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not a peep out of you

peeps.jpgI don't want to leave you on such a serious note, as I won't be posting again until this evening. I will be, along with my family, conducting experiments with Peeps, including an attempt at Peep jousting. We will have photographic evidence of all our findings. I think I will also try to recreate some great movie scenes using Peeps, or maybe the great battles of the Civil War. Maybe not. Upon Googling, I realize that everything that could possibly be done with Peeps has been done. Except eat them, which is something I refuse to engage in. Oh. Oh. Yessss.. Peep Protesters. This could be fun. Enjoy your Easter or Sunday or whatever you will be doing today. I'll be back tonight with some Moonbat Peepage. Peep show? Stay away from the Peep puns. They are bad for you.


I love that image. It makes me giggle.

No Peeps for oil!


No justice, no Peeps?

"Stay away from the Peep puns. They are bad for you."

Amen. You won't hear a peep of protest from me.

A peep a day keeps the doctor away? No? Ok. runs

I'm trying to behave myself this year. I've only had two peeps!

I like the idea of Peep protestors. You better have pictures later!

From the river to the sea
Easter Peeps will soon be free!

(I could do this all day.)

One, two, three, four
We don't want your Peepin' war!

Five, six, seven, eight
Peeps will work to stop the hate!

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve,
We're too stoned to count that high!

Peeps are not the true meaning of Easter! Everyone should remember that this solemn holiday is for one thing and one thing only: sex!

Ishtar, Goddess of Love demands it. Bunnies and flowers and cute little chickadees symbolize it. So don't fall for the triclavinist trickster and his minions! Go with the Goddess of Love (and that film with Dustin Hoffman and that guy who emulates rabbits)!

what the hell are they made of anyway? it's gotta have a shelf live of 87 years.

better living through chemistry.

I think they're made out of stale Hostess® Twinkies™.