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Mars, bitches!

Black Bush = Best Chappelle skit ever.


It was pretty funny.

Went off Paxil myself, by myself. Can be hard. Love your work.

I totally agree. I was laughing my ass off.

Can you believe that Dean hates Dave Chapelle? Just proves he has no sense of humor.

Hmmm, i still think the rick james skit was the best.

I'm with Dean. I think Chappelle is an asshole. (I don't mind it if anyone ELSE thinks he's funny, but then again, I think Don Rickles is an ass, too.)

JMHO. Carry on.

Black Bush was off da hook funny. I also love when Wayne Brady was on the show and turned into a thug. Nice!

Niggar Family is still my favorite, but I have to admit I'm getting tired of the N-bitch schtick. Everybody's doing it now.

Emma. Don Rickles is an ass. But Chappelle is funny.

I vote for the Niggar Family.

"Blind Black Klansman" still gets my vote as the fall down funniest Chappelle bit.

Although mine isn't formally a blog for Bush, I might consider it if they adopted "Mars, Bitches!" as the official campaign motto.

The part about the UN was Hil-freaking-larious.....

Mars, Bitches!!

That was a hoot. I also liked the skit about the civil rights....movement earlier on the show!

I was dying....

Even my roommate who doesn't like him laughed his ass off.

But nothing tops blind black Klansmen.

don't drop the yellow cake. ;)

That was hilarious, but the bit about the UN was priceless!

Bwahaha! Yes, it was classic.

Black Bush = Excellent Irish Whiskey

Oh, that's not what you meant?!