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It Takes So Little to Make Me Smile

Thanks to Ed for the link to this. rick20james.jpg From the BWE blog, which got it from Catchdubs. Did anyone catch Wayne Brady on the Chappelle show the other night? Hilarious stuff. As always with Chappelle.
Speaking of Catchdubs, they have the Man In Gray bunny posters (MIG is a great band featuring this blogger). When I got my MIG email yesterday, I immediately thought - Night of the Lepus meets Happy Bunny.' If you're in the NY area, catch a Man in Gray show.


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Wayne Brady rocks everywhere he goes...except his own show. It's just such a wrong format for him.

Is his show still on? It isn't on here anymore. He was definitely great on Chapelle though.

I'm Wayne Brady, bitch! HAHA!

IMO Wayne Brady is personally responsible for carrying Drew Carey's career over its final 2 years. I won't hold that against him.

He's just some normal guy from Orlando, which I think is great. When he finds the vehicle to do it, I think he's going to make it real big (maybe not quite Steve Martin/Bill Cosby big, but big).

At least he doesn't sing as badly as Rosie did.

"Is Wayne Brady gonna hafta choke a bitch?"


So wrong, and yet so hilarious.

10 Dave Chapelle Show episodes in a row on Comedy Central, tomorrow night(4/10) starting at 9pm EST.

I didn't do it, beeyach. Fo' Shizzle.

I liked when the cop recognized him, and he started singing the Folgers song.

There's a guy who's well aware of his tenuous grip on celebrity, and willing to poke fun at it.

Or how about: "Do you know who I am?"

Chappelle is a hack, his entire shtick is playing up racial stereotypes that no one else can get away with and using "bitch" and whatnot as his entire punchline.

Richard Pryor was funny, not because he used the "n-word" a lot, but because he told anecdotal stories about black culture in a way that made people laugh.

Chris Rock is somewhere in between these two guys.

Bernie Mac is pretty good, Steve Harvey is damn funny in the Richard Pryor sense. Chappelle aint no where near these other comics.

I'm Rick James BITCH!

racial stereotype humor is what is funny in culture today