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Musical Note

You have about half an hour to download last night's jukebox selections if you haven't already. They will be taken down soon so I can prepare to upload tonight's selections. I'm thinking of going with a political theme. Or not. I'm open to suggestsions.


Yes! Please...an encore of "Love me I'm a Liberal" by Mojo and Jello.

How about "Hammerheads" by Shriekback: a musical salute the inexorable anti-war crowd.

How about a song about winning, or victories? You know, like a victory song.

With awesome drumming.

Oh, if you're gonna go with Shriekback, please make it Nemesis, if only for the rhyme with Parthenogenesis.

Or "My Mind Must Be Free" from the Utah Saints.

Or if you're still doing covers, how about Cake's rendition of I Will Survive?

when you say political, I just keep thinking of "Anarchy In The UK" (Megadeth's Americanized version, of course...)

You owe me some KC & the Sunshine Band, beeyotch.

Ohh I love that Shriekback song! (Nemesis). I have to dig that up.

Stacy, I promise that tomorrow night will be 70's disco night.


"To Hell With Poverty"
-Gang of Four.

Poor socialist bastards. They never got the double irony of their song.