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Legend of the Permalink

It has come to my attention that many people erroneously believe that little gif in my posts (the one I use for hte permalink) to be Peter Pan. You people are hopelessly out of touch. That is Link, from the Legend of Zelda. Link. Get it? No? Fine, I'll try something less obscure. Though, in my mind, Link was never obscure.


Don't worry I knew the first time I saw him who it was.

Peter Pan? rotflmaoaktc! Even I knew it was Link, and I'm old enough to ... well, I'm old enough to have never played Legend of Zelda!

Maybe a couple pieces of chain? No broken pieces though.

I knew it was Link and found it very clever. So there.

Don't get rid of Link! He brings joy to my day.


aw!!! you mean he isn't just a cute little pixie boy? teasing...sorry.

OOH OOH! I KNOW THE ANSWER! I made this one for me, but it didn't really fit, so you can have it -

The Real Linc

Don't change Link!

That was so totally clever! Keep Link alive!

Keep Link. Seriously.

I knew it was Link. I used to play Zelda, when I wasn't playing Mario Brothers, Tetris, or Myst.
Keep it, I think it's great, and very creative!

I love Link. We bought- er, Santa Claus brought the boys a Nintendo one Christmas morning many years ago, and that was the first game that I played on it.

Skillzy, your Linc is too cool....LOL!

I recognized him. It's a nice visual pun.

Some people are just too Sony, Sega, or (heaven forbid) X-Box to get the reference I suppose.

Tch, that's not link. Link is now some short little freak with weird shaped eyes that are half the size of his head.

Yes I rage against Celda.

Nice site change.


Leave Link alone, even though I hear that damn music in my head for about an hour after I leave ASV.

How about Link from the Mod Squad?

Yeah, what about Linc from the Mod Squad?

To save Link, every girl and boy should clap their hands and believe...

Who'll be the first to post a Link/Lenore slash fic...

Maybe just change Link's weapons. Link with the blue sword, crossbow, ext...

Hey ... what's with the Peter Pan permalink?

Keep Link please!

As soon as I saw it I thought, "Hmmm... that looks like the guy from that Zelda game. What was his name? Oh yeah, Link! Oh! That's funny!"

My brother and I used to go to our friends' house to play that (we didn't have a Nintendo ourselves) and SuperMario. I'm gonna have to go search up a good NES simulator now.

Alan, I don't hear from you for days and this is what I get when you finally get out of meetings and of off airplanes?

You live to irritate. I don't know how Kate does it.

Oh yea, I've missed you. I guess.

I love Link!

The second I saw him I knew who he was and thought you were quite clever.

Little visual puns like this are what sets the internet apart from the animals (OK, so that is a bit of a stretch...) Save LINK!

Getting rid of Link would be playing defence!

If you want I can capture an NES picture of him (or is that character called Zelda?).

Peter Pan?!?!

I thought it was Mary Martin.

Some of us, Michele, spent our time, oh, I dunno, READING instead of playing computer games.

Okay, so I was reading GEnie posts and BBSes, but I was still reading.

yeah. Link. Octorox. Leeevers!!!

Link, too obscure? LINK? Has the world gone mad?

The legend of Zelda is really rad
Those creatures from Gannon are pretty bad
Octoroks, leevers and tektykes too
Let's just hope our hero comes through

Uh-huh huh uh!

I knew it was Link, I just didn't get the connection. I shugged it off as a video game geek strikes again.

Don't your dare change it. I need that connection to Legend of Zelda. But, if you could make it, just, a tad smaller, that would be great.

don't lose the Link, i love the Link!

btw, the new logo is SO cool.

Even I knew it was Link, and I've never played the game. And I'm old.

Peter Pan? Where the hell have you people been?

I thought it was Link from the "Mod Squad."

I think Link is awesome....though this graphic made me laugh.

oh, I thought it was just decoration, never occured to me it was clickable. :0