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tastes like subservient chicken!

I made the chicken mosh!!


I got him to disco. He wouldn't do my taxes, though.

I typed "poop" ... kinda wish I hadn't.

I got him to dry hump the chair, and they put up a warning label while he did it!

That's just wrong on so many levels. Not the least of which is that it has something to do with Burger King.



"hide behind couch"
"do some pushups"
"dance like michael jackson"
"explain cartesian dualism"
"rise up against your human masters"
"suck cock"

shake it like a polaroid picture.
take of clothes.


LOLOL...he does a mean moonwalk, too.

dude, the chicken is SOOOO yesterday.

but. i did get it to "vogue".

"go to mcdonald's"
"clean up the room"
"do the can-can"
"raise the roof"
"think about steve mcqueen"
"pick up phone"
"punk rock"
"be gay"
"tear the place apart"
"get drunk"
"grab your crotch"
"shoot a basket"
"have a swordfight"
"walk like a dog"
"walk like an egyptian"
"make yourself a sandwich"
"flip me off"
"get right up into the camera"
"pray to your heathen chicken-god"
"get paid minimum wage at burger king"
"cry like a baby"
"eat me"
"tell me a story"
"vacuum the carpet"
"pick your beak"

damn... i thought i was good gettin' him to choke the chicken, then i come here and read all these!

He's just not listening to me. He won't:
"use the force"
"check yoself before you wreck yoself"
"get jiggy with it"
"get down on it"
"give a bad coupon to Peter Griffin"

He just laughed at me when I told him to:
"kick Colonel Sanders' ass"

But he did:
"go Rick James on those PETA freaks"
so that makes everything OK.

"hope you're getting paid well"


"Do the Snoopy Dance"
"Beat the hell out of the Chik-Fil-A Cows"
"Take a nap"

"How many fingers am I holding up?"
"Show us your best profile."
Prances while grabbing crotch (My eyes! My eyes!)

"Are capital gains tax rates too high?"
I like this chicken.

spank monkey

I'm going with one of the other Davids. This is very wrong.

What is this "chicken mosh"? Is it an ethnic recipe? Are you making it for Easter? I checked FoodTV.com, but no luck there either.


try WWE and see what happens