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Tawdry Ambition

New York Post editorial:
The national 9/11 commission has been hijacked by political shills -- men and women eager to subordinate truth to partisan advantage; who hold a transitory victory on Election Day more dear than American victory in the war on terror. Tawdry ambition has eclipsed sacred duty; all Americans are diminished, but none more than the families of the 9/11 victims -- who expect better from the commission, and certainly deserve it. Unless it is the thousands of young Americans now under arms in Iraq and elsewhere; their bravery and devotion to duty is inspirational. How shameful that the commission attack dogs hold their sacrifices so cheaply. And John F. Kerry, who presumes to the presidency, acquiesces. What a disgrace.
An open letter from 9/11 surivors and families:
Forty relatives of 9/11 victims are slamming the so-called independent investigation into the Sept. 11 attacks, saying that too many on the panel are using the probe to "grandstand for political gain" in a bid to damage President Bush in an election year. In an open letter released to the New York Post on Tuesday, the 9/11 relatives blamed the commission for fostering "the incredible notion" that President Bush knew 9/11 was coming and did nothing. "I see the commission going partisan and that's not the way it's supposed to be. If it does that, it will be nothing but a political disgrace," former United Firefighters Association chief Jimmy Boyle, whose firefighter son Michael died on 9/11, told the paper. Instead, said Boyle, Bush deserved praise for the way he's conducted the war on terror since 9/11, saying, "It's a whole new world as of Sept. 12 and I believe President Bush is the right man."
But who gets all the press? Three women with a uniform hatred for Bush. Maybe if Jimmy Boyle was cute and fiery and was a widow instead of "just" a fireman who lost a son, people would pay more attention to him. But Jimmy Boyle isn't good tv. He isn't good copy. I mean, after all, who wants to hear from someone that thinks Bush is doing a good job or that Bush isn't to blame for what happened on 9/11? Bush cheerleaders just are not in vogue. You want press? Put on your "Anyone But Bush" t-shirt, suck up to the 9/11 commission and turn your back on a country that did everything they possibly could for you after your husband was killed by a raving lunatic and his merry band of murderers. To paraphrase Public Enemy, The 9/11 commission is a joke. Interesting paraphrasing there, seeing as that Bush has suddenly become Public Enemy number one to Democrats and partisan hacks. Come to think of it, he's also the main enemy of al Qaeda, al Sadr's troops, Hamas, the Iran Mullahs and a host of other terrorist organizations. Strange bedfellows, eh? I think I'll cut this one off before the broken record starts skipping again.


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Serious commentary with a Public Enemy reference!

Take that AMC!

I say we get the pro-Bush 911 families and the anti-Bush 911 families and grease them up and let them wrestle for the right to make 911 family policy.

Yeah, cause the media never does stories about firefighters. Ahem

And these widows, speaking just to your point, aren't (all) cute.

All women are not cute. Get over yourselves ;).

Why Andrew, you have put forth a devastating critique of her post! I am in awe...you must write for the NYT.

A terrific commentary by Dorothy Rabinowitz on the "Jersey Girls" appears in today's WSJ.

Actually I think the press has jumped the shark.

I was pleased that the first few questions last night were so terrible - I'm sure some people were so disgusted that they stopped listening to the press then and there... and for the next year.

I can't help thinking that Bush was smart to call on the the most hostile reporters present, first - or always.

The mask is off. The press is so damn hostile and shallow that they're just another wing of moveon.org. People must think, why watch?

"The mask is off. The press is so damn hostile and shallow that they're just another wing of moveon.org. People must think, why watch?"

I don't think of the press as liberal(other than maybe gun control and abortion). Just shallow and lemming like.

Polls say country uneasy with Iraq, grill the Prez feeding frenzy. Polls say country loves Bush(post 9/11), they practically kiss his ring if not his ass.

It's sad sometimes that I actually welcome the various partisan presses because at the very least I know where they're coming from. The mainstream hit the ignore meter a long time ago.

Ryan, you're right of course. But the herd has turned its mindless stampede on Bush. It doesn't matter if they're consistantly liberal or not, if the press decided to join moveon.org for the election, then that's the flavor of the moment.

And like the protestors they've taken it too far and as I said, jumped the shark.

It's not worth watching.

Michele, let that broken record skip anytime.

If i remember correctly, which I may not, the reason these 4 women get the 'press' is because they did not agree with the settlement that was offered to them after 9/11. Families that accepted the settlement forfeited their right to bitch, moan, and call for justice.

Because they didn't accept, they get the press, because they didn't 'sell out' so to speak.

I think saying things have jumped the shark has jumped the shark.

Anyhow, sure the 9-11 Commission hearings are partisan. But both sides have representatives on the Commission.

And what's the alternative? That they hunker down and declare George Bush to be, "the right man"?

That would be partisan, too.

rawb - what do you mean by sell out? Accepting a settlement and moving on with their lives is selling out? Accepting that the president and the president before him did all they could to prevent terrorism is selling out? Accepting that bin Laden and not Bush rode those planes into the WTC is selling out?

zwichenzug - how about they hunker down and concentrate on making sure a 9/11 never happens again instead of looking for scapegoats?

Did any of you see the hearings today when a question from the "families" was passed to Kean for him to ask Mueller????

Fight the Powers that Be!

Media ain't much interested in the survivors, either. Just the widows.

"Fear of a Bush Planet!"

Can Dick "flava" Cheney start wearing a clock necklace?

Michele: "zwichenzug - how about they hunker down and concentrate on making sure a 9/11 never happens again instead of looking for scapegoats?"

It's your own decision to view the questioning in this matter. If asking why people didn't do something or why they didn't know something, so they can figure out what went wrong, so they can make sure those problems do re-occur, then call me a scapegoat.

Sure, I will certainly admit that some of these questioners have partisan motivations. I still have it agree with zwichenzug. It is a BI-partisan committee.

I would ask you what you want them to do. How do you fix a problem without asking what caused it? Obviously, not everyone agrees on what the problem was. That's why they ask these questions.

I think rawb makes a good point, actually.

These women have been speaking out for quite some time.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

As far as the commission goes, they seem to be evenly partisan. The Dem's are harsh and the Rep's are nice.

More importantly, I think they truly want to solve problems. I think they'll help.

Anyone with half a brain realizes that it's a pipedream to claim 9/11 was preventable. If they choose to find a "perfect world" scenario - we'll all see through it.

I do think they'll help organize our intelligence agencies and their report will benefit us in the long run.

It sure would look better if Bush and Cheney testified seperately.

I meant to say "so those problems do NOT re-occur." Sorry

It's really starting to bug me in a "god you fucks, just fucking stop it! lives are on the line you fuckers!" way. Our system of government needs there to be legitimate, substantive national debate to at least some degree, and right now that's choked off. The Democrats are over in la-la make believe land stroking their fake turkeys with a maniacal glee. They can't accept reality so there's this disconnect in the national debate. There's plenty of substance that can be debated about, and plenty of points for improvement or at least greater investigation. Yet they don't even want to step up to the table. For Kerry the issue is what kind of arrangement of flags would be best for the coalition in Iraq. He doesn't even address the issues of the work that needs to be done there and how best to do it with what forces we've got. He's not even on square one, his square is off somewhere in a different number system that's incompatible with ones and twos and threes.

Just look around at the Democrats and ask yourself how many of them have truly accepted the nature of this war on terror. How many of them grasp the long term strategy, regardless of if they support it or not. Or even how many of them have seemed to understand even what Bush has said about it, that it will be a long war with many fronts of many types in many parts of the world. Too many of them just ignore it and try to pretend it doesn't exist, never was mentioned, and isn't happening. It's maddening, and it's having a serious impact on our country. They either need to wake the hell up or get booted out on their ass.

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