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Psychic Friend Needed

If any of you out there have that power to find things just by thinking about it, I need to know where DJ's other sneaker is. We've been looking since last night and I have about twenty minutes left to find it before his father picks him up - or he's going to go out in cleats. Use the force!


Under the side table next to the couch.

Behind the chest (toy chest?) in his room.

Tell where you find it ok?

Under the couch, near the TV.

The goat told me you need to look under the couch. No, the other one.

just outside the back door, under something odd.

Behind the toilet or sink....

It's wherever he last had it. Probably right under your nose.

look under the dust bunnies.

Silly question. It's over there.

As a side note: check couch cushions weekly; much knowledge can be derived, as well as, often, change.

I should get a fortune cookie royalty for that, don't you think? Or at least some donations or good linkage.

On the kitchen chair upon which you are sitting not.

Check under the bed. All of under the bed.

well, i'm probably late to the party, here.

Behind the passenger seat in DADS car.

Look in the laundry basket - my kids sweep them up with the dirty clothes.

it's under the passenger seat in your car.

didn't you notice that funky smell?

The dog hid it.

It would seem that M- has many psychoic friends. This is too late for DJ's appointment and I still will share it.

I like the idea of "thinking backwards". I learned it from a "Sesame Street" segment. Many years ago, I had the remarkable experience of it working. I had lost a pipe. I "thought backwards" and without hesitation went back to where I thought it was, reached down, and then looked where I was reaching, and picked up my missing pipe.

In the fridge, in the crisper drawer.

Next time say a prayer to St. Anthony. I promise you will find it.

"St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around. Something's lost and can't be found."

I use this one like I use:

"Hail Mary full of grace, help me find a parking space."

You laugh, but try it and see what happens.

Damn. I was eating when I read that. Choked on a piece of bread.

Does it still work for atheists and agnostics?

It's in the closet. Underneath the electric train set, behind the guitar.

Sorry it took so long. I've been busy all day looking for France's backbone.

It doesn't exist. It never existed. Any claims to the contrary are filthy lies.

Did the Bush administration do every thing in their power to keep the sneaker from being lost?

It was stolen by aliens. It's being chewed on by tenticle monster in a flying saucer behind Pluto.

I just saw a sneaker on the cover of Weekly World News. In a circle zoom-in of a picture of a civilian food supply contractor "on the ground" in Iraq. The odd part is that next to it is a cut-out picture of some lady named Kathy Kramer appearing to point at the sneaker, above the scare quote "They said we'd have BOOTS on the ground, not sneakers! BUSH LIED!"

I really hope it's not DJ's, but I'm investigating.