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Help U.S. Marines Equip TV Stations in Iraq

From the Spirit of America website: req_12.jpe
US Marines seek to equip seven (7) television stations serving local communities within Al Anbar Province, Iraq. The Province includes the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. These stations will offer information that is more accurate and balanced than existing alternatives. The goal is to improve understanding between Americans and Iraqis, build trust and reduce tensions. Current TV news in Iraq often carries negative, highly-biased accounts of the U.S. presence. Unanswered, its effect is to stoke resentment and encourage conflict. The Marines seek to ensure the Iraqi people have access to better, more balanced information. By equipping local television stations and providing the ability to generate news and programming, the Marines will create a viable news alternative - one owned and operated by local Iraqi citizens.
Read the rest and donate. I'm going to do what I can by donating a free ad on ASV to the cause. If Paypal wasn't holding my money hostage, I would donate cash. But that's another story.


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I'm working on getting some guitars over to the troop's R&R locations right now as well.

Why are they holding your money hostage? Are they trying to force you to pull your ASV and Command Post troops out of Iraq? Are they threatening to pour gasoline on your money, kill it, and eat it?

They're trying to make me vote for Kerry.

Seriously, I'll address this later.

"1,950 purchases a PC for editing video and programming
$538 buys a digital video camcorder
$109 provides a multi-region DVD player

Any amount helps!"

$1950.00 seems a tad high for a computer. Saw some nice Dells for under a $1000.00

I got confused here.

Are you talking about al-Jizmeera or PMSNBCCNNABCCBS here? Because I can't tell the difference.

Hmm, I wonder if some of the DU trolls would figure out that if you send a non-Lefty some paypal money and then dispute the transaction they could effectively shut down someone's PayPal account for an indefinite period of time?

Oops. Well now they do. Pardon me while I take my PayPal link OFF my blog.

Try watching Link TV on DirectTV, channel 375. I call it the Hate Amerikkka channel. They have a show called Mosaic on at 4:30 and 10:30 am and pm almost every day. It's Arab news from the middle east translated into or just in English.
Jews are 'zionist occupiers', to distinguish from the US, who are only 'occupiers'. Suicide bombers are, 'martyrs'.
That's just the nice stuff. It makes you understand why they hate us. They are bombarded with crude propaganda constantly with no other side even being considered.
Count me in when you get the drive started.