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Oh, please. Like you've never acted like petulant bitch before. I just did it in public.


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See? I bet she never would have admitted being a petulant bitch. That's why we're reading you. ;-)

i feel like i'm missing something, here... should i start reading her or something?

I'm Rick James Bitch! (pow)

How did the doctor's appointment go??

Ugh.. I just went and read the first couple of posts by this Wonkette person. You know, just so I wasn't completely uninformed. Holy batshit fatman, I don't think I've heard so much about cock sucking since I was a scout leader in Key West.
I'm serious, if you ever start writing shit like that, well, you'll get a very strongly worded comment from me.

Sondra, thanks for asking.

It went well. I am off all meds now (that was pretty obvious consider the last post. Heh), both the Wellbutrin and Paxil.

It's going to be a rough couple of weeks while I detox, but it will be worth it.

Doc gave me a scrip for Xanax to take only when/if I feel an anxiety attack coming on.

who said "hipper than thou" on that last thread?

Looked at "her" site before & found it almost unreadable. Checked again, and that's still my impresion.

I think you balance the personal and the political very, very well.

Michele....I have the same script. Never had a problem with it, it's not for everyday, but it has allowed me to deal with incredible amounts of anxiety and do things I'd never dreamed of. Interesting about that medication...the doctor that perscribed mine told me she got her mother on it and it's given her a life back.

Her mom lives in Israel.

Welcome back to your world, Michele. Going over to Wonkettes’ site is about as refreshing as visiting an outhouse. Occasionally necessary, but don't take home any souvenirs. And speaking of bathroom activities, the articles that are available over there look like they escaped the type of journal that one reads only while sitting on the throne. Be happy that your writing is far better than that.

I've NEVER acted like a petulant bitch, publicly or privately. I don't even know what petulant means. I can barely spell it. Now "petty jerk" and "whiny asshole" are different matters entirely.

Alan J.

"souvenirs"! BAH HA HA HAAA HAA HAA!

I needed that. Thanks

Boobs and sex! Boobs and sex! Woohoo!

Michele - Hey, we all get blogger envy sometimes. I admit to envying people like Kevin Drum, Alex Belth, Aaron Gleeman and Matt Yglesias, all of whom have moved way up in the world even though I was years ahead of them on the web and started blogging around the same time (for that matter, I was reaching hundreds of readers with my weekly online baseball columns when Glenn Reynolds was just another law prof). If there'd been blogs when I was in college, I'd be a professional writer now, not a lawyer (and I wouldn't be confined to doing most of my blogging between 6 and 7 in the morning). So I definitely hear you about the difficulties of making a second career out of this while people who have the connections and lack of children/debt to go work for peanuts so they can write all day get the glory.

Geez, get over it. Why are you jealous of a chick who aspires to be airhead sextalk princess of the political blogosphere? Any woman could simulate the same effect by wearing a g-string to a TrekkieCon -- lots of giggly attention from troubled loners.

PS - for what it's worth, I've A-listed you at my place.

Michelle, you could never be a petulent bitch. A snarky petulent bitch, but never just a petulent bitch.

BTW, if you ever feel like decapitating somebody with a dull fingernail file, have a cord of wood on hand to chop into kindling. It's better exercise, it's more satisfying, and for the next week the kids will do whatever you say.

Alan, when the nice weather gets here I use the outdoor batting cage at the park for that.

I'll have to try the wood thing during the winter. Sounds nice and aggressive.

I guess I don't understand. Does it mean that there won't be any more boobs and cocksucking on ASV anymore?

Or there will be more?

Warning about xanax. I once took half a valium (related drug) before a job interview.

I couldn't follow a word the interviewer said. He actually tried to give me the job, but I was too stoned to understand the instructions.

I took xanax for a short while. If you take it the same time each day - say before sleep - in only a few days your body learns to expect it and you have the most massive rebound effect. I was electrified awake at the time of day my body expected the xanax. Xanax pushes your body and your body pushed back.

uhm "pushes back"

By the way, I feel voyeristic reading your withdrawl fueled raw-nerve-ending prose. It unitentionally reveals so it's kind of endearing.

Hope I don't embarass you with this.

Hang in there.

By the way I hope you don't think that last post was creepy.

I've been through worse withdrawl than you're getting. I had siezures.

And I'm still having med problems.

Maybe it makes me feel less alone to see someone else go through it.

I do understand mood swings at the fault of a drug. Unlike you though, I don't get even a smidgen of the reasders you do so hardly anyone has noticed. Yah, I had some seriously bitchy posts after I broke my ankle and came out of surgery, still had the effects of the anasthesia coursing through my veins in addition to Oxycodene. Yah, that Oxycodene can be a real hag.

But no, I have absolutely never acted like a petulant bitch.

Without an audience.

And it's posts like these that make me want to keep coming back here....you admit to being human. I dig that.

"Alan, when the nice weather gets here I use the outdoor batting cage at the park for that."

Oh man, I thought you were referring to the first Alan and his outhouse comment with that.

Maybe I need to get out more or something but half the damned time I don't know what you're writing about. I keep reading, though. Except when you write about music, those I skip over, none of your bands has a fiddle. Banjo, neither.
Why don't you have a nice fun blog war like Frank J and the Evil Puppy Blender? We could all have fun and nobody would get their feelings hurt.
With this I never know what's going on, just that someone whom, through her writing, I've come to care about is hurting. We guys don't do well with that when there's nothing we can DO.
Oh well, I'm pulling for you.

Glad to hear about the doctor thing. Very much hoping the next couple weeks go smoothly for you. Meds are an awfully complicated thing.

I'm not terribly impressed with "The Wonkette." (Although her header/graphic is kinda cool.)
Her Santorum "jokes" are rather infantile. Too many photos, no substance.