an mp3 of this song.) Thanks to Tanya, you can now sing along (mp3 download). Movin' right along in search of good times and good news, With good friends you can't lose, This could become a habit! Opportunity knocks once let's reach out and grab it (yeah!), Together we'll nab it, We'll hitchhike, bus or yellow cab it! (Cab it?) Movin' right along. Footloose and fancy-free. Getting there is half the fun; come share it with me. Moving right along We'll learn to share the load. We don't need a map to keep this show on the road. (Hey, that song is sounding better Fozzie.) Movin' right along, We've found a life on the highway. And your way is my way, So trust my navigation. California here we come, the pie-in-the-sky-land. Palm trees, and warm sand. Though sadly we just left Rhode Island. (We did what?!) (Just forget it.) Movin' right along Hey LA, where've you gone? Send someone to fetch us, were in Sasketchewan! Movin' right along You take it, you know best. Hey, I've never seen the sun come up in the West? Movin' right along. We're truly birds of a feather, We're in this together and we know where we're going. Movie stars with flashy cars and life with the top down. We're storming the big town, (Yeah, Storm is right should it be snowing?) (Uh, no I don't think so...) Movin' right along, Do I see signs of men? Yeah, "welcome" on the same post that says "come back again." Moving right along, nice town! Footloose and fancy-free, You're ready for the big time... Is it ready for me? Movin' right along, Movin' right along, Movin' right along, Movin' right along.


If you do decide to hang up your blogging boots so to speak, it will be brutally honest and well-written posts like this that I will remember. And I am sure that I am not alone.

Having said that, please don't close up shop just yet!!

A little piece of advice, if I may (and only because so many others have offered me the same bit o' wisdom): $%&# 'em if they can't take a joke. Write for yourself. If people like what you have to say, so much the better. If it helps you deal with life, it's a good thing. If it drags you down, then you're better off without it.

I will say that, though you and I seldom agree on anything political, I do value your voice and your point of view. You can do a guest appearance on my weblog anytime!

Cheers...and may the Force be with you.... ;0)

You need a break, plain and simple -- shut down comments and trackback, put up a "on vacation" sign and step away from everything. The time will be good for you and it will let the goobers forget silly stuff like Wonkette. If you need to blog about things happening in real life, set up something private for your closest and most trusted friends... then, when you're ready, come back with a refreshed outlook.


Talk about irony, did you catch this quotation from that woman in a CJR Campaign Desk article awhile back?

"I was running my own personal blog for a while, and I like to think it was pretty good, but it didn't get anywhere near the attention Wonkette! gets," says Cox. She argues that there would be more female political bloggers if more women were led to believe that their opinions matter. "Vestiges of hundreds of years of gender stereotypes are still with us," she says. "Women get a different message from men about how to express their opinions. Women are not as encouraged to shout out their opinion. At times they're actively discouraged."

Led to believe? What a wuss.


Remember: people who use the term "coward" just like to fight. And it's fighting for no purpose but to see blood and keep on fighting.
It isn't cowardly to walk away from a cafeteria brawl in disgust.

When I think of Michele, I think of a brave blogger who has dedicated hours every day to expressing what many of us feel. I think you have done a great job through the years. Honestly, I can't imagine that anyone other than Wonkette would think of you as someone who doesn't care for Wonkette. If they do, f*ck them.

Hey Michele, just so you remember, you have readers from a ways back, too. First thing I posted on the 'net, you put up here, so thanks.

I don't 'get' Wonkette, but then I live in flyover country, what do you expect.

So-and-so may have decided not to contribute to Spirit of America, but now I have decided to do so. So there.

What I most remember this blog for is your series on Bullying. When this issue came up in my family, it's your archives that I directed my relatives to in starting to grapple with this problem.

(And I spelled your name right.)

All this fussing and feuding over high school stuff is sad. I say speculate on who has blogosphere's biggest weiner. Tons of hit counts.

Hey, I can post.

A tip of the old chapeau, courtesy of Lyle Lovett:

Let's have a hand for that young cowgirl
And wish her better luck next time
And hope we see her up in Fargo
Or somewhere farther down the line
This time she drew a bad one
One that nobody could ride
But by the way she pulled her hat on
You knew she'd be there for the fight

You have been there for the fight, but even frontline troops eventually get some R&R. So take care of yourself, Michelle. We'll see you further down the line.


I first heard of your blog as the result of the brouhaha about Wonkette, but have started reading you since then and hope you don't stop blogging. Wonkette is like page 6 of the Post; a guilty pleasure, but one best enjoyed infrequently. ASmallVictory is more like reading Victor Hansen or AndrewSullivan - meaty, thoughtful, thought-provoking. Dont' stop.

F-Wonkette, i'v tried to read her so called blog, and i'd rather watch paint dry. Don't give up the fight, but if you do you'll always be remembered by be as the VOD girl (wink wink). Inspiration time i say:

To be young and to be pure and to be bold
Only to rise one way to the
strength on way to perceive
Our sacrificial tendencies
These were the gifts provided by our statured gods
They gave us their definition
To religion to destruction to whom to believe
Can't they see their days are fading?
This is how it's gonna be until we die...

You've accomplished so much, you're like a force of nature. The blogosphere is what it is in substantial part because of your efforts.

dbl said that reading Wonkette is like reading page 6 of the Post...I find it more like reading the "Style" section.

And when trolls attack, remember the old Afghan saying:

The insults of an enemy are a tribute to the brave

Michelle, you are one of my regular reads, and not because I agree with your politics on the war. But if there is an issue in the news that is important to me, and I need perspective on it from a genuine, mainstream conservative voice (and I think you are far more Representative of real conservative americans than the people at Freep, tempting as it is to assume otherwise), you are on my short list.

You or I could easily be as popular as Wonkette. All it takes is a few hundred thousand hits per day redirected from a porn site or two, an existing publicity network that either of us would KILL to have, and a blond willing to prostitute herself.

I say that in the nicest possible way, Wonkette (should you be vanity surfing like the rest of us do.)

When I was in college, my drama professor, Dick Lane, stepped into the classroom on the first day of class and bellowed "You are ALL WHORES!!!!"

As the old joke goes, the only issue remaining is the price.

As the reality behind the joke goes, the other question is, what's your act?

Michelle, there is a difference between what you do and what Wonkette does. Wonkette is a winchell, you are a Lippmann.

That's a good thing. But it means you are never going to be as apparently popular as the pneumatic blonds of the Blogosphere.

The reality is different, though. You are the brunette who moves the plot along, the girl who gets the wingman, while the two popular ones are fixated on what other people think.

You are the one who ends up looking smug at the end of the day - though for iconoclasts such as thee and me, we run the risk of having to look smug posthumously.

Do you want to matter, or do you wish to be popular? :>

From a multitude of perspectives, It's tempting to go for the handstands on the back of the Elephant.

Drudge does. Hell, from time to time, I do. Like Dick Lane said, "I am a whore."
Indeed, I'd argue that you do. The question is, what is your price, and in what coin?

I like to think of myself as a whore with a heart of purest gold - in a future where that metal is legal tender. :)

And I think of you as one who's coin is "being heard," and knowing that on some level, you have made a difference.

I'll cop to accepting that in trade as well.

Worry not, you have been heard, and your views do matter.

But speaking as someone who has crashed and burnt in similar ways many times - you don't have to do it all the time, nor do you have to do it in the same way, nor do you owe any particular audience your continued efforts.

Personally, I hope you have many years of blogging ahead of you. But I'll share a little secret with you; it matters less what battles you pick than how you write the peace.

If this trivial matter - and it IS trivial - bothers you, it probably means that on some level, it's also an excuse. I can't recall any time I left the field of honor dragging my ass and my lance behind me over an issue of substance.

Honor would not permit that.

You have been blogging about stuff that matters to you viscerally since 9/ll, and cannot fail to have noticed that on those issues, Bushco appears to have taken it somewhat less seriously than you would have.

That's a point we agree on - but I never believed Bush to begin with, nor have I ever seen terrorism as a threat that's rational to be concerned with on a personal, visceral level. That's where our mileage varies. But I have issues that wind me up just as tight, or even tighter - and I do indeed have to ration my outrage.

Quite frankly, Michelle, I do not believe I could keep it up for three years the way you have.

I'd be back in the loonie bin, fa sure.

Speaking from experience, I suggest a cruise as a far better alternative than a place where you are forced to drink decaf instant coffee and smoke in the rain. And likely better for your mental health.

{{HUGS}} Michelle - I have to agree w/Dave, Jack, Beth, Carl and the others that you need a break, and that other gal be damned!! Your real friends/fans know the truth... {{HUGS}} You take care and heal.... We will still be here when you are ready to come back..

I'll respect any decison you make, but you do realize that this is like Chanel getting bent out of shape over the popularity of Kmart's Jaclyn Smith Collection, right?

Tanya, comments like that are why I love you so.

I started reading your blog way before Miss Wonkette was a twinkle in her blogfather's eye, much less an actual place. As for the detractors - screw 'em. Heck, you directed me to some of the best blogs out there, and I've been visiting your site even before 9/11. Whatever you do, whether it's going on permanent hiatus or starting a pop culture blog, I wish you well, Michele.

Don't let the f**ktards define you. Take a break until at least after you're done moving. We'll be here.

When you run out of things to say, stop talking. When you have things to say, say them. If this forum isn't what you need, shut it down. You have other avenues.

Knowing when to walk away is a skill.

And you neglected to list your Slutpublican campaign as one of your "other projects."

As to what your detractors will say when you walk away - who cares?

"If I want to redeem myself, I need to come back and start blogging again (albeit, in a different way) so as not to end on such a sour note."

That's just crazytalk. "Redeem" yourself? In the eyes of whom? Who cares? If people don't understand the dedication and such that you've put in here, screw 'em.

I didn't realize you were here to please, impress, manipulate, cajole, wheedle, or otherwise affect anybody. I thought you did this because you had something to say. Was I wrong about that?

I visit ASV every day – I love the political commentary, pop culture stuff, very honest descriptions of your daily life, extensive lists of interesting music (things I never heard of before) – and your dreams. Your dreams make the wildest, most bizarre anime seem tame.

The Wonkette thing barely registered, except to make me wonder – are men really attracted to that weird graphic? Are they attracted to pictures of women with swollen heads and pointy glasses?

Otherwise, the site is repetitive. Here, there’s imagination and originality. That’s why I’ll keep coming back, even if you’re not here. There’s always the archives sigh

[I know, I’m guilt tripping - never mind.. Enjoy your time off and good luck with the move]

"The most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of because words diminish them. Words shrink thoughts that seemed limitless when they were in your head to no more than living size when they're brought out. But its more than that, isn't it? The most important things lie too close to wherever your secret heart is buried, like landmarks to a treasure your enemies would love to steal away. And you may make revelations that cost your dearly, only to have people look at you in a funny way, not understanding what you've said at all or why you thought it was so important you almost cried when you were saying it. That's the worst I think, when the secret stays locked within. Not for want of a teller, but for want of an understanding ear."--Stephen King

Well, that's from memory but I think I pretty much captured what he was saying. You know Michele, it pains me to think your voice will be silenced on any terms other than your own. You have touched my life in a very special way through the magic of your words. I wish I could cast a spell that would sheild you from the pain that those who do not understand you needlessly inflict. If walking away is the only solace you can find, then walk and never look back. Just be sure you are doing it for you.

I believe what you have to say in these critical times is valuable and neccessary to bring light to those who seek you out. I have also observed that your many friends have been there to offer you comfort and support when you have needed it most. Maybe that is not enough but please consider these things as you make your decision on which fork in the road you will pursue.

Anyway, I will always value the insights you have shared with me these past couple of years. A small victory is still a victory. I hope you know that whatever the future holds, you will always be a winner in the eyes of those who care about you. Be proud of that because I know no better definition for success.

BTW: My belated lyic.

My friends have gone and my hair is grey

I ache in the places where I used to play.

And I'm crazy for love, but I'm not comin' on.

I'm just paying my rent every day in the Tower of song.

I said to Hank Williams, "How lonely does it get?"
Hank Williams hasn't answered yet,
But I hear him coughing all night long,
a hundred floors above me in the tower of song.


So you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll.
--I'm very sorry baby, doesn't look like me at all.
I'm standing by the window where the light is strong.
They don't let a woman kill you
not in the tower of song.

Leonard Cohen, Tower of Song.
Fave version on "More Best Of" - if you don't have it, you need it.


Stomp out Reich Whing vermin!

Michele, you've written many, many excellent pieces over the past few years. That Wonkette/glass ceiling piece wasn't among them. No big deal. No one bats 1.000. Let it go, and a week from now the blogosphere will have forgotten it altogether - as I myself almost had until I read this post.

If you're worried about a legacy, don't. No one is going to remember ASV primarily as the blog that bashed Wonkette (assuming we remember her six months from now, which I sort fo doubt), any more than we remember Henry Ford as the guy who launched the Edsel, or William Churchill as that schlock who was so politically inept that he couldn't even get himself re-elected after winning World War friggin' II.

I hate to see this blog go, but I'd hate even more to see you stay on a little longer just to prove a point that didn't need proving.

Please allow me to say good riddance.

One less blowhard, neocon voice in the blogosphere...

Troll: Mwah!

I'm gonna miss ya, but take care of yourself and your loved ones first.

you can't control how idiots will interpret you. you can't contol how you do 6,000 things that you're proud of and the one people notice is 1 you regret. you can't control how people want to perceive you.

they will never give you redemption. people are afraid of honesty and emotions and pain and foresight and insight. you have to redeem yourself.

one can only control one's actions (barely--even that's just on the ragged edge). So write your blog or don't. for you. but let the pain of how others interpret you to shake you and then shake passed you, because you aren't ever going to be perfect, and those who respect you don't expect that.

I like to bitch when I write, too. Sometimes it goes way over the top. That's just a style. And if it wasn't obvious in the post that you were just carrying an idea to extremes, the next blog entry made it obvious.

Tanya's comment is my favorite in this thread.

BTW, the cockroaches always come out when they think it's safe. Shine a light on them and they'll scurry away again.

Chanel/Kmart! Brilliant, Tanya. You listen to her, eh?

Ack. You took the rack stuff seriously? Please girlfriend. You really are tense, aren't you?

Uhhh.... FWIW, I never thought you were "jealous" of Wonkette. I thought you were of the same mind as me regarding her shtick -- "Where's the beef?" But mainly I posted on the subject because I wanted to use this hip-hop song/Jacobean drama riff that was in my head. What can I say, scratch me and underneath the pretentious snob is more pretentious snob.

You know how I feel about you. So, I'm not going to leave some mushy crap comment about how great you are or how much I love you.

I do have one question, though: Who's Wonkette?


You've supplied one of my favorite flavors of free ice cream for years now.

Well, ya gotta do what's best for you. Good luck, hope you come back.


Deep breath. Perspective. Really.

Those who have been reading you for a long time -- or even a short time, are NOT going to remember you for this. I certainly wouldn't.

Thinking you're taking a break for this reason is a stupid theory and only the truly stupid would believe it.

But anyway, screw your "legacy," take your hiatus for as long as you need. Everyone will still be here when you get back.

Moving is a totally stressful experience, and it's wise to quit blogging while you're doing it.

Unless you WANT to blog of course.

I guess what I'm trying to say, badly, is that you should do what you need to do and to hell with whatever anyone else thinks. And at the same time, I'm sure that nobody is thinking things that are as bad as you are imagining. Ridiculous trolls excluded.

I hope you don't close this place down, I'd miss your wit too much. It'd be a big blow to my small blogroll as well.

I'd miss you, my crankypants, but I'd rather have you take care of yourself than us, if a choice must be made.

A) Buying a house and moving are two of the most stressful things you can do in life, even when everything else around you is on an even keel.

B)Changing a medication that has an effect on your emotional well being can knock anyone for a loop..triple that for stopping cold turkey.

C)You write about issues that too many people are just abstracts, something to argue about and score political points. To you, those issues are highly personal. You write about them because you actually care about them, not because you want to play a game of "Gotcha"

The horror of 9/11 not only took someone from you that you loved, but it challenged your entire belief system and you wrote about it in a very public forum.

I've been reading ASV for more than a year. The first time I read it I was hooked. I saw someone who didn't fit into either political party, and was willing to listen to facts on either side as long as it was a discussion and not a rabid partisian attack.

If people believe you choose to stop blogging because of jealousy, then I doubt they were reading ASV in the first place. Michele, you don't need to redeem yourself. You have thousands of hits everyday, I'll bet ya 5 bucks that a majority of those hits are regular readers, not a one time click by. To me, that specific post wasn't even a blip on the radar screen. You blogged about something that irritated you. BFD.

If you do decide to stop blogging, what I'll remember about ASV is a woman who was bluntly honest, a woman who could make me think with one post, entertain me with another, and make me laugh with the next. A woman with integrity, something that seems to be in short supply these days, especially during an election year. A woman who has made a difference.

So, since you are thinking of leaving, I would like to say something that is probably long over due. I would like to thank you for your sincere support of our troops. This is one member of a military family who appreciates it more than I can ever tell you. You've championed causes that affect my family personally. You have been my voice more times than you can possibly know. For that, you have my heartfelt thanks.

If you close ASV, I'll really miss reading you every day, but I wish you the best with whatever you choose to do.

I think I just fell in love with Tink, in an internet-and-totally-platonic sort of way. Why can't I ever put things so neatly?

Just go and move on. You indicate that your life is more then your blogging so take a break and get more involved with outdoor activities...

I heart Tink. But don't underestimate yourself, Ilyka. You sent me one fine email today.

I was going to write you an e-mail, but people have said such great things here I thought I'd add my views too. I've been reading your blog for nearly as long as it's been around. Actually, I'm pretty sure I've been reading it since before it moved over to its own domain, which means, a long time. I rarely comment (I sent you the Easterwood alternate history link) but I always read. Since those early days there have been things I have always appreciated about you.

That you understand and and struggle with some of the same emotional and psychological issues I have

That you share thoughts about your family and your life, straightforwardly, including your marriage, your children and your experiences post 9-11

That you express yourself well about your ideas, whether they be about music, or politics

That you have a great, wicked sense of humor

That you're no phony -- you are real and honest. Part of that is you say really what you think, even if you know others disagree. I love that about you.

You put yourself out there and take risks both in words and actions. When we do this, we sometimes hit the jackpot. Unfortunately we also sometimes crash. You've let us see both highs and lows without flinching -- something few people are brave enough to do.

There are so many other things, but there's not room to say them all. Reading your site and others amidst this saga has confirmed at least one thing for me: that too many people lurking have closed minds, that few people are open-minded enough to read someone who disagrees with them and actually consider their ideas, and that few people notice when they're just hopping onto the bandwagon with nary a thought for what the truth is about something that's happened (especially in the blogverse).

I won't tell you to take a break, or to forge ahead with the blog. I think only you know what you should really do. But I want you to know I've really enjoyed reading your blog and sharing the parts of your life with you that you would share with us. Thank you.

"And it annoys me more that it's the last thing that ASV - and myself - will be remembered for."

Okay. Whoa. Stop right there. So not true. Don't sell yourself short.

I've never really bought that argument... "People will remember you for the last thing you've done." Seinfeld was on WFAN a little over a week ago (live, too), and they asked if he would ever come back and do a sitcom, and he said, "No way.... best to go out on top... yadda, yadda, yadda... wouldn't be able to top that... then how will people remember you?"

I'll tell you how. People always remember you for what you do best. I'll always remember Lucille Ball best for "I Love Lucy" - her gifts, her passion, the laughter. I didn't relate much to the Lucy Show, but I admired her and Vivian for continuing on in their tradition.

I'll always remember Michael Jordan for the way he took my breath away with every gravity-defying jump shot when he played for the Chicago Bulls. The other stuff didn't matter much to me, but I admire him for taking his shot at baseball.

Believe it or not, people will always think of ASV and you for what you've always done best here... writing from your heart, mind and soul and always making us THINK. These are crazy times in the world right now, Michele ASV and TCP have been a beacon out there this past couple of years, cutting right through the fog. You, my dear, are articulate, intelligent, funny, and human, and you are what makes this blog so great. Taking the time to tell it like you see it is what you do best, and why so many always came back. That's how I'll always remember you and ASV.

I have no idea how you've managed to do SO much so tirelessly this last three years. And you've made it all look effortless. Like Michael Jordan, up there in the air. Again, my heartfelt thanks. You absolutely deserve a major breather.

P.S. And please know, the Wonkette stuff just doesn't matter. It's only b.s. Don't waste another thought on it or the trolls.

by H.W. CASEY and R. FINCH
I love you
Babe, I love you so
I want you to know
That I'm going to miss your love
The minute you walk out that door
So please don't go
Don't go
Don't go away
Please don't go
Don't go
I'm begging you to stay
If you leave
At least in my lifetime
I've had one dream come true
I was blessed to be loved
By someone as wonderful as you
Hey, hey, hey
Babe, I love you so
I, I want you to know
That I'm going to miss your love
The minute you walk out that door
So please don't go
Don't go
Don't go away
Hey, hey, hey
I need your love
I'm down on my knees
Beggin' please, please, please
Don't go
Don't you hear me baby

please don't go

Don't leave me now
Oh, no, no, no, no
Please don't go
I want you to know
That I, I, I, love you so
Don't leave me baby
Please don't go

Dammit... I freaking HATE it that I am a few short years over the line where the word "rack" makes me pull my knees together rather than get ready for a nice view.

I mean it. It sucks.

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