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Peeple are Peeple

[Apologies for the crappy photos. Now you know why I was talking about getting a new camera] The First Annual "Peeple are Peeple" March on Washington took place earlier today. Peeps from around the world showed solidarity in support of the oppression of marshmallow creatures everywhere. Purple and pink, chicks and bunnies, they all gathered as one to sing songs, carry banners and show the world that Peeps will not go down without a fight. The plight of the Peeps is well documented, but too many people just don't pay attention to it. Peepicide is a sad part of our history and these guys were out here today to let it be known that the killing and eating of Peeps has to stop. It was so heartwarming to see them unite in a common goal, and to also show their support for human issues, as oppression knows no boundaries. Today, we are all Peeps. # Outside White House # Hanging out by the Peep Bus - The Blue Bus is Calling Us! # Even al Jazeera was there~ # Peeps of different color and ethnic backgrounds with common causes # The rallying cry of the day # Not all white peeps are oppressors. Power to the White Peep Solidarity Movement # Radical Chick Cheerleaders hanging by the Peep bus # They put down our placards after a while, tired but satisfied. They sang a rousing chorus of Give Peeps a Chance and practiced some Karbala prayers. Very touching # A performance artist put on an act called "An Ode To Rachel Corrie" (So on we worked, and waited for the light, And went without the meat, and cursed the bread; And Rachel Corrie, one calm summer night, protected a terrorist's home and was dead.) At that point, things got out of hand. When the Peeps started rampaging through Starbucks, demanding that they stop torturing marshmallows by putting them in hot chocolate, the police stepped in. Or drove in. The Kumbaya session ended badly. There are more photos but, unlike Al Jazeera, we would rather not show the gooey, sugary mess that ensued. Update: For more interesting Peep fun, see here. Update: Please do not give me all credit and/or blame for the Peeps. My sister is just as demented as I and she played a big part in putting the Peep show together.


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Genius! Just pure genius.

I heart you!

heh... very nice :)

excellent, in fact!

too funny.

Finally, "Peeps in Our Time".

(Here's a Rachel Corrie peep, courtesy of fark.com)

Another Rachel Corrie peep. D'oh.

You are "TWISTED SISTER" ( and you're little sister too)!!!! And I saw you guys doing this! Thankfully I wasn't paying attention!! Personally I just like PEEPing.

A suggestion for next year:

Passion of the Peep.

I was going to say what faith said.

I'm going to have to figure out how to do a "heart" symbol in HTML.

...and remember, don't peep in the Millenium Falcon!


The Peep prayer circle was great. And there was definate guilty giggling over the Rachel Corrie Peep.


All we are saying is Give Peeps a Chance....

I'll bet you had a lot of fun doing that. I know I enjoyed clicking on the pics.

Since Peeps are evil I wish the riot police would have pulled out the flame throwers and turned them into burnt 'smores.

Fark, of course, has some peep fun too.

That was awesome. Peeps are one of the most misunderstood groups out there.

Power to the Peeps...

Girl, you have WAY too much time on your hands. But, it was very, very funny.

Very funny. :-) I remember those vile candies. My grandmother would give us boxes, BOXES of them for Easter, most likely because they were cheap and plentiful. At least here they're being put to good use.

The dogs think I'm demented, sitting here at my desk laughing. The dogs may be right.

This was a great after Easter present I could send to my kids and nieces, Peeps lovers, all.

The Peter Pan gif? The effing Peter Pan gif is the permalink?

No wonder I linked to your comments box. Geez, Michele. Give a girl a clue.

By the way, laughed my ass off at the Peeps. Free Peepestine. Gawd... heheheheh.

Oh girl, if loving this is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Who Blew Up de Peeps?