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You don't look so bad for someone who's forty....

Today is my sister Jo-Anne's birthday. This is what I wrote about her last year. Hey, her birthday is the anniversary of the fall of Baghdad. I think I'll send her flowers formed in the shape of Saddam's head. Seriously, I'd like you to all to wish my sister a happy birthday by doing one thing. See that ad over there on the right? The first one with the sleeping teddy bear? That's my sister's ad. If you could take the time to click on that ad to go to her adoption site and then send the URL to just one person - who knows? Maybe the right person will see it and my nephew can finally get the brother/sister that he is always asking for. Happy birthday, Jo. You're finally forty and you can't make fun of me anymore!


Hey, turning 40 isn't all that bad. OK, so the gray hairs and the growing bald spot are an unpleasant side-effect, but there is something to be said for experience...and as soon as I figure out just that is, I'll let you know. ;0)

Or you could send her one of Saddam's hats and yell, "Hip, Hip, Beret!"

Jesus, I've gotta lay off the Jolt.

How sad is it that I laughed really hard at that?

Happy Birthday, Jo-Anne.

Imperial Keeper

Thank you Michele, for everything!

Happy Birthday Jo-Ann, this is also the anniversary of the end of the Civil War.(FWIW)

Happy Birthday Jo-Anne!

happy birthday, jo-anne!!
thinking happy adoption thoughts for you and your family*