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number one in the hood, G

There are few things that could make my heart soar more than these words: Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Five nights a week. I will sleep the sleep of the content tonight. (Yes, I knew about this weeks ago, I just kept forgetting to blog it)


Girl, U B officially outta-control.

Me, I'll hold my excitement until "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law" has enough episodes to go into the daily rotation. :-)

And Family Guy is coming back to Fox next year, too.

More estrogenical treachery for everyone!

Yay! Family Guy!


My partner, Robert, works for Cartoon Network here in Atlanta. I should send you some stuff!

Yes - but no more Home Movies. That makes me VERY sad. I just found Home Movies and now they've taken it away from me.

I'm upset about Home Movies, mainly because I would like them to show the older episodes still. I don't think this season has been as funny as previous season - too much of the retarded friends and not enough movie making - but I am really disappointed they just pulled it like that. Hopefully, they'll release a DVD.

rabbit troop suuuuucks...

I miss Home Movies too.

Maybe there is a god!

First this, then I discover a bath-tub full of delicious cherry cobbler.

Space Ghost is better.

("It's like working with children, Jerry. Green ones.")