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Must See TV

Tonight's guest judge on American Idol is..... Quentin Tarantino. He promises to be "brutally honest." This is going to be good.


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but Simon is already brutally honest... and nobody likes him. he'll just have someone else on his side.

that said, i can't wait to see him go off on John Stevens. that guy sucks. it's beyond me how he even made the finals. his version of "Crocodile Rock" was just abysmal.

You know, I thought that John Stevens was ok (though not the right kind of ok for AI) up until last week. Croc Rock was the absolute wrong song for him. He should stick to crooning.

I guarantee you Quentin will be more entertaining and brutal than Simon could even dream to be.

If QT doesn't drop a few F-bombs, I'm cancelling my cable.

It wouldn't be Quentin Tarantino without bloodshed. Maybe he'll shoot Jon Peter Lewis.

I bet it will be a sanitzed version of Quentin. I don't think Simon likes to be upstaged.

I can just hear Tarantino saying to William Hung, "English, mofo*, do you speak it?" (ala Jules in Pulp Fiction).

*Sanitized for YOUR protection.

John Stevens is going to Win. We are are going to make sure.

I don't want to see John Stevens torture himself any more. As long as he has an album out by xmas, I don't care if he gets cut.

John Stevens is no pop idol. he's a crooner, right?

yanno what? he sucks as a crooner, too. i hear better singing at sinatra night at the local karaoke bar.

Wanna know how you say "loser'' in French?

Le Quentin

Hey Mikey! I LOVE Simon!!!! And John Stevens must die.

That is all.

I'm with ya on the crooner. He is only 16...

OTOH, that hobbit needs to go. I can't stand him. I can't believe he's still in it.

I keep remembering John Stevens' performance of 'Crocodile Rock' (Simon called it "the musical equivalent of Plan 9 from Outer Space).

The next night, the camera kept going to Stevens as he watched the picks for the bottom three - he knew he belonged there, it was so obvious. I don't know why he keeps getting votes - he has only one style of singing and it's crooning, for god's sake.

It's time for this one to go home.

John Stevens SUCKS! If he wins, I think blacks will not watch that show again. I know for damn sure I won't!!!!!

I hate John Stevens. that guy is a jerk. But he had the right attitude but not the right voice. im sounding like simon now. Anyway, Crocodile Rock was a really bad song for him. In General he was a nice guy.

I guess it's a moot point now, but I liked John Stevens. He took a lot of crap, and he's, as someone pointed out, only 16. And why would blacks not watch the show if he had won? The reason Stevens kept going on is simple. Even though all three black girls were amazingly talented and better than him, they split the vote three ways. If you're an elderly man or woman, who likes the Sinatra sounds, you go for Stevens. And of all the reality shows, American Idol is the least racist. Think about who won last year. And aren't three of the five remaining finalists black this year? To not watch it, if Stevens had won, would be absurd.

I would like to see one of you faggots go up and try to sing live in front of millions of people, cut the guy some slack for christ sakes, he's 16, adorable, and gave it his best, not everyone is going to like him, but he made it this far for a reason now didn't he. Have you ever met the kid how can you even critisize him, America's people are nothing but heartless assholes.