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That's my boy

Don't forget to visit DJ's site. I'm really proud of him. He finally gave up that damn Neopets crap and he's doing something a bit more constructive with his time. I owe it all to his teacher, who encourages his students to know what's going on in the world around them. He spends twenty minutes every morning on current events. On Mondays, they watch a half hour mix of the Sunday news shows that the teacher TiVos together. The teacher is a Kerry supporter, but encourages the kids in the class - like DJ - who are Bush supporters to have healthy debates about the issues. I didn't give DJ the idea to make this site. He thought of it himself, made it himself, and stole some of the content from Command Post all by himself. Oh, ok. I told him he could. But the opinions are strictly his. Anyhow, I'm proud of him, and he added some updates before he went to bed tonight, so make him happy and keep his hit counter turning.


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tell the lad I said "you go boy"

If I had had better technology back in the day (I was an 11-year-old 6th-grade campaign manager for Walter Mondale in my middle school's mock election in deeply conservative suburban Houston. We ended up getting 7 more states than the real Mondale, miraculously enough), I would have definitely hooked up with a site as well.

And damn, it does look better than my current place.

How old/what grade is your son? I think that teachers should keep their political thoughts to themselves (of course they are entitled to vote for whomever they like). But, I wonder if young children need to hear who their teachers support? I can understand high school teachers expressing opinions since HS students are more likely to voice their own thought out opinions. It's good that his teacher fosters debate but I wonder how many teahers are politicking to their students? PS- Nice site, DJ!!

That is just great! Keep up the great work. Tell your son that his opinion has already been heard by more people than mine and I am 39! Of course, he is much more astute than myself.

Tell him great job.

Not only can I not get over that he did this by himself at his age, but then on top of that I swear he has the best summation of Rice's testimony I've read all day. Awesome.

That is so cool.

Ah,a little acorn reaching up.And so close to mama tree.So very good to see.You must be beeming with delight,and rightfully so.(I think that this is why some species eat their young,they don't take the competition thing as well as you do.)

That is so very cool.
Give DJ a great big

You deverve to be very proud

"Ben-Veniste was a real jerk."

DJ came up with what could be the best headline for yesterday's hearings.

It looks like it could be a good site when done.

Be thankful that DJ learned about the swastika in a Neopets forum, and not while running his blog! (Can you imagine?)

I wish him luck with it, and will check back from time to time!

This is where you will get all your daily news.

Well, at least his confidence isn't lacking. :)

aw, it's nice to see a new webmaster in the making! Go DJ!

Like mother like son. ;)

Michele - If DJ were my son, I would be kvelling all over the place. I first got on his side during that little dust up with the bully last year, and one year later he's got a blog? More guts than I. Anyway, give him my regards for a job well done. All the best to you both. Love, Terry

He's not a teen yet, but he's welcome to join the conservative youth. I created this very old blog at blogspot...teencons.blogspot.com, I believe. Congrats! I didn't blog until I was almost fourteen years old. He beat me by three years.

Please tell DJ I think his site is great. As for you, I think you know how I feel about our kids making us look good. Well done!