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the breaking point is nearing

I was engaged in a debate in Oliver's comments in his post about the Jersey Girl widows. I find the level of discourse at Oliver's to be almost enjoyable. He welcomes both sides of the issues in his comments and has plenty of readers on both sides, which makes for good debate. Even August, who is probably my opposite in everything political, can engage in a decent conversation over at OW's. But there's always one to spoil the party. One Thurber Hamm left this comment in relation to a comment I left earlier where I said something about the loss my family suffered on 9/11: bq. If you actually suffered the loss you claim (forgive me but, in cyberspace people can claim anything they want to. Ever hear of the Nigerian scam?).... I think I just officially gave up. On everything. Not worth it.


"I think I just officially gave up. On everything. Not worth it."

Bullshit. No way some internet troll should elicit this. What happened matters, and so does what we do from here. You make a bigger impact on the latter than you know, so keep the faith.

Michele, debate is healthy and you know that. I come here to counterbalance the lefty sites I visit so that I can continue to straddle middle of the road. The debates on both side are usually good and worth the read.

I would disagree with Kevin's "troll" assessment. I think one also needs a good bit of skepticism on the web and being skeptical does not make a troll. Of course the infamous "Kaycee" was the first one to know of Todd and I's engagement so there ya go.

if you buy this guy I got a field wha with no brain involved...

I like Oliver...you just can't get mad at a guy who posts that many Beyonce pictures.

I also read Pandagon with Jesse and Ezra. Partisans for sure but decent writers. And polite in the comments, provided you do the same.

Oliver posted a wonderful picture of Britney today. Don't miss it.

C'mon Michele ... You rightly acknowledged yourself (re Kos' outrageous comments) that stupid things get said in the fast and furious world of the blogosphere. Certainly there are things that you've said that were offensive to us "Lefties" (using the standard, common sense definition of the Left here) to which you've needed to post reclarifications.

Thurber's a valuable member of the O Dub community who like most of us mixes humor and trash talk with his commentary. As your aware, the regular righties do too. You could just as easily pull a more offensive quote from one of them. If you've been following, your probably aware that some on O Dub's site have attempted to use bogus personal claims to try and get a leg up in an argument (e.g. Pedro's now classic claim that he was delayed an hour in responding to a post because he was pulled away to perform a brain surgery).

I can't believe the same person who can throw down your humorous Britney post would be so offended by a small dose of skepticism. If you're watching Chappelle's Show, you know how to hit back at 'em: "Yo Thurber, I'm Michele, Bitch!"

MacSwain, you make valid comments. Especially this one:

I'm Michele, Bitch!

"Oliver posted a wonderful picture of Britney today. Don't miss it."

I think Vegas just changed their odds board on the timeframe Britney will appear in Playboy.

BTW, CC put up some Rick James vids though you need stikin RealPlayer


Michele, you're so sheltered.

If you were reading USENET, you'd find thousands of posts by subhuman trolls like this the first day.

Sometimes the internet is like scuba diving in an ocean of asshole.

Yup. Oliver is just Good Folks, as we'd say in Texas. I agree with Ryan, you just can't get mad at a guy who posts that many Beyonce pictures.

On the rare occassions that I've commented there in the past three years I've been reading him, he's been civil, even though we seldom agree on anything.

There's some of his other commenters there that I just bite my tongue and ignore - I've never felt like getting into a flame war in his comments, even when it's been tempting.

Well, I just came here for the poltics.

That you are willing to share so much of yourself is endearing and sweet .. and says a lot, good, aobut your character.

So how come you're a Republican again.

See, that was a wee little joke. I'm so new hear I'm not even sure you aren't a pro-Iraq War Democrat.?