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one big happy group of terrorists (and I note to the lefties)

For those of you who still think this is a war of "insurgent" Iraqis v. American occupation, feast your eyes on this:
Iran's Revolutionary Guards and the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah are secretly providing outlawed Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr with money, training and logistical support for his violent campaign against U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq, The Post has learned. U.S. and Israeli intelligence officials said last night there is evidence that Iran's Revolutionary Guards, the security services loyal to Iran's hard-line religious leader Ayatollah al Khameini, have funneled as much as $80 million into Shiite charities established by al-Sadr's influential family that have been diverted to fund his fanatic al-Mahdi militia. Intelligence sources also said operatives from the Lebanese Hezbollah, a Shiite terror group created by Iran, have trained 800 to 1,200 al-Mahdi fighters in guerrilla warfare and terrorist techniques at three camps in Iran near the Iraq border. Al-Sadr's group is also believed to have been recently provided with 800 satellite phones and new radio broadcasting equipment by diplomats at the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad, sources told The Post.
Webloggers have been saying this all along. Iranians have been saying it. But it's gone virtually ignored. Now that the mainstream media has picked it up, hopefully this story will grow legs, as they say, and people will smarten up. It's terrorists vs. us. It's us v. them. They all want us dead, and for most of them it has nothing to do with the invasion of Iraq. Iraq is just the golden key they were looking for to open the door to jihad on Americans and its allies. It's time to lay the smackdown on Iran. Iranians know this and they are ready for it:
Nobody else is saying it, so, once again, it is left to me to explain what really happened in Iraq yesterday. Iran declared war on the U.S. The signs have been there for a long time. I don’t know if they have been intentionally ignored by U.S. forces in Iraq, or whether there is some master plan at the Defense Department to deal with this scenario. All I can tell you is we are now fighting a regional war. Our local opposition in Iraq is being trained, armed and directed with foreign support – by neighboring Iran.
We already know al Qaeda is in Iraq. We already know that Syrian terrorists groups are there. I've told you before that Iranians are shipping their might in and financing al Sadr. But none of the naysayers believed me. Spin this, lefties. Let's see how you deny this or justify it. This is not a war against Iraqis. It's not a war against the regular, peace-wanting citizens of Iraq. It is, as I have said again and again, a war against terrorists. The war on terror encompasses Iraq, not just Afghanistan. If you are one of those idiots who are showing solidarity with the insurgents, you are showing solidarity with those who would repeat 9/11 many times over. It's the 11th of the month. Two years and seven months ago today, full out war was declared on the U.S. Our enemies include so many different groups and factions that to name them all would take too much time. But they all have this in common: they are, in the name of their religion, combining forces to bring America and its allies down. They are, in the name of their religion and thier bastard leaders, trying to bring down more buildings, kill more Americans, take your family away. Imagine if Saddam was still around? The whole circle jerk of terrorist leaders would be complete. And there you are, showing your support for them, raising your banners and chanting your idiotic words that we are somehow at fault for terrorists being what they are. Don't be so stupid as to think that al Sadr wasn't a gutless, murderous bastard before we went into Fallujah. He wanted us dead long before that. Hell, he's living out his dream right now, one that has been festering for a long, long time. You know what's going to happen if we don't take these bastards out? Look here. Read these stories. That's what will happen. We will live that all over again. And some of us won't even live it. We'll be dead. That's what you are supporting, you traitorous fools. This is war. The insurgents and their backers are our enemies. Either put down your signs and get on the right side or head over to Iraq, strap on a suicide belt and show your real support for these goons. Oh, it's so much easier to just chant and sing, isn't it? You are a bunch of cowards. Traitors, cowards and supporters of mass murderers and tyrants. If that's the kind of people you support then get the fuck out of here and go live with them. And the hell with your moral equivelancy. Drop your crappy little fool's lies in the comments about how everything is our fault, how we made poor little al Sadr and all the Mullahs and Arafat and all those other henchmen hate us. I no longer consider your comments even worthy of my laughter. I'm going now to spend Easter Sunday with my family. If you people don't want us to fight terrorism, I better go enjoy as much time with my family as I can while we're all still free to do so. Assholes.


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You rock, Michele!!!

I sat here, at Camp Pendleton, and read the drivel that those jackasses were saying at the protest and just felt sick to my stomach.
They're rooting on the people who killed 12 Marines in Al Rammadi on Tuesday.
It really is amazing to me what the far left finds to be legitimate political commentary and objective world view.

I am disgusted but, sadly, not surprised.

Michele gets off a "Required Reading".

Someone needs to call the CDC

Seems there is a global pandemic of asshat stupidity spreading. As evidenced by the rallys happening, I am afraid the problem is tring to establish a foothold here in United States.

It's time to lay the smackdown on Iran

With what army? The American one is overstretched, and the so-called allies aren't going it.

Are you going to enlist?

Time of our choosing. We can screw with Iran in a myriad of ways without having to roll tanks in. Smackdown it will be, when we choose.

Planning ahead is a good thing. With that in mind, after our Iraqi adventure has gone to hell and back, and we have spent many lives and many treasure to create an Islamic theocracy, put the blame on me michelle. If you can target your rage immediately you can get over it faster. Glad to help. Really.

I think we can find a few more soldiers if we pull our forces out of Japan, Europe, Korea, etc. No more free lunch, fuckers.....We need these guys elsewhere. Up your percentage of GDP you spend on your own defense, or suffer the consequences....Oh, and have a nice day....

try and look beyond media hype. the world is not full of people want to blow themselves up to kill you for fun.

Way to state the obvious eek. Unfortunately, it only takes a couple of folks willing to do it to have major consequences for us all. Or do you think that 9/11 had no effect on the world economy? And by the by, they don't do it for fun, they do it because their "God" tells them to...

It's like they're all on the same side, like an axis of evil or something...

The battle lines:

On one side: New Europe, Israel, the Silent Majority, etc. (ie. The Future)

On the other: Terrorists/mullahs partnered with the Left and Djilas's 'New Class': Old Europe, the media, mandarin types (ie. It's Enemies)

The debate - Freedom's role in the world.


It would sure be nice if it was media hype.

I spent many months researching the middle east. The reality is much worse than the media tells you.

Yeah the media isn't realiable, but sorry that doesn't mean the world isn't completely screwed.

Have a nice day.

So that's how the world looks with your head in the sand, eek? Granted, it's probably nice being oblivious, but it's a good thing to know who's coming for you.

For fun? Hardly. I never said these guys just have nothing better to do so they are going to kill us. In case you haven't heard, radical Muslims kind of hate America. You know, jihad and all that. Or was 9/11 just done on a whim by some guys who were looking for a little fun?

Media hype. Right. Enjoy life in the dark, eek.

as much as you or anyone wants us to have freedom for us and all the other people of the world, there is a small problem. Our soldiers. Our soldiers are dying and depressed and scared. My cousin is over there and he actually wrote to his mother and said he prayed at night that he could just have his arm or leg blown off because it (Iraq) is just an awful awful place and his friends are dying and children are dying and everybody is dying. He just wants to come home. He is scared he is going to die and he has a new baby and a wife. He wants to lose a limb so he can come home.
How absolutely horrible it must be for all of our soldiers over there if losing a limb forever sounds better than staying and fighting for freedom. And don't any of you call him a coward.
He has always wanted to be military from the time he was a little boy. He joined ROTC in High school and signed up to enlist as soon as he could.
It was his dream to serve his country and now he prays to lose a limb.

Maybe our soldiers are depressed because certain asshat democrats (LIKE TED KENNEDY) are telling them that what they are doing is FOR NOTHING! Maybe they are pissed at a liberal elite firmly entrrechned in the media who seem to think they can f**k the soldiers and f**k the country and so what, back to ordering around their serfs at the studio and leading bs lives where the greatest thrill is to deconstruct the fabric of the US and whine about how it should be like France. I lived in Europe (france included) for many years. Believe me, life IS better in so many ways here.

Good job Michelle. I completely agree.

Kat: It was his dream to serve his country and now he prays to lose a limb.

Sounds like a certain [rank and first name censored by poster] Davidson, whose name I'll never forget. He was afraid of dying, too, and wished for some way to be sent home. Thanks to this a**hole's fear and inaction in Gulf War I, my sister was a widow at 23.

Don't call him a coward? OK, I won't. I'll just call him a threat to himself and his unit.

Kat, so what is your solution? Hide our heads in the sand until they start to blow us up here in North America?

Oh, wait... they already started... back in 93. And then again in 2001. Can you say flight 800? Maybe? McVeigh? Perhaps...

But how many times do you let them kill you? Do we all just bend over right here and now as you would? For myself, no way. I did my time in the military in the 70s. No one ever said Freedom was free. If your cousin wasn't disparaged by Kennedy and Kerry in the press perhaps he would be prouder than he is when he listens to you?

A threat??? His fellow soldiers are dying right in front of him. He is scared shitless as any normal human being would be. He has killed and has seen his fellow soldiers get killed and children get killed and that fear of dying is nothing to be ashamed of. He is doing what he is told to do. He is fighting in this war and killing anyone and everyone his commanding officers tell him to. He is doing his job but that doesn't mean that he can't be afraid and wish and pray to come home.
Before you go calling soldiers threats and cowards, sign your fucking self up for a tour and let's see how brave in the face of that much death you can be.

And, Kat, check out ;

View From A Broad


She seems to be far braver and more honorable than your whiny cousin. She is scared too but she is proud and couragous and deserves our honor. She defends us and frees 50 million people. She is awesome!

I never said to hide our heads in the sand or run and let them kill us. I want all this to be taken care of and be done as soon as it can not because I side with the bad guys, which I don't, but because I want these boys, our soldiers to come home alive. Is that so wrong to wish for? Is wanting my cousin to come alive wrong?
I am against terrorism. You all seem to think that I am what you lovingly refer to as a moonbat. I am not. I don't go one way or another. I just want freedom for all and for all to come home. Where does this make me a bad person?
I am proud of my cousin for going. I am proud of him for signing up to begin with. I am proud of all the boys over there fighting for me.
I am not a bad person for wanting him to come home and he is not a bad person for being afraid.
At least it shows he's human.

I arrived at work to see the towers exploding from across the street and people jumping from the top floors. That's why I honor and monetarily support the soldiers who are fighting the worldwide threat of Islamic extremism.

It might be a good idea to think harder about how you would want to meet your death by the Islamic fanatics who are stalking us all right now. I do every day, every hour, since September 11. I would rather die fighting than die being sad and reflective.


Too many people want to stuff their heads in the sand and make believe that none of this is true.

What they don't understand is that just because they can't see reality doesn't mean the terrorists can't see them and the rest of us can't see their asses.

Outstanding post.

Kat seems to feel war is hell. ahem DUH! The current rate of casualties in Iraq suffered by our courageous men and women would need to continue for the next 60 years to equal the losses for the USA in WWII. This is not meant to diminish their current sacrifices, but perspective is important. They became know as the "Greatest Generation". What will history say of us if we abandon the fight against hatred, terrorism, and corruption?

I'm not here to argue with you or say that we abandon the fight. I said I am against terrorism. I was just sharing what some of our soldiers are feeling. How does sharing a personal experience make me stupid? Duh you say. Well, I have never personally been involved in a war. I have never seen anyone die in front of me. I have never shot anyone. I have seen movies but I have never felt the emotions that come with knowing war first hand or knowing someone involved in war first hand. Please excuse my naiveté.
This is why I don't post here. I was sharing a human story. Not a let's stop the war story. A human story. Just talking with my fellow man about a boy I personally know and I get slammed by people who think I want the terrorists to win and that I want us to pull out of Iraq and let them kill us.
I never said any of those things yet you seem to think I did.
I was simply sharing my own connection to this war. My cousins fears. From a distance, I can only read his words and imagine what it is like.
It seems that anyone who says anything different than right on or in total agreement, gets slammed here even if they do agree but share something different with you.
I fucking agree with you people and you call me stupid by saying duh and tell me that I want to hide in the sand and let them win.
It was just one human story in all of this and you treated me like you treat the moonbats you hate when I am on your fucking side.

Our soldiers are not over there for nothing. They are doing the hardest possible job, bringing the hope of freedom and self-governance to people who've been suppressed and terrorized for much, much too long.

I cannot bear reading people who think they're in Iraq for nothing, or who can only think of the fear any normal person would experience. Let's tell our soldiers, civilians and contractors that we support not just them but their mission.

Michele, you're doing the right thing, and I'm glad you laid it out this clearly.

I hope you can ignore some of the more insensative macho posturing of some of the commenters. Ten to one says they've never been in your cousin's position. If they have, they did so in Vietnam. And that's the last time I will compare the two wars. Gulf War 1 the iraqis were surrendering to CNN camera crews. We didn't stick around long enough for them to develop a plan. This is the first time in 30 years our boys have had to play target.

That said, what your cousin NEEDS to know is that every single person here appreciates what he is doing. We know he is scared, his job is to face and deal with some scary shit. Any reasonable person would be scared for him and his family. And for that we hold out hope and prayers for them.

Your cousin also NEEDS to know that his fear is not for naught. Good things are being wrought by his presence there. Bad things are being repelled. he is doing a job that others can not. Around him he may see nothing but pain and dispair, but he must trust in the knowledge that somewhere close to him a child is awakening to a brighter future than was ever possible before.

He NEEDS to know that it is his body, his blood, his spirit, his soul, and his sacrifice that keeps the blank check of freedom from bouncing. All the gold in the world can't back that note.

He NEEDS to know that at any given second, somebody somewhere is thanking him for the job he is doing. Somebody somewhere is proud of what he is doing. Somebody somewhere is thankful for his efforts. He doesn't just receive the everyday "support our troops" thanks. The very job he is doing right now is keeping people who would be oppressed free. Iraqi history books will sing his praises as we sing the praises of Washington and his men at Valley Forge.

Webloggers have been saying this all along.

Weird. When I read this sentence, in my head it sounded like We-bloggers instead of Web-loggers.

Yes, I think it is a widening of the war. Iran is about to get done, one way or another.

I don't think we chose the timing, but the time has come. Let us do what we must.

For those of you who are participating, ganging up on Kat is stupid and childish. As is calling any soldier who expresses fear a whiny coward.

In war, anyone who doesn't feel fear is a danger to him/herself and his/her fellow soldiers. Too little fear gets people killed just as quickly as too much.

Kat, I apologize for any distress caused you by some of the comments here.

Please thank your cousin for all he has done in the name of freedom.

Of course he's frightened. How many of us wouldn't be? Unless you've been there, you have no idea how you would react.

Thank him, don't belittle him. He's there on YOUR behalf.

Kat--you say you were simply sharing a story about your cousin. What you wrote was "...there is a small problem. Our soldiers. Our soldiers are dying and depressed and scared."

That's not a story about your cousin, that's a claim that our soldiers--all our soldiers--feel that way. Which is not true. If you're getting a lot of flak, that's why. Yes, soldiers are dying--but not all of them, not by a long shot. I don't doubt they're scared sometimes--anyone would be when they're in danger. Depressed? Some of them, no doubt. But ascribing fear, depression and death to all of them sounds like defeatism, whether you mean it that way or not.

I agree with MikeR. Anyone who feels fear and low on morale in a combat zone isn't a coward or a "whiner" - they're merely human. And senisble: an active combat zone is a deadly place. Doesn't take too many occassions of having the brains of someone next to you splashed across your camo to realise "this could happen to me at any moment, no warning, no chance to shoot back, no nothing". You're not bloody scared in an environment like that - you're freaking terrified down on a gut deep level that you don't even recognise half the time until you get to a safe zone and you feel your guts uncoiling for the first time in weeks or months. You do your job and you move because you realise after just a while that there's no saftey anywhere, you're just as likely to get it dug in as you are moving - and you have to move to do anything.

Only fools aren't terrified in an environment like that, and you learn to stay the hell away from the guys with no fear - they get you dead. Fast.

My nephew's over in Afghanistan right now: I hope he's afraid and cautious. Afraid enough and cautious enough and lucky enough to make it back.

Sneer at Kat's concerns when you've learned to tell what caliber a bullet is by the sound of the crack it makes breaking the sound barrier going past you.

you don't have to apologize for what other people say. Never apologize for the words of someone you have no control over.
But this will be the last time I post here.
I was in agreement about terrorism but expressed concern for the soldiers.
Apparently, when posting a comment here, I should first start by yelling and scream that we kill all the infidels and be happy for the sacrifices of our men and women and just say right on Michele, how right you are Michele, brilliant Michele or genius Michele.
If anyone says anything other than that, even if they agree with you and support kicking the terrorists asses, we will get slammed and treated as un-American.
Sorry, I'm just not up for being treated like shit by people who don't know me or my cousin and don't want to know about the human side of war.
To the two people who said nice things and encouraging words on a day when I felt hopeless after getting that email from his mother, thank you.

I wish I'd seen these comments last night.
Kat and her cousin are probably worried out of their minds for him. While I'm not sure I would have put some things the way she did..let me just tell you that when you say,"I support the troops." that should included sick with worry families back here. Here was a really great chance to put that belief into action.
A better approach would have been to help her out with some suggestions of things to do.
Like encouraging this soldier to seek out the chaplain. Or someone in his command. His statements are troubling just because it reflects his mental state at the moment.
I wouldn't dream of attaching a label to this man other than traumatized and in need of some counseling.
That would be good for him AND good for the guys in his unit too.

Just my two cents this morning.
Hang tough, Kat..and tell your cousin's son that some old Marine wife wishes him well and hopes he goes to have a heart to heart with the Padre.

Wow, I didn't realize how (over)sensitive Kat is. Take a chill pill dear. No one is saying that you and your cousin aren't experiencing valid feelings. I think the relevant phrase is still PERSPECTIVE. We can choose ourselves the kind and number of sacrifices we are willing to make, or the Islamofacist terrorists will. I know which choice I prefer. And yes, it's easy to sit here at home and say that. Know that if I weren't 47 years old, I would have enlisted immediately. No bullshit. My wife knows me and how serious I take the freedom my forefathers have gifted to me.

Well said, different Bill, MikeR and Ironbear.

Anybody in a situation like that who ISN'T afraid is either dead or about to be.

My prayers and thanks go out to your cousin, Kat. Let him know that I appreciate his sacrifice more than I can ever put in words and that all of us back here want him back whole and healthy. Also let him know that fear is a sign that he hasn't lost his mind. Let it work with him, not against him.

Hi, Kat. Your cousin is a brave man who deserves our respect and prayers. I myself have fought the urge to get defensive about such things. The relentlessly negative and narrow-minded reporting just makes me so frustrated. I'm sure all of us have had the same feelings.

No one wants needless deaths, but their deaths are not needless. The world will be a safer and better place, and countless civillian lives will be improved by their sacrifice. An Apache helicopter being shot down (or even ten, or twenty) is not a signifigant millitary development in a war, but to hear the reports you'd think that each gun battle meant we'd been routed at D-Day with coalition millitary forces on the verge of mutiny or nervous breakdowns. I can only imagine how the troops feel about being portrayed in such a sad light.

I'd second my dissasociation with people ripping Kat's cousin. The fact that our casualty rates in Iraq are not that bad on a macro level, in historical perspective, is little consolation if you're there getting shot at.

As to the mad mullahs . . . there's really no more urgent issue, but deciding where to go next isn't entirely simple. On the one hand, we should bear in mind that there's conflicting evidence about what role the Iranians are playing in Iraq - yes, we have these reports saying they're financing/arming radical Shi'a insurgents, others saying that Ahmed Chalabi has uncomfortably close ties to the mullahs and that Iran has actually been keeping the lid on some of the instability there, albeit for the mullahs' own purposes.

And this ought to be an election issue, even if the candidates don't want to talk about it. Maybe the Bush Administration, for the reasons above or others, won't use the bully pulpit to promote Iranian freedom, won't engage in a covert campaign to undermine the mullahs, and won't use military force preemptively against Iran over its nuclear program. But I sleep better knowing that, when the likes of Bush and Rice and Rumsfeld debate what to do, these options are all on the table, and the mullahs know it. And I've seen no reason to doubt that, if Kerry is elected, all those options will come off the table - and the mullahs know that too.


Here's the thing. I look at this comment thread and I see people on the right tearing at Kat who're every bit as monomaniacal and disassociated as the far lefties you're talking about in your initial post. And my point here isn't that their behavior somehow validates the far left's behavior; my point is that, if you're sitting on the anti-war side of things and you look across the river and see people like Bruce and ScottC doing their jingoistic little war dance, it's easy to forget that there's a whole village of perfectly reasonable people farther up the bank.

And obviously this works both ways. I go back in your archives to 2001, and I see a writer calling for saner minds to prevail. Fast-forward to 2004 and I see two or three posts a week, sometimes more, chock-full of frothing hatred for the far left. And I know it wasn't right-wing propaganda that swung you around; I think it was the rantings of the very people you're attacking.

I know the feeling. Fifteen years ago I was going to The Evergreen State College, in Olympia Washington; hands-down the most liberal college on the most liberal coast in the world. And during the first Gulf War I saw people saying some truly jaw-droppingly stupid shit. And it fit into a catalogue of stupid shit I heard people at Evergreen saying back then; stupid shit about feminism (spelling "women" wymmin), stupid shit about politics, stupid shit about economics— stupid shit about anything and everything under the sun. When I went to evergreen I was sixteen, I had a ponytail and wore a lot of tiedye. When I left, I was 18, I had a buzz cut and wore only navy blue, dark green and white clothing with no holes in it.

Nothing can put a person off "the left" as decisively as exposure to "the far left".

But. That doesn't mean the opposite is true either. It's like Orwell, and his relationship to Russian Stalinism. Orwell was a dyed-in-the-wool leftist. A socialist and an anti-imperialist. He fought in the Spanish Civil War, and took a bullet in the neck while he was there. But he also witnessed the Spanish Republic being betrayed by Stalinism. So Orwell hated Stalinism and Soviet Communism. But that didn't make him a fan of fascism. Going against the Stalinists didn't mean he thought Spain should go to Franco.

When I look at A Small Victory, I see you getting caught up in an explosive polarization of debate on the issue of Iraq and terrorism. And I think some of it's pure reaction. Shades of gray are wiped out by the extremism of a small camp of lunatics who stand around chanting inflammatory slogans. And I know you know better, and I know a lot of people here know better. But also, look at some of the kinds of people who are being drawn to this site. I don't think that's coincidence; I don't think they're coming here for the writing and staying for the extremism. I think A Small Victory is becoming a forum for red-baiting and vicious partisanship, and I think that's what's changing the tone of the posting and the commenting here.

And I wonder if that's really what you want.

I mean, I agree with you about the people chanting for the death of American soldiers. They suck. But they're not even Stalinists. They're not that powerful. They're just a bunch of freaks. And by directing all this time and energy to them you're turning the issue of Iraq into something it's not; you're setting it up to be "sane reasonable people versus these crazy leftists". That's not all there is to it. There are middle positions that see Iraq as a case of the right thing being done for all the wrong reasons (and by the wrong people).

My little joke about the dark side was half-serious; this kind of polemic is powerful, and gets people agitated. But it's powerful precisely because it's fueled by rage and feeds into hatred.

Is that really what you want to build, with your six to ten thousand readers a day?

wow :O

I m reading here first day and I m already a fan-boy :)

Joshua, if you can hear me up on your high horse: a few nasty commenters aren't aren't representative of all of Michele's "six to ten thousand readers a day." Quit lecturing her; she's not in control of what people say, do, and think.

Frankly, I'm not going to say a thing about Kat. Except to plead that she quit calling these soldiers "boys." I know it's traditional -- it's also grating. For one thing, they should be considered "men" by now. Those that are not women, that is.

You talk as if the Iranians and Syrians would be in Iraq plotting with Saddam about how to use those unmanned aerial vehicles against the United States if we hadn't invaded. The invasion gave them the opportunity to do this, I'm not sure what the lefties have to spin here. The Iranians certainly wouldn't have had much luck getting into Iraq and plotting things.

And yes, I think Saddam was a bad man. Tell it to the 700 American families that have had a branch on their family tree cut short.