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Just When You Thought They Couldn't Get Any Lower

It's been a long time since photos of a protest actually made my jaw drop. Go read this (Bill's commentary is priceless - and the only thing that kept me from putting my fist throug the monitor). I'll have more on this tomorrow. Just, go look. Wow. Just...wow.


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Those photos--and Bill's narration--are great. It's kind of like a Renaissance Festival, except it's free, and every entertainer is a court fool.

I would agree with you except I kept remembering that these people vote.

I liked the part where the narrator joked about an Arab having a bomb in his back pack but just prior he upbraided a reporter for insufficient deference to an Iraqi who favored our invasion. Or the part about calling for Iraqi self determination is the same as supporting the insurgents.

Real honesty in that report, yessir.

The emails sent out by the people who put the protests together said "support the insurgents in Iraq," so stick that theory up your ass.

wrapper -

Of course I have my own point of view, but I'M NOT A REPORTER. She doesn't have to display deference, but she could display professional neutrality towards the point-of-view of an Iraqi man that visited Iraq six months ago. Did I mention that he was an Iraqi?

And the folks wearing the Rachel Corrie shirts and the man with the kuffiyeh voice OVERT support for terrorists that in fact blow themselves up for a political cause. Jokes aside, living in DC these days, my gut reaction is to check out people with backpacks.

Also, Iraqi self-determination has little to do with voicing support for successful Iraqi rebellion, which leads to self-determination in the form of bloody civil war.

In the words of S Park, you have been served.

I thought I saw Kos in some of those photos.

"Support the insurgents in Iraq?"

Let me put that in perspective: In 1944, try out "Support the Japanese insurgents in the Philippines," or "Support the German insurgents in France."

As Ricky Lee Jones would say, ffggghhhhmmmm!

I was referring to a banner calling for Iraqi self determination. If Rummy was carrying it would it still be support for insurgents? Gosh michele, do you kiss your kids with that mouth?


You are example number one of the context-free moral equivalency nihilism that infects too much of the American Left. First you pluck the "Iraq self determination" line from the context of the whole sign (US out of Iraq! Not colonial occupation!) and that context alone shows the wielder of said sign is in support of the insurgents fighting against the Coalition. And yes, if Rumsfeld were carrying a sign with just the self-determination line, it would be different and would be against the insurgents, because the US has made it clear that they are not making Iraq the 52nd state.

If you don't see the difference, please stay away from women... you don't have the moral cognitive ability to see the difference between rape and making love because they both are acts of sexual intercourse.

aw geez.... long day... and I skipped the preview

should be "51st state"


wrapper, when Bill discussed support for the insurgency beneath that photo, he was talking about the speech given by the speaker. "A proud tradition of defiance" against foreign intervention. Exactly who else could he have been talking about?

Bill said the speaker supports the insurgency. That may be true. I KNOW what the sign says. There's big trouble in Iraq right now. I don't think it's to delay the June 30 thing. I don't think it's because the Iraqis hate freedom. I don't think it's because the insurgents are all murderers and thugs. I think it's because those Iraqis want us to leave and there are plenty of others who agree with that.

We ARE occupying Iraq and we're killing plenty of innocent Iraqis while we're doing it. I prefer that Saddam kill them rather than us.

Tell me about the morals of killing people who resist our aggressive charity. We know better so if we have to kill them, it's really all for their benefit. Work on your own cognitive abilities darleen.

We ARE occupying Iraq and we're killing plenty of innocent Iraqis while we're doing it. I prefer that Saddam kill them rather than us.



much more insane pictures on indymedia at


They are not shy about which side they're on.

Loved the picture of the poster that said the Sunnis and the "Shites" should be friends.

Thanks for the link Michele and great report Bill. Those pictures really do say it all.

Get help, sure. I think you can provide it, darlene. Explain to me the advantage of death by U.S. over death by Saddam.

Have a GI explain why he would rather make a mistake and shoot up a car full of civilians than leave it to chance that Saddam won't kill them.

Ask someone in charge if they realized the irony of closing down a newspaper while claiming to bring freedom to the Iraqis and then get back to me.

Do that and we got a start on me getting help.

Hey wrapper, shouldn't you be protecting a pound of ground round? Or if you like, a pound of ground soyburger.

Do you mean I should wrap it up? Ha ha good one.

My youngest kid has some spoiled diapers that need wrapping. ;)