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The Dude Abides

My sister wanted to do something fun for her 40th. Not a party, but just gathering a couple of friends and going out to do something crazy. We thought about laser tag or paint ball, but we're all too old to run around like that. We came up with midnight bowling. Which isn't really at midnight, you know. It's at 9:30. She thinks there's six of us going. There's about 26. We've got plenty of food and an open bar and a DJ. I think she'll be pleasantly surprised. Anyhow, I suck at bowling, which should come as no surprise. But with an open bar, I'm pretty sure I'll be entertaining as I bowl. I will take the excellent advice many of you gave me to deal with my stress: Drink tequila. As usual, I'll spend the evening shouting out Big Lebowski quotes. On that note - no song tonight, but I do have an appropriate quiz:
According to the "Which Big Lebowski character are you?" quiz:

Why don't you check it out? Or we cut of your Johnson!


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According to the "Which Big Lebowski character are you?" quiz: Why don't you check it out? Or we cut of your Johnson! This surprises me not at all. My results were the same as Michele's. That surprises me even less.... [Read More]


Have a great time!

mmm, tequila....

Oh nooooo, I'm Bunnie. Shit. And the worst part is it's true.

Well, whaddaya know, I'm the Dude too. It's my laid-back attitude to life, man.

Looks like I'm also the dude.

"Hey, careful, man, there's a beverage here!"

It's a good quiz, and thorough.

I'm The Stranger.

Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you.

I think you'd be surprised at how much fun paintball is. Bring the tequila, too.

Oh, now I get it. His name his "Link"...

What's everyone else talking about?

wow...I'm Jeff. Wouldn't have guessed that.

Have a great time...you deserve some time off. Things have been crazy enough as it is, without the stress of packing and all.

I hope your sister has a great birthday - I have a sister named Jo Anne also - she's very special to me. If I have any regrets in my life, it's that my daughter will never enjoy the unique relationship that only comes with having a sister.... her brothers are 8 and 12 years older than she is, and now that she's 14, she's getting to know them; the oldest has always played a kind of extra father role in her life, and the younger one teased her and her friends unmercilessly. Although...the benefit for her has been that she has never been shy around boys in the least; growing up in a house that was always filled with soccer-playing, testosterone-laden boy-sharks (I called them that because all they did was move and feed) honed her ability to give as good as she got to a singularly refined talent...something I never was able to master when I was her age!

I also hope that your sister's family will be blessed with the addition of another sweet soul - we need more opportunities to let love grow in this world.

I am Walter Sobchak.

I think I have more guns, though.

I'm The Dude, too. But most days I feel more like Donny. I'll shut the fuck up now.

Sweet, I'm The Dude too. Nice Marmot!

Favorite. Movie. EVER.

And you "suck at bowling?"

Well, don't feel too bad. Because it's bowling, not Vietnam; there are rules in bowling.


It's been years since I've gone bowling. I've scored anywhere from a 30 (gutter, gutter, gutter) to about 140. I once even made a turkey (3 strikes in a row). Woo-Hoo!! It all depended on how much I was drinking at the time--the more the better, actually.


You know why Hitler didn't drink tequila?

It made him mean.


I am the Nihilist.

I too suck at bowling.

I'm Donny.

I saw this movie during its initial release, but haven't watched it since. Guess I need to change that circumstance...

Forgot to mention that I LOVE today's logo.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.......

the new logo - today's - is the best yet.

Walter Sobchek.

Heh, sort of flattering, really...

Too many dudes here. Happy birthday to your sister on her 40th. I'll smoke cigars on her behalf.

I appear to be Walter Sobchak. My constant war rants ARE beginning to piss off my wife. ;)