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Monday Night Jukebox

Thanks to everyone who sent the link to the Andy Rooney article. I'll take on that blustering windbag in the morning. It's time for the nightly singalong. Here's your choices: * Two Pixies covers * Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave duet * Rammstein doing Depeche Mode Your call. Most votes befor 9pm gets uploaded.


2 Pixies covers! 2 Pixies covers!

There is something so wrong with Rammstein covering Depeche Mode. And the video is not helping any.

I would have liked to see them do 'Master & Servent' instead of 'Stripped'. Would have fit the live show...


Hell, I'll go for the Kylie/Nick duo. I can't even imagine those two together!


As if there was a choice.

It's what Lenore would listen to

Pixies. Gotta be the Pixies.

Definitely Rammstein.

Man tough choice between 2 and 3.

Geesh I feel so old. I have heard of Kylie Minogue but the only other band I have heard of is Depeche Mode and the fact they are being COVERED just twists that knife.

Can I write in Sex Pistols or Boomtown Rats? Or, if we want to go less punky\angst and more "modern" and funky...Widespread Panic or Phish?

ouch...there goes that trick knee again..gotta get back in my recliner...

perhaps Left Over Salmon or Government Mule?

Pixies, without question.

Well, Pixies covers generally aren't the Pixies, and I've got the album that Stripped is on, so lets hear Nick and that hot Australian girl

I happen to suffer from Multiple Personality/Dissociative Identity Disorder, and I want you to know that I speak for twenty-three of my twenty-four personalities when I say, "RAMMSTEIN! RAMMSTEIN! RAMMSTEIN!"

Of course then there's Nothus who wants the Pixies. Bastard.


Kylie & whoever

OK is that 9 est or std maybe mountain????? Oh I am so confused THE PRESSURE!!!!!