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TCP Chat Tonight: BYOB

The Command Post chat room will be open tonight for the President's speech. Stop by TCP at about 8:15 for the link to the room. Bring your shot glasses, just in case we need to liven things up a bit. Courtesy of Ed, the proper protocol for the evening:
Presidential Press Conference Drinking Game: - Take a shot every time a reporter uses the word “mess” in a question about Iraq; - Take two shots the first time a reporter mentions “3 million jobs lost”; - Take two shots every time the word “Vietnam” is spoken; - The first time the Aug. 6 PDB is mentioned in a question, chug a beer; - If a reporter asks about the FCC crackdown take a shot; - If Howard Stern’s name is mentioned, do a shot and chug a beer
I'll be sober because one of us has to maintain a sense of decorum and keep the conversation focused on the speech. And I don't really condone making light of the president's speech while he is talking about war and death. However, once the reporters get in the act, all bets are off. Bottoms up! [You can add your own suggestions, as Laurence already has. I think I'll be chugging Advil and water]


Chug for "quagmire."

One shot for Halliburton.

Two shots if "Cheney" and "Halliburton" are in the same sentence.

Three shots if "Cheney," "Halliburton" and "Oil" are all in the same sentence.

Four shots if Helen Thomas trips and falls down the in the aisle.

Another shot if someone steps over her.

Christ. My liver is already rebelling.

I know one thing for certain, though: I certainly don't have enough liquor in the house.

One drink if Bush calls upon a reporter from Al-Iraqiya and shuns Al-Jazeerah and Al-Arabiya.

2 shots if Bush makes a joke re;
" Where are those wmd? "

I don't drink, but I'll lay in a supply of Hershey Kisses to partake of instead....and if I end up gaining any weight, I'll know it's part of a nefarious moonbat plot to undermine the self-esteem of righteous right-thinking women everywhere.

If Helen hits the floor drink no shots...show her some respect.
Drain the bottle!

Any questions dealing with the UN poil for food scandal. Scott "Burger King" Ritter apparently testified recently.


I should have said finish the bottle....because question about oil for food ain't happenin.

Good God - this is like playing "Hi Bob" watching the Bob Newhart show. You can imagine the results.

One shot if a reporter quotes Dick Clarke...
two more if Bush replies, "Oh, you mean that ABC News pundit?"

I can TiVo the press conference...can someone (preferably sober) transcript the chat?