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once more, with feeling

I wasn't going to. But now I have to.
For the record: I did not have a hissy fit about Cramer's fans emailing me or leaving comments. Cramer emailed ME and asked if I would ask Charles to tell his readers to back off. I emailed back to Cramer "Sure, and you tell your readers to do the same for me." In my mind, I thought that I was letting her know that her readers are just as fucked up as the ones who trolled her comments. No hissy fit invovled. I am still waiting for any of those holier-than-thou commenters on this morning's post to show me just one sentence where I ever incited people to go over and threaten Kathryn Cramer. I'm also waiting for Kathryn Cramer to expalin to her lovely band of fans that I did not throw any fit over anyone emailing me. I reallly need to clear the air here. You people stink to high heaven of moral righteousness. I did NOTHING wrong. NOTHING. Let's see if Cramer is big enough to write on her blog what she wrote me in email - they were not my readers who threatened her. Her problems started TWELVE HOURS before I made my original post. Do the math, you idiots.


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I read about Cramer's speculative post two other places before I read anything about it on Michele's blog.

I admit it, for the past couple of days I've just been reading what she and others post on her site. Haven't written a damn thing there. Didn't think I needed to..(and frankly, I'm afraid to).

Her claims sounded fishy. But I don't know.

Until someone who has huge credibility with me (you) says she's lying about this.

Anyway...what a sad person.

that sucks.
i may disagree with you and enjoy the debates.
but i have never read anything but respect (give or take as human nature is) from you to and about any other bloggers.

you've always seemed level headed no matter how upset you get.

take care

Michele: what you said. You did nothing wrong; in fact, I think you bent over backwards to be fair (if it has been me Ms. Cramer would be wondering where all those new orifices upon her person came from).

Michele, Anyone with a brain knows that you are above such doings. Ignore her and her lackeys. You have done nothing wrong. Please don't let this drive you batty. You are doing all of us a remarkable service by blogging as you do.

On the positive side, this whole ugly mess got me reading your blog (when I'm not deleting crap sent my way by Kathryn's "readers" and warning the businesses they've contacted in my name that they've been defrauded),

Nice place you got here.

Please don't hold your breath waiting, Michele. She's obviously convinced that since she's an editor what she writes creates truth.

And will someone please send her a copy of An Idiot's Guide to Internet Fakery for Dummies in 24 Hours?

(I haven't tried to post at her site and am not going to, although I'm becoming tempted to write to some SF authors that I do know about her, echoing that request above!)

I came here solely because I heard that that nutjob (KC) smeared you.

Sad but true: just knowing that KC has problems with you makes me like you more already.

Heh. I'll bookmark this site, check it out, and see if I can't come to a more honest appreciation of your work.

May your scales always be shiny.

"I'm becoming tempted to write to some SF authors that I do know about her"

The SF publishing world is very small and incestuous. Cramer's husband is VERY well-known in the field. I'm sure they all know her and already have an opinion. If they are not already famous and want to keep being published they will not say anything against her.

How disingenuous. And could you possibly get any more defensive? Do you have to sand your skin down every night to keep it that thin?

So it's all about the "math". Do THIS math, idiot. Did you post about Cramer first, or did she post something about YOUR site in some way first? (In fact, the only thing I can see over there is she's asking people NOT to post over here...quite a difference from you and the hateful LGF agenda, eh Michele?) Reap what you sow. You helped send people over there to post and express their outrage, you helped fan the flames throughout netland, but now you're throwing a "hissy fit" about people coming over here and expressing themselves about YOUR dumb actions? Wow. Do THAT "math" for us right here, you idiot. Looks like a real calculus of hypocrisy. You helped instigate the attack, you didn't mind sicing folks on Cramer, but now you don't want anyone bringing the issue up here AFTER YOU HELPED START THE WHOLE THING. Now it's "run away!" Now you want to wash your hands as fast as possible, because you know you were wrong and you just can't stand the heat.

You reap what you sow. Those were your words, weren't they Michele?

You assume wihout any justification that anyone who thinks your actions were excrement must be a "supporter" or "reader" of Cramer. Think again, idiot. Most people think Cramer was a total tool for what she did. But YOU and LGF are worse. I think it's time you realize that the whole net knows about what you and LGF and a few others tried to pull with this kind of sick intimidation, thanks to sites like boing boing and usenet and some listservs that paint a pretty unflattering picture of your role and LGF's role in the warblog, jackboot wingnut brigades. Even some people on LGF itself think you and the attack dogs at LGF are idiots. It has nothing to do with Cramer. It has EVERYTHING to do with YOU and some complete cowards at LGF.

You DID have more than a "hissy fit", as you call it, over this whole Cramer thing. It's obvious you didn't post the first cowardly little piece on Cramer, because frankly the whole net knows you haven't got an original thought in your head. But you sure jumped right on the bandwagon like a good little wingnut follower, didn't you? Sheep following sheep, and all disavowing any responsibility.

Yeah do the math yourself, you idiot. Just because someone's "problems" started before you came along like the good little lamb you are, doesn't mean you weren't a part of piling on and driving it on. And you have no fucking way whatsoever to know whether any of your "readers" behaved badly or childishly, made any threats, or are still making threats. There WAS apparently terrible behavior and threats made, and this all happened AFTER people like you and LGF got involved. Do your readers all wear little radio controlled collars so you know what they do and where they go on the net after they read your often inflammatory words? Referrer logs sure don't tell the story after wingnuts start linking one another and bouncing around in the warblog echo chamber. Hell, you're still trolling dimwit Cramers site yourself, while demanding that your critics not post HERE. Can we suppose that somehow you're magically being referred there by someone other than yourself and that you somehow magically didn't incite yourself to post there? The fact of the matter is you helped drive this whole smear, and now you are doing EVERYTHING in your power to backpedal, even to include blaming your behavior over the past few days on "medication problems." I'm willing to believe you, and you have my sympathy for that, but what a picture of the complete, responsibility-ducking victim you painted even before blaming some of your behavior on "medication".

Do we all understand the "Michele excuse" correctly? It's kind of like Saddam Hussein saying: "Certain religious minorities with views I don't like have long been persecuted here in Iraq (MORE THAN TWELVE HOURS BEFORE NOW). But I didn't start it, so why blame ME for the persecution, even if I do it too. Now, you nice Republican Guards go visit those minorities...wink wink...I'm not telling you what to do...wink wink....noone can find a sentence where I actually incited people to threaten them....and remember, we didn't do it first...wink wink..." Is that something like your excuse, Michele?

Your actions stink to high heaven of hypocrisy and cowardice. But I'm not sure anyone knew you were on medication and apparently not wholly responsible for your words, so I personally will give you a break and say good riddance to you and this silly site. Others will have to decide for themselves.

But don't you and LGF start this kind of yellow crap again, or you can expect people right back here in your face again. I think we can safely say you and they have learned a lesson. People do make mistakes.

I'm sure everyone sincerely hopes your health improves soon, and that you stay healthy thereafter. Good luck!

How extraordinarily full of shit. Bring your proof, bitch. Kathryn couldn't, you can't. Stick your head back up her hole and piss off.

Um, I just read the preceding rant. I think I know someone else who needs his meds adjusted. That was just scary.

Michele, take care of yourself. I've read the ugly attacks over at Cramer's site, and frankly, I'm thinking LGF and your blog didn't have a thing to do with what came Cramer's way.

Don't waste your breath, just forget the whole thing. Even if God himself came down and asserted your personal innocence, and Jheka's, and LGF's as well, these people would keep accusing.

God, what a mess. Attention was called to an unwarranted, unjustified smear of a dead man, and the people who noticed and objected are the bad guys.

You know what Dave? You're a bully, a twit and a coward. The only lesson anyone could learn from the likes of you is how to live at home in their Mom's basement.


I thought that you guys were all about hugs, and fluffy fuzzy things, and open arms and common dialog and utopian visions and self-psychology and whatnot. You're giving your associates, including Cramer, an exceedingly bad name.. doncha think?

In the meantime, I have one words fer ya': DE-CAF

Dave is just another anti-semite loser who can't stand LGF because we are on the side of truth and he is on the side of the religion of hate.


The "Jheka" who posted that last comment (re: dave) is my own personal troll/stalker/imposter. Check the IP addresses and kindly ban the sad little critter.